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How “John and Jane” Achieved Financial Peace

My friends “John and Jane” (names changed) have been undergoing a huge financial transformation these past few months. They have not only paid off thousands of dollars of debt, but, more importantly, they have discovered a peace they never dreamed possible. How did they do this?

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Andy Stanley’s ‘Balanced’ Series

Andy Stanley Balanced

Earlier this year I listened to Andy Stanley’s ‘Balanced’ 6-part financial series for the second time. And I thought to myself, “I have got to find a way to share this with the readers.”

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6 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Credit Score

6 simple ways to improve your credit score

If your credit score has fallen recently, due to a missed payment or two, or perhaps you have too much credit outstanding, there are some simple ways you can improve on your credit score that will get it back on the right track. Doing a combination of several of these could see your credit score rise significantly in just the next few months – and that goes for your credit score at each credit repository.

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The Problem With Low Monthly Payments

Easy, Low Payments

Whether you are considering debt consolidation loans to reduce your credit card payments or a long term car loan to keep payments manageable, don’t be duped into thinking that low monthly payments are a good thing. Yes, on the surface, those affordable payments sound like a great idea, but, for a number of reasons, they can be your downfall.

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Should You Use Your Emergency Savings to Pay Off Debt?

Emergency Fund Broken

This past year our family experienced more medical expenses than planned. Nevertheless, we made it through the year just fine. I was thankful we didn’t end up accumulating any credit card debt. I know that can’t be the case for everyone . . . so should you use your emergency fund to pay off debt?

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Feds Withhold Social Security Benefits for Unpaid Federal Student Loans

No Social Security Benefits

Student loans are for those in their 20’s, right? Social Security, on the other hand, is for those in their 60’s. Right again. However, according to data compiled by the Treasury Department, the federal government is withholding money from more and more Social Security beneficiaries who have fallen behind on their federal student loans.

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Is it OK for a Christian to Settle a Debt for Less than the Amount Owed?

Settling Debts when Financially Drowning

Given the state of the economy over the past few years, many people have debts they can no longer pay. One of the ways those debts are settled is through negotiations that end with the debtor satisfying the debt by paying less than the full amount owed. We are required by our faith to pay our obligations, and settling a debt for less than the amount owed can seem un-Christ-like. What should you do in such situations?

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5 Steps to Take When You Receive a Call from the Collection Department

Collection Call

Have you ever been called by a collector? It’s not a pleasant experience. I’ve only received one collection call, but it was terrifying. I was in my early 20’s, already had a decent amount of debt, a reasonably expensive mortgage, and had recently quit my job to pursue one of my hair-brained million dollar schemes. Oops. Anyway, I was 30+ days past due on my mortgage, so I received a call from the mortgage company.

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How to Remove a Cosigner from a Student Loan


When I was going through the process of getting a student loan for my first year at college – I thought little of the fact that my dad stepped in to cosign my student loan. I now have a greater understanding of the risk he was taking by cosigning. If I failed to come through on my repayment of that loan, he could have been saddled with the debt. How do you remove someone as a cosigner? Here are the answers.

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Get Out of Debt: 20 Things You Can Sell To Pay Down Debt

Sell To Get Out Of Debt

Time to get out of debt. Time to not only make a budget, but time to sell something! What should you sell? Here are 20 ideas of things you can sell or downgrade in order to get your debt payment going.

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Get Out of Debt: 5 Things to Avoid Selling

You should sell stuff as a way to help you “move the needle” on getting out of debt. But are there some things you should not sell? Here are five of them!

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Making Sacrifices to Get Out of Debt

Making Sacrifices to get Out of Debt

This article focuses on the sacrifices that need to be made in order to get out of debt. The most important thing to remember about these sacrifices is that they are ONLY TEMPORARY!

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How to Calculate Your Net Worth & Why You Should

Your net worth is a better way to accurately see the big picture of your finances and it is what financially savvy people use to track their progress.

While I think few would argue that paying off debts is a good thing, there is a better way to accurately see the big picture of your finances. It is called your NET WORTH. And no it is not just a number that rich people talk about at cocktail parties. It is what financially savvy people use to track their progress.

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15 Ways to Cut Expenses

These are the 15 ways that I have used to cut expenses in order that I could save money to pay off my debts…

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