12 cool Christmas gift ideas

What gifts do you want for Christmas?

Just like many guys, I am always trying to come up with some cool Christmas gift ideas at the last minute. This year I decided to do a little Christmas gift planning and try to generate some good gift ideas. I did some digging and found some cool, some unique, some quirky gift ideas. I hope you get some ideas from the list and please add some of your own ideas in the comments below, because I could use some more ideas as well!

So here are a few cool Christmas gift ideas that I have found so far…

KeyFinder flashing keychain $1.99

Just Whistle And The KEYFINDER Beeps And Flashes!

keyfinder as a gift

Looseleaf Tea-Set $15.00

The kit comes with 4 types of looseleaf tea and a teapot with a strainer.

loosleaf tea set gift

Shadow Wall Art Lamps $47.99

Shadow wall art Gift

Retro Cell Phone Handset $24.95

Plugs right into your cell phone (buy cheap cell phones online) with a 2.5mm jack.

retro handset for cell phones gift for guys

iPod alarm clock $63.41

ipod alarm clock as a gift

Herb Garden $15.95

herb garden gift

BrightFeet Lighted Slippers $39.99

Why didn’t I think of that?

lighted slippers - cool gift

Insulated Drinkware for Hot & Cold Drinks by Bodum $19.99

I have a couple of these glasses and they don’t get hot to touch even with boiling water in them!

Bodum glasses as a gift idea

Genius Pen with Built-in Paper $35.00

Paper INSIDE the pen. What a great idea!

Pen with paper in it

Valet/Charging Station $29.95

valet charging station - gift for guys

Slanket – The blanket with sleeves! $45.00

My wife has been wanting one of these for a while now – we will see if Santa brings it to you this year honey 😉

slanket as a gift

USB Missile Launcher $29.99

Can you imagine hitting a button on your keyboard that launches a Nerf missile at your co-worker?

USB missile launcher gift

A few other Christmas gift ideas

Where to get your Christmas gifts

I know not everyone feels the way I do, but I love going to the mall during Christmastime. I love how busy it is and how “Christmassy” it feels. But, I also know that online shopping is often more convenient and cheaper in the long run. So, if you are going to be doing some online Christmas shopping make sure you learn how to get bargains on Ebay (for new items) and/or use Ebates for just about any other online store to get cash back for your purchases.

Do you have any cool Christmas gift ideas to share? Please do in the comments below!

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  1. netmw

    I found Harriet Carter a unique place to get gifts. My brother loves the Grille Daddy i got him for his birthday!

  2. Tristan

    Gotta love these types of things. That retro cell phone handset is pretty funny, but the USB rocket launcher is awesome! 😀

  3. Kerra

    I’m getting my son an original 1985 Teddy Ruxpin with his friend Grubby and other accessories.

  4. christmas painting

    I think painting from our photos also good unique Christmas present. what you think?

  5. Ruschel Ernacio

    I love the BrightFeet Lighted Slippers, i am having some problems in the night, I usually make my feet crash in some hard places so I think I would need BrightFeet Lighted Slippers. Really love it.

  6. Bobby Adams

    Give a monetary gift to their charity,church,or memorial in THEIR name
    and may gbe used for any holiday or time of remembrance.

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