Freebie Trading 101 – How to make money with freebie sites

In this interview I am talking with Leslie, the Freebie Guy, who made $28,000 last year by trading freebies. The kicker is that it was the first year he did it! The Freebie Trading industry is a new one that seems to be growing and providing some opportunities to actually make some decent money. Skeptical and curious as I often am, especially after what happened to me because of Cash Crate, I decided to interview someone who has had some success with it.

If you are interested learning more, check out the podcast below. If you are ready to jump in, I suggest using a site like Project Payday to help guide you through the process.

In the 26 minute interview we talk about…

  • What freebie sites are
  • What freebie trading is
  • Why companies are willing to pay $60-$80 for a trial offer
  • What the first steps are for beginners interested in trying Freebie Trading
  • What types of people are likely to do well with it
  • What the downsides and challenges are of Freebie Trading
  • Whether or not there is a long-term future for the freebie industry
  • Tips and resources for beginners


If you are interested in learning how to start freebie trading Project Payday is a great system to teach you how and where to get started.

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Podcast Transcription:

Bob: Hey everybody. This is Bob with and we’ve got
Leslie on the line and he is “The Freebie Guy” and he’s got his website, and it’s a pretty interesting deal and I heard about it
and so I just wanted to get him on the line for an interview.
So anyway, Leslie, how are you doing?

Leslie: I’m doing very well, thank you.

Bob: Yes. Thanks for taking this call with us. We appreciate it.

Leslie: Oh, no problem. Thanks for having me on the call.

Bob: Oh, no, no. Not a problem at all. So anyway, let’s get to it.
What is freebie trading?

Leslie: All right, that’s a good place to start. Before I talk about
what freebie trading is, I need to talk about what freebie sites are so
that the…

Bob: OK.

Leslie: … listeners can get a good understanding about how it works.
Freebie sites, they’re called ‘incentivized freebie websites officially’,
but I call them freebie sites and most people do. What they do is they give
incentives for users to register at their sites and complete a sponsor
offer, a trial offer, and leave four others to do the same. Many people
have seen the popup ads and I’ve saw them before and the sites that claim
that you can get free iPods and free T.V.s and all that stuff.

I remember the first time I saw one, I signed up and then you found out
there were all kinds of terms, you had to refer a bunch of people and I
thought to myself, “Well, OK, I knew there was a catch.” Last year I was
reintroduced to them in a different way, I saw that many of these freebie
websites, they would pay you anywhere between $40.00 and $120.00 for
referring one person to do certain trial offers.

The trial offers are, a lot of them, are free offers or inexpensive offers
like $1.00 or $2.00 and so on. There are more expensive offers, but the
average freebie trader can get away with doing some free or inexpensive
offers and end up making a decent amount of money. That’s what freebie
sites do. They provide incentives for people to try out offers and for
others to do the same. Now, a freebie trader, that’s the person that is
either paying someone to sign up on the site and do the offers or someone
that’s being paid to sign up on a site and do an offer.

Bob: OK.

Leslie: Now when I was introduced to this field I found out that there
were forums out there and systems out there where you can connect with
individuals that are looking to do offers and connect with individuals that
are looking for individuals to do offers.

If I’m registered at a freebie site and I refer someone and that freebie
site pays me $40.00 or $60.00 which is the most common sites that I use,
what I would do is I would look for someone else to sign up and I would pay
that person 50% of what I make.

Bob: Gotcha.

Leslie: Basically a freebie trader or freebie trading are transactions
in which people are paying others to complete offers on these freebie

Bob: OK. I think I understand the gist of it here. I guess since these
guys need, these companies are looking for leads and they’re just willing
to pay that much to get that lead. It seems like an absurd amount just to
get a lead but I guess if it’s working for them that’s why they’re still
doing it, right?

Leslie: Well, what they’ve done is they’ve made calculations in terms
of how much they can afford to pay per lead based on what their profit
margins are and its worked out for them because they’re paying the freebie
sites to get people to try out services. Some people decide to keep the
services. Others decide not to keep the services, and it actually works
out benefitting the offer company, the offer site.

