Free Printable Manufacturers Grocery Coupons: 4 Places To Find Them

I still can remember back 20+ years ago sitting with my mom cutting coupons from the Sunday paper. As a child it was a simple way that I could help my mom turn a few minutes into a few dollars of savings at the grocery store.

I will be the first to admit that I am not much of a couponer these days. I know some people have some great coupon cutting tips and have this couponing thing mastered. But even if you aren’t a pro coupon-cutter, it is still nice to save a few bucks when you can.

4 ways to find free grocery coupons

The internet has pulled coupon-cutting into the 21st century with many websites that offer free printable manufacturers grocery coupons. I did a little digging to find some good coupon-printing sites and these were my faves…

free printable manufacturers coupons from

This website seems to be the biggest and most well-known of the coupon sites – at least the ones offering printable coupons. The site is well-laid out and for as much information as is crammed on the page, it is still fairly clean. The site makes it easy to find coupons by category or by brand.

They also have an option for the user to enter his/her zipcode for the option of getting more local coupons as well. Just like most websites that offer free printable coupons, they require you to download their coupon-printing software to print them.

Free printable grocery coupons with

RedPlum doesn’t seem to have have quite the selection that has, but they offer some exclusive coupons not found on other couponing sites. They also allow you to find printable manufacturers grocery coupons and also healthcare, household, food & drug, cosmetics, entertainment, home, and personal services coupons.

They also require users to download the coupon-printer software saying, “The Coupon Printer is an industry-standard browser plug-in equipped with security features required by manufacturers that issue online coupons”

printable manufacturers coupons @ valpak

This is the company who sends out the envelopes full of coupons that you get in your mailbox each month. I have to admit I rarely find coupons that I use in those packs, but since many of those coupons are available for printing on their website it gives them a unique inventory from some of the other sites.

Their website is a little messy and not the best laid out, but they do allow you to search for auto, beauty, entertainment, home, health, entertainment, and grocery coupons that you can print.

free printable grocery coupons at smartsource

Their tagline is that they are the #1 source for printable grocery coupons. Not exactly sure what that means. But the one thing I did like about them more than the others is that the coupon-printing software was not required to print their coupons. A Java update was required for me, but that was it and I was off printing grocery coupons.

I will say that they seemed to have some different products listed that the others didn’t. I didn’t scan through every page of all these coupon sites, but it did seem like they had a different inventory. Their brand selector drop-down made it very easy to find a printable coupon for a particular brand that I was looking for.

Do you print your own coupons? Have you found any other websites that offer free printable grocery coupons?

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  1. Joey

    Great list – I only knew about I’m looking forward to browsing the others before my next run to the store.

  2. Zach


    Just a quick FYI. I work in a technical field and often provide support for computers. I have seen a large number of spyware, trojans, and other malware that go along with the coupon printing software that has to be used with some of these sites. Not sure exactly how it is happening, but it is. I would urge your readers to make sure they have a good backup of their systems before trying any free software off of the Internet. I have had to rebuild quite a few computers lately because the users had downloaded software from some of these sites and their computers became pretty much unusable after a while.

  3. kortingscode

    Given that we’re speaking about things within the region of Free Printable Manufacturers Grocery Store Coupons, If you have a fast internet connection, it really doesn’t take too long to visit various sites that sell the item you are interested in. It is a good idea to keep paper and pens close to your computer. You can easily compose a chart listing the name of the site, the cost of the product, the cost of shipping, warranty/return information, and the length of time it will take for you to receive the item. This way you can quickly look back over the information you have and make a selection that will save you the most money.

  4. With more and more offline and online shops accepting vouchers and coupons they are the best way to save money on all your shopping, bookings and groceries. I have been using vouchers more and more and have saved a considerable amount of money.