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4 Financial Lessons from Solomon (The Richest Man Ever)

4 modern day money lessons from the richest man ever to live

The Bible says that Solomon was the richest man who ever lived and also the wisest ever to live (1 Kings 4:31). I think that makes him qualified to give some financial advice

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25 Top Ways To Save Money (for 2018)

25 Ways to Save Money- #moneysavingtips #savemoney #savemoneytips #money

25 ways to save money by not doing what “normal” people do. A lot of money can be saved by thinking “outside the box.”

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Tithing in the New Testament & Old

What the new testament says about tithing - #tithing #tithes

All about tithing in the new testament… Some say it was only an Old Testament Law that doesn’t need to be followed as believers under the New Covenant. And some say that it is just a relevant to New Testament Christians as it was in the Old Covenant. This is what the Bible says about Tithing…

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WHY I took a Sabbatical leave for a year (and what I learned)

I just finished up a year-long #sabbatical and this is why I did it and what I learned in the process. This article is going to be about WHY I took a sabbatical year and next up in the queue I will cover HOW we pulled it off logistically without shutting down our business.

First off, I am fully aware that most people will go their entire lives without taking a month-long sabbatical, let alone taking an entire Sabbatical year. I am also aware that many people feel stuck or trapped with work to a point that they can’t even imagine taking off more than a week – I […]

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MediShare Review: A Christian Health Insurance Alternative

I have now been using Medi-Share (the Christian health insurance alternative) for over 4 years and can point out the pros and cons of using them in lieu of health insurance. I won't get into all the details here, but I will say that my family saves hundreds of dollars over traditional health insurance . . .

Read our updated 2018 MediShare review: This Christian health insurance alternative that can saved us 30-50% off of traditional health insurance – Here are our pros and cons…

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Why we began giving our age as a percentage

Giving age as a percentage

I can still remember exactly where I was standing in the middle of that field when He dropped it on my heart. I was in my secret place (that wasn’t really that secret).  It was technically a construction site for an upcoming phase in our subdivision high up on a hill. For whatever reason development […]

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4 Easy Ways To File Your State Income Tax Online for Free (2018)

5 free ways to file your STATE taxes for FREE. It is pretty easy to find a free FEDERAL option, but filing state taxes for free can be tough to find.

It isn’t too difficult to find a place to file your federal tax return for free, but finding a service to file your state return for free is another story. Here’s what I found . . . .

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Life Lessons from 6 Famous Failures

6 lessons from famous failures

Have you ever met a successful person who did not encounter some failures along the way? I know I haven’t … it seems that failure is inextricably blended into the pathway toward success. Fortunately for us, some very famous people have traveled this path. What can we learn from these “famous failures”?

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10 Free Household Budget Spreadsheets for 2018

A bunch of free budgeting spreadsheets available to download

Someone asked me to share my favorite free household or personal budgeting spreadsheets… Each one of these budgeting templates are free… If you use OpenOffice (basically a free version of Microsoft Office)…

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How To Use Evernote: 21 Creative Uses

21 creative uses for #Evernote

Evernote is free desktop download that works like a large reference file. I like to call it my “external brain.” What is great about this application is that you can store documents, photos, and webpages all in the same place. Everything is keyword searchable. What is really cool is that any text that appears in your photos is also keyword searchable inside Evernote. If you are new to Evernote, here is a list of 21 ways how you can use Evernote to get you better organized this year:

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Why God’s way takes longer

Why God's way takes longer

As I was staring at this tree I began to realize that trees grow slowly. You plant a seed for a tree and it takes a while to sprout and takes a while to grow to a decent size.Grass and even plants, on the other hand, grow a lot faster. They sprout up quickly and sometimes you can even notice growth one day to the next. I have been enjoying watching this rapid growth with all of the plants in my vegetable garden.

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12 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Into a Better One

They are inevitable. Bad days happen to everyone. But, there are things you can do to make them better. Here are 12 simple things you can do right now to improve your day!

Bad days are inevitable. They happen to everyone. But, there are things you can do to make them better. Here are a few of my favorite ways to turn a bad day around…

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My Checklist To Financial Freedom

my checklist to financial freedom

I love checklists. Especially when I want to make progress in a particular area but don’t exactly know what steps to take. This is a personal financial checklist that covers many of the steps I have taken over last decade that have helped me move from being a financial mess to having a little bit of an idea of what’s going on.

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How To Manage Bills With A Bill Payment Schedule (Free Download)

How to manage bills with a bill payment schedule

Why not implement the same type of planning to the paying of your bills? Rather than sporadically paying them as they come in, or checking a pile on your desk every few days, you should be able to designate 2 days a month to pay your bills…

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