The offer site pays the freebie site and the freebie site pays the person
that’s referring the individual and they’re paying them from a portion of
what they’re receiving from the companies and the companies are legitimate
companies like Blockbuster and Netflix and they’re so many different
companies that are featured on these freebie sites that it makes it
attractive for the user and attractive for the freebie site also.

Bob: Yes, so-

Leslie: It ends up working out well. In the beginning when I started,
I wondered how they could afford to do this and then I started doing some
research in terms of how the system works and it just made so much sense to
me and now I have a good understanding of how it works and I’m very
comfortable not only doing it myself but comfortable referring others to
it. There are many things out there that sometimes you get into but you’re
still not too sure about it, so you don’t refer people, but getting to know
how the system works, it makes a lot of sense.

Bob: Yes. I guess, like a lot of these offers are subscription-type
offers where you sign up and then you’re kind of on a subscription unless
you cancel type deal?

Leslie: Exactly. That’s exactly how it works, usually at least…
Exactly. One of the big things in the beginning, when you’re the person
that is completing the offers is to make sure to keep track of the offers
that you’re completing, make sure you understand what the terms of services
are and if you decide that you don’t want to keep an offer, then you make
sure to have the contact information of the company so that you can call
and deal with that.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: Keeping track of all the details is definitely important.

Bob: Yes. It sounds like having an Outlook calendar with reminders or
something would be really helpful.

Leslie: That would definitely do it. What I did when I started, I
built a spreadsheet and the spreadsheet became kind of popular in the
industry. It was able to track all of the offers that you’re doing, track
the people that you’re referring. Then you can sort the offers by price,
you can sort the offers by the trial end date so that you can know what
trials periods are ending.

The first part of it is where you’re completing offers because that’s how
you get the sites in your portfolio and then you get paid for doing that,
and once you move beyond that phase you’re no longer completing offers but
you’re just getting referrals to sign up and complete offers and keeping
track of those details is very essential.

Bob: Gotcha. Explain this to me just to clarify, for instance, now that
you’re somewhat out of the phase or maybe you’re completely out of the
phase of actually completing the offers, why does someone else need to go
through you to get a referral? Does the new user get incented by that as

Leslie: The new user gets an incentive because if someone signs up
under me and they complete the offer requirements, which can be anywhere
from one to two or three offers depending on the site, sometimes more, but
usually I like to focus on the ones that don’t have a high offer
requirement, if someone signs up under me and they complete the offer, if I
get paid $60.00 from the site, I pay that individual $30.00.

Bob: Gotcha.

Leslie: Yes, you can go to the freebie site and register unreferred and
that’s not a problem. The downside there is when you complete the offers,
that’s it. You don’t get paid for completing the offers. You only get paid
when you now start to refer others to complete offers.

Bob: Gotcha. OK. That makes sense.

Leslie: Yes.

Bob: Cool.

Leslie: And that’s the way the whole concept, that’s what the whole
concept of freebie trading actually revolves around.

Bob: OK. If I recall, from what I heard correctly, between this and your
blog you made about $30,000 part time last year?

Leslie: Yes, I started in January, January 18th, as a freebie trader
and from freebie trading I made about $28,123.67. I started my blog in
September dealing with freebie trading and teaching people how to do that
and that has added to the income that I’ve been able to make on a monthly
basis. Most of what I’ve done as a freebie trader was, I mean, in terms of
the money that I’ve made, was actually between May and December. From
January to April, I made only about $2,895. Since May, I’ve been able to
do very well and it’s turned out very well for me.

Bob: Wow. I mean, is this something that you think has a foreseeable
future, that’s sustainable, or do you think it’s just a short term thing?

Leslie: Oh, definitely.

Bob: You think?

Leslie: Definitely. I think its sustainable as long as people are
going to be purchasing products and buying services online and obviously
that’s a thriving industry right now so I don’t really have too many
concerns about the longevity of the industry. I think it’s going to around
a while. It’s a relatively new industry and I think it has a lot of
potential, the freebie sites are doing new things and I see it lasting for
a significant amount of time.

Bob: Wow. OK. Well, let’s do this. Say I wanted to start today, I
wanted to try this out, what’s the first step? What do you suggest doing?

