These are some articles for all the Do-it-Yourselfers out there!

30 Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations

30 Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations 2 copy

One of my goals this Christmas is to have a handmade Christmas! Have you ever had a handmade Christmas?  Do you make something handmade every Christmas? To me, it is just so special to display items you have made yourself. Plus, by making your own decor, finished products tend to be of better quality and easier on […]

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20 ways to use worn out clothes that you’ve never thought of

20 ways to use worn-out clothes and repurpose them

Don’t throw away those worn out clothes, instead repurpose them! There are lots of ways to repurpose clothes and breathe new life into them. We have rounded up 20 creative ideas for your worn out clothes to get you inspired to repurpose what you already have just sitting in your closet. Those stretched out sweaters and T-shirts […]

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15+ Amazing Ways you can use Coffee Grounds

15 ways you can use coffee grounds that you haven't thought of

Did you know that the USA consumes over of 400 million cups of coffee per day? Most of those used coffee grounds are thrown right into the trash or rinsed down the sink. What a waste! Coffee grounds can still have a useful life after that pot of coffee has been brewed. In fact, companies such […]

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20 Fabulous DIY ideas for Home Shelving

Check out these 20 DIY shelving ideas to get some inspiration for your next DIY home shelf project!

One of the key items to bring harmony to my home is simply… organization.  There is nothing like coming home to a clean and organized house. Whatever I can do to make my life easier, less stressful, I totally take advantage of.  When things are in order, it’s a peace of mind.  There’s no frantic […]

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25+ DIY gift ideas for under $10

25 DIY gift ideas under $10

With the approach of Christmas, I’m trying to find ways to gift those in my life while not spending too much. Let’s face it, one can go broke this time of year!  We focus on the gift, not the meaning behind it… or, at least I have been guilty of this.  Do our loved ones […]

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35+ Creative DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

35 DIY Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas brings the crafter out in me. Not only do I want to bake and make homemade gifts, but I want to decorate! In most homes you will find a Christmas Tree decorated. And, in our home there is no exception! The Christmas Tree is a staple in our home during the Season. Not only […]

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20 Brilliant ways to use Paper Rolls (Paper Towel & TP Rolls)

Here are 20 ideas for you on how you can reuse and repurpose those old paper rolls from toilet paper and paper towels

There are few items that nearly everyone will have in their home. I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of homes in American have either Toilet Paper or Paper Towels in their home, or both. Which means, there are plenty of Paper Rolls being thrown out daily. I wanted to find out if […]

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35+ Creative DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas (2017)

35 DIY decorating ideas for Thanksgiving -

Thanksgiving is for families. One of my favorite things in life is to be around my family. I want every holiday to be special.  And, for me, making a home festive for the holidays makes the day just that much more memorable. This year I am planning on having a girls craft day, prior to […]

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25 DIY Gift ideas for Boss’s Day that may just get you that Raise!

Boss's Day is October 16th! So if you are looking for some #gift ideas for your Boss, look no further than these 25 #DIY ideas!

Boss’s Day is just around the corner! If you didn’t know already, this year Boss’s Day is on Thursday, October 16th. Do you give a gift to your boss, showing your gratitude? If you do, we want to help you out! There’s no need spending mad cash trying to impress your boss. Instead, try a […]

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20 DIY ideas for making your own wall art

here are 20 inspiring DIY ideas for making your own wall art

There’s nothing more cherished than when you child comes home and pridefully shows you what they made in art class. Parents proudly display their children’s artwork without hesitation. As I think of how endearing it is to have personal artwork around the house, I wonder why I don’t have more? Yes, I love to be […]

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30+ Kitchen Organization Tips

30 kitchen organization tips

  This article is a great compilation of the best ways to get the best use out of your kitchen.  Below are a few of my favorite kitchen organizing accessories – all can be found on Amazon for less than $25! Cabinet Organizer From Spice Rack and Stackable Organizer From Sink Caddy From […]

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20 Ways to Organize Your Car

20 ways to organize your car

There are so many tips and tricks to help keep your car organized – check out a few of my favorite car organizing accessories!  You can find them all on Amazon for under $25! Backseat/Trunk Organizer From Car Organizer From Travel Trashcan From Backseat Kids Toy Organizer From All moms know […]

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15 DIY Projects to Increase Your Home Value

15 DIY projects to increase your home value

Your home can serve as a great investment. Not only can a home serve as a place to reside but you can actually make a return on your investment. But, the trick is… how can you make a return on your investment without breaking the bank? Believe it or not, it can be done! With […]

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30 Awesome Dorm Room Decor Ideas (Money Saving & DIY)

30 dorm room decor ideas - cheap ones!

Although many college students are enjoying their Summers, July is a perfect time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your dorm room. There are a few topics that must be addressed when thinking about donning your dorm room. First, space is limited… so the little space that you have must be maximized! […]

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