20 creative ways to use Pallets

20 creative ideas and inspiration for pallet lovers...Pallets! What can I say, they are amazing. Companies use them to ship their products on. Often, stores will give away pallets... yes give them away. Generally, a pallet is not used again to ship. And what would a store do with all those pallets??...Pallets!  What can I say, they are amazing.

Companies use them to ship their products on. Often, stores will give away pallets… yes give them away.

Generally, a pallet is not used again to ship.

And what would a store do with all those pallets??

I’ve had the inclination to get creative now that Summer is in full swing. And, I just may hit up some local stores to see if I can get some pallets for a few projects that I have in mind.

If you have been on Pinterest over the last year or so, you might have seen several awesome items upcycled from pallets.

Some Pinterest projects can be recreated without special tools or machinery. A simple deconstruction of the pallet and some hammer and nails will be all that is need. However, some individuals have created highly detailed items.

Below, you will see what I’m referencing. I have included some simple and some not so simple pallet projects that you just may want to tackle.  Enjoy these as inspiration for your future DIY pallet projects!


Garden Walkway

creative uses for pallets

From funkyjunkinteriors.net

Pallet Trunk

 creative uses for pallets

From instructables.com

Wall Art

 creative uses for pallets

From infarrantlycreative.net

Picnic Table

creative uses for pallets

From everythingorganized.org


creative uses for pallets

From thistlewoodfarms.com

Garden Loungers

creative uses for pallets

From shoestringpavilion.blogspot.com

Swing Bed

creative uses for pallets

From themerrythought.com


creative uses for pallets

From thriftychicken1.blogspot.com

Patchwork Cross

 creative uses for pallets

From bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com


creative uses for pallets

From brit.co

Pallet Wall

 creative uses for pallets

From cape27blog.com

Tool Box

 creative uses for pallets

From funkyjunkinteriors.net

Shoe Rack

creative uses for pallets

From palletfurniturediy.com

Garden Planter

creative uses for pallets

From themicrogardener.com

Table & Chairs

creative uses for pallets

From 99pallets.com

Pyramid Garden Planter

 creative uses for pallets

From instructables.com

Buffet Table

 creative uses for pallets

From indulgy.com

Creative Swing

creative uses for pallets

From recyclart.org

Oriental-Styled Coffee Table

creative uses for pallets

From en.espritcabane.com

Work Surface

creative ways to use pallets

From funkyjunkinteriors.net


Have you repurposed a pallet?
What above project would you most likely recreate?


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  1. Joolie

    You had me until the bed/lap tables … most pallet wood is fairly heavy. I can’t imagine wanting these on my lap too long!
    Another use is to build a composter. Pallets allow the air to circulate well, yet keep the compost contained. A small removeable panel at the bottom will allow the gardener to remove the oldest, most composted material first.

  2. Rebecca

    Not to be a Debbie downer but have you ever actually tired to take a pallet apart? It is no “Simple deconstruction”. I had to use my brute force and a couple of crow bars to the nails out and that tended to splinter the wood a bit. Another option is a sawzall but the one I had to use can old and could get in the tiny cracks between the wood to cut thought the nails all that well. So I went back to brute force but I’m still not sure how I’m going to get all the pieces apart. 🙁

  3. Kristine Manley

    These ideas are fabulous! I especially love the couch and the Garden Walkway.

  4. Damien

    I’m about to build an enclosure for our small dog out of pallets. It’s practically a pre-made fence!

  5. Alaina

    These are really some great ideas. I would just be cautious about using the pallets for garden purposes where they come in direct contact with the soil from which the plants are growing. Pallets are often pressured treated wood. Arsenic had been used in the past for the pressure treating process. It has been avoided over the past decade in treating wood specifically for residential purposes, but since the pallets are manufactured for industry purposes, I would think it would be best to keep that in mind.

  6. pete watson

    i made a wooden workbench from three pallets for my workshop very strong one for the top and the other two as legs it will take the weight of a v8 engine