Leslie: What I’ve just recently done, I wrote an eBook and I call it
‘The Freebie Report’ and what that eBook does is it gives you a good
introduction into the industry. It gives you the steps that you need to
take in order to get started as a freebie trader. The most attractive thing
about the freebie industry, I mean, I started on January 18th, and in my
first day, I and didn’t really do that much work but in my first day I was
able to make $70.00.

Bob: Not bad.

Leslie: And that is, that is one of the things that really attracts
people to the industry because it’s not one of those things where you have
to work on it for a long time but then eventually you start reaping some of
the benefits. Once you follow the right steps to get started, you can make
money in your first day kind of thing. Yes, my recommendation would be to
get ‘The Freebie Report’, read through it to make sure that you have a good
understanding and it’ll give you all the steps that you need to take order
to make, in order to start making money from day one.

Bob: OK. That’s on your website?

Leslie: Yes, that is on my website at If you just
go there and sign up for the free newsletter it’s going to send you a
download link so you can get that ‘Freebie Report’ and it also has a ‘Quick
Start Guide ‘that gives you, in a short way gives you the steps that you
need to take in order to start making… with the Quick Start Guide it
shows you how to make $110.00.

Bob: Really? OK, now that’s a free eBook too?

Leslie: Yes, it’s a free eBook.

Bob: Cool. Very cool. Because its freebies. We like free stuff, right?

Leslie: Exactly. I can’t call myself ‘The Freebie Guy’ and then
charge for everything.

Bob: Oh, that’s funny. Say someone goes and gets your book and reads
through your guide, what type of person and how long would it take to make
$1,000 at this? I mean, in terms of hours invested?

Leslie: I love that question. As for the first part, ‘what type of
person does it take’.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: It’s not a real difficult industry to get started it. It does
take you sitting down and trying to figure out certain things and getting
an understanding of what you’re doing. There are certain steps that you
need to take in order for it to work well. A lot of people that come into
freebie trading and a lot of people that come into trying to make money
online, they have this mentality that “I just want to make money, I just
want to make money, so let me just get in there and do and do and do.”

Sometimes that’s a good, well, usually it’s not the best mentality to come
in with and when I see people come in and that’s the first thing they talk
about “I just want to make money, what do I have to do? I want to start
now.” What I usually do at that point is I slow them down. I want to make
sure that they’re reading the things they need to read so that they can

For example, there are certain steps that you need to follow so that you
can get credited for the offers you complete. If you’re in a rush and you
don’t read the steps that you need to follow that can cause you to not get
credited for the offers and if you don’t get credited for the offers, the
Freebie site doesn’t get paid, I don’t get paid, the person that I’m
referring doesn’t get paid and nobody’s happy. It takes someone that is
willing to go through the steps as they are prescribed, that’s the first

Bob: OK.

Leslie: Now, in terms of how much money you can make and how soon you
can make that money, that varies significantly from person to person.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: I can tell you how it’s worked for me. Like I said, in my
first day I was able to make $70. 00. That was on January 18th. By the end
of January I’d made about $200.00.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: In February it went up and I made about $535.00. In March I
made $1,082, and then by April I made $1,208. In May I made, May is when
it really started taking off because in May I made $4,043.

Bob: Wow.

Leslie: June that went up to about $6,878.54 and then since May it’s
been pretty, relatively consistent around that level. An important thing
to note there, a lot of people tell you how much they make, of course,
there are expenses involved. For example, if I’m getting referrals, I’m
paying that referral.

Bob: OK.

Leslie: Everything, especially from May on, the values that I’m
saying, that’s not how much I profited, that’s how much I made in total and
then, of course, I paid my referral out of that.

Bob: Gotcha.

Leslie: Some of that does go to that. I was just doing it part time.
I wasn’t doing it full time. I had a full time job as a teacher. I was
doing it when I get a spare moment here and there. You can make money
starting on day one. Exactly how much you make is up to you. It’s up to
your dedication and how much you want to put into it.

Bob: Yes, cool. In your guide you go over some of these details of what
people need to do and kind of walk them through the first steps and

Leslie: Exactly. And then the guide leads them to a page in my blog
where I not only tell them what to do but there’s a video where I instruct
them and I show them exactly the steps that you use to take and so on. It’s
all in a very step-by-step and easy to understand manner.

Bob: OK. Let’s go over this, what are the downsides, what are the
challenges, what, I mean, are your email inboxes, are they filled with
spam, are you getting all kinds of junk mail, what’s the downside with

Leslie: Good question. With everything there’s going to be a
downside, at least one at least.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: Some of the downsides that I found personally when I started,
when I was doing the first method where you’re being the referral and
you’re keeping track of the offers, it got annoying to keep track of all
those offers. I am not, I enjoyed some of the offers that I did, a lot of
the offers that I did I actually enjoyed, but in terms of keeping track of
all the details and so on that can be really annoying in the beginning.

Once I moved beyond the first method and I went to the second method, you
need to go through the first method because you need to understand the
steps that you need to take so that when you’re referring others you can
instruct them in the right way to make sure that they don’t make some of
the obvious mistakes.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: That was a big thing for me and that’s the reason why I
developed the spreadsheet and I tried to make it as detailed as possible.
It keeps track of how much money’s deposited into your Paypal account. It
even tracks the Paypal fees and all that kind of stuff. That was one thing
that for me was a bit annoying, but you know with any business that you do
there are going to be details to track.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: That was a big thing for me. Beyond that, and this is just a
personal thing, because you can start making money so soon, it has a way of
attaching you to your computer. I found that I started spending too much
time with trying to do the stuff online than with my family and so on and
that was somewhat of a challenge for me personally.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: Now I’m learning to deal with that better. It’s easy to dive
in and let it consume you. The key thing that I strive for now and I’ve
been doing that for a while is balance, learning how to balance this stuff
with everything else that’s going on. Especially with a full time job and
so on.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: Other challenges, some people, this wasn’t as much a challenge
with me because I like to think outside of the box and do different things,
but some people have a challenge when they’re transitioning from the first
method to the second method in terms of learning how to get your own
referrals. There are systems out there that make it easier for you to do
it if you know what you’re doing, if you’re guided in the right way and so

Some people find that to be a challenge, but the great thing that I love
about it, is I never really had to go to my friends and family and try to
get them to sign up and try to get them to sign up there.

Bob: Yes, that’s mine.

Leslie: I was never too keen on doing that and with this because there
are so many people online looking to do it and there are forums in place
for people that want to do those kinds of things it makes it easy to be
able to get an income fully online and keeping your business and personal
life separate.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: I’ve had friends, whenever you see them they’re trying to sell
you something and that’s not, I didn’t want to be that kind of person.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: That’s what I really enjoyed about this. It allowed me not to
do that and still be successful online.

Bob: Cool. Well, let me ask you this, this is probably related to the
industry somehow and it might even be a site you’ve used, but there’s a
site called Cash Crate that I used a while back and I was using it for a
while and taking some survey and I was making some money because I was just
trying the thing out and then like a month or two later I started getting
these strange charges on my phone bill and then I had to call like five
different numbers to try to get them removed and it turned out to be a
pretty big hassle, but have you had stuff like that happen?

Leslie: I haven’t had anything like that happen to me, but that is
definitely a possibility and I’m glad you mentioned that. A big part of
that has to do, in this industry, a big part of that has to do with people
not reading the terms of services-

Bob: Which I probably didn’t.

Leslie: Making sure they understand what you’re doing and that doesn’t
really take a lot of time, and what I usually recommend for someone when
they’re getting started is to spend time going over the terms of services.
After a while, after doing a few offers I was able to go in and evaluate a
full terms of service in, like, five minutes and make a decision based on
that because I was so used to seeing them that it wasn’t a big deal.

That is one of the reason why when people come to me in a rush I try to get
them to slow down because on the website it might say “Free offer” and then
in the terms there are some stipulations that you need to be aware of.
It’s just making sure you’re checking those terms of services and not just
jumping in head first.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: I’ve personally had to deal with that because from the
beginning I used my spreadsheet and one good thing about the spreadsheet is
that it has all the spots for you to put in all the contact information and
the details of the offer, so it kind of, if you’re following the
spreadsheet it almost forces you to go into the terms of services to get
those details.

Bob: Gotcha.

Leslie: Yes, and that’s why I haven’t really had to deal with that

Bob: Yes, you’ve obviously handled it better than I did when I put stuff
in, that’s good to know. I’ll just ask you one last question, are there
any, I guess you probably have this in your guide, but, are there any tips
or suggestions that you have for people like starting out in this?

Leslie: The biggest tips are some of the things that I’ve already
mentioned. The system is pretty simple once you get used to it, but the
biggest thing that I always tell people, take your time.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: Number two, there’s a lot of information to learn and not only
that, but there’s so much opportunity for growth outside of what is
typically done, OK? Just keeping your mind open and making sure you’re
following the right steps, that is essential for you to be successful in
the industry.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: The second thing that I would re-emphasize, it’s very
important to keep track of all those details. You mentioned Cash Crate. I
remember signing up for Cash Crate in the past and looking at the surveys
and so on and I wasn’t too impressed with it because it seemed as if you
are doing so much work and not making as much, but even in Cash Crate when
you’re doing something like that you need to make sure you understand what
you’re getting into.

It’s that simple, that’s not just Cash Crate, it’s not the freebie
industry, it’s not blogging, it’s not just those things. That’s with
everything you do. Make sure you understand the terms. If you’re signing
a contract, that’s what you’re doing when you put your credit card
information and so on, you’re signing a contract saying “I agree to these
terms” and if you agree to certain terms, it’s a good idea to know what
those terms are.

Bob: Yes.

Leslie: Those would be the things that I would recommend. Beyond
that, like I said, if they were to download The Freebie Report they’d get
some good information. I spent a lot of time working on that so that
people can get the instructions that they need without making some of the
obvious mistakes and so that they can get into the industry.

My goal is to teach you, teach someone to start making money from their
first day and to teach them how to set themselves up for success in the
long term, because, OK, if you make $1,000 on day one, which wouldn’t
happen, but if you made $1,000 on day one but you’re not making anything
else for the next few months that’s not really worth it.

Bob: Yes, yes.

Leslie: I try to get people to take it one step at a time, make sure
you do the right stuff, and as long as you do that you’re setting yourself
up for success and you can do some really good things when it comes to
making money in the freebie industry.

Bob: Man, that is really interesting. Everybody listening, you can find
it. Its,, that’s correct
right Leslie?

Leslie: Yes it is.

Bob: OK. Yes. You can find out all this stuff and downloading his free
guide. That is really interesting to me. I think I’m going to dig into
that guide Leslie and I might give it a try.

Leslie: Sounds good to me.

Bob: I really appreciate you being on this call and it’s been really
informative and interesting.

Leslie: No problem. I really appreciate you getting me on this call.
It’s been fun for me also.


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  1. Mikki

    Thanks for posting this. I do some Blog posting type stuff for Payperpost and I like that. I also got suckered into Cash Crate once but thankfully I set up a gmail account and found some free fax number to give out. I think I tried it for 2 days and was totally frustrated.
    I went to Leslie’s site. Still not sure about this. It’s almost like the scam from years ago where you spend $20 to send envelopes in envelopes and people send you $20 to do the same.
    If you do it, I’ll see how it works for you 🙂 Good luck!

  2. debt relief

    Twenty eight grand? Well, in this economic time that would get anyone’s attention almost.

  3. Leslie, The Freebie Guy

    Freebie Trading is definitely not a scam. Yes, it takes some thought like everything else, but it definitely works. What I like about it is that it doesn’t take much of an investment, so there’s not much to loose. I started with $3 and have been in profit ever since. And as you can see, $28,000 in my first year, so I really can’t complain.

    It has definitely been a blessing for my family and has made life a little easier for us.

  4. Wayne

    Let’s see, he (Leslie) is telling us to disable all security features in out browsers and to disable any anti-virus software we are running. So no one sees an issue with these types of suggestions?

    • right

      Ya wayne your right, this does look like a scam. They are targeting teenagers that look this stuff up and then see large sums of cash is at their hands, and with that situation they would be dumb enough to fall into a trap like that and have their paypall accounts emptied by spyware probably put onto the sites by the same people who are leaving the positive comments. If it’s a scam then I guess they do know how to make money over the internet and are pretty smart too. If it’s legit then kudos to them.

  5. Leslie, The Freebie Guy

    Hi Wayne, yes I do say to disable the security features on your browsers while registering on the site and completing offers. The reason for this is that the offers that you are completing have to communicate with the Freebie Site via cookies. Many of the security features block the transfer of cookies, so it’s “safer” to disable them while completing offers to ensure that you will be credited. As soon as you are finished with the offers, you can enable the security features again.

    I’ve done it many times (but only when dealing with freebie sites), and I have never had a problem with security issues. I know many people who have done it without a hitch, in terms of security. Actually, I don’t think I’ve met one person who had a problem with security issues while doing a site.

    I’m not trying to convince you that you need to try it out, but it has worked for me. The main thing is finding something that works well for you, that is legitimate and that you are comfortable doing. Once you have that, you are good to go 🙂

    All the best!

  6. Leslie, The Freebie Guy

    Very Valid point Kevin, saving is also a big part of money management. I’m always looking for ways to save money. In my opinion, if you can combine a better income with more savings, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

    All the best with your site!

  7. Mark, the Free PS3 Guy

    WTG Leslie! I’ve been involved with the freebie world since July 2005 and have made over $30-40K since then, doing this PART TIME, and spending less than 1hr a week on it right now. It does take a lot of reading to get started, but it’s totally possible to make a supplemental income from it. Do give it a try!

  8. Zach

    I’m sorry but I don’t really get it. What is Freebie Trading? I have dial-up and can’t stream or download the podcast. Do you just test products and get paid or what? Thanks in advance.

  9. Robert

    I’d like Bob to do some more on this, any way to find another interview on the topic?

  10. Rocky

    Where can I find freebie sites, I can’t find any. Can you make a list of legit ones that work?

  11. arizona auto glass

    I have never heard of Freebie Trading before. After reading some of the peoples comments on how they did with it I might have to go try that out for myself. Thanks for the info!

  12. drew

    well i am 14 and i dont have make any money except $1 a week which doesnt get me far but am i able to do this freebie thing? i have tried survey and offer sites such as rewards1 and cashcrate but i always get so much spam and unwanted calls and charges on my phone. and how does freebie trading work… do you tryout products and write reviews?

  13. Kathaleen

    Isn’t Freebie Marketing also called Phishing and Spam?

    • John Frainee

      Kathaleen, I suppose that depends on how you do it.

    • Nathan

      No, it isn’t. Phising is tricking people into giving their information away by making them think they are signing into say, Gmail, when they are actually signing into a fake that looks exactly like Gmail.

      Spam is pretty easy, it’s useless, crap loads of stuff. You don’t flood them with messages.

  14. Andrew

    Hello, I would like to get more information on Freebie Trading, where would I be able to obtain this information? Or is there anyone willing to help me get started with Freebie Training? Thank You

  15. Sandy

    I am very interested in learning more on how I can get started and find freebie trading. I’m a single mom working two full-time jobs and would love to spend more time at home with my son and give up the one job that doesn’t carry any benefits. Please can somebody help me get started in the right direction on how to setup a website or what I need to get started. I would greatly appreciate all the help and advice I could possibly get. Thank you.

  16. sandy

    I am very interested in learning more on how I can get started and find freebie trading. I’m a single mom working two full-time jobs and would love to spend more time at home with my son and give up the one job that doesn’t carry any benefits. Please can somebody help me get started in the right direction on how to setup a website or what I need to get started. I would greatly appreciate all the help and advice I could possibly get. Thank you.

    • FreebieMachine

      People usually deal with trading or making their own websites. If you want to go through both routes you can too. If you just want freebie trading check out the anything4free forums. Members there can help you.

  17. MollieMcilwaine

    Can someone please give me the links to the sites that you use for freebie trading? I need to raise £5000 as fast as I can.

    • FreebieMachine

      Anything4free forums is like the oldest and most popular one.