How Long Does it Take to Get Your Tax Refund? (IRS Return Tips)

Refund CheckHave you done your taxes yet?

Like many people, as soon as I finish, I like knowing when my refund check is going to be deposited.

Here are some ways to not only know when you’ll get your refund check, but some tips on how to get it faster.

Let’s start with the quickest way to get your refund.

The Quickest Way to Get Your Refund

It is probably common knowledge that you will get your tax refund quicker when you choose the direct deposit option. You also should E-file your tax return if possible and as I mentioned in a post I wrote about getting free state tax filing you should submit it before a Friday, since they only process the E-filed returns once a week.

Of course, if you don’t really care when you get your refund, take your good old time.

When Will You Get Your Refund Check?

1. If you E-filed, check the status to be sure that it was accepted by the IRS.

2. You can also check the status of your tax refund on the IRS website. This should tell you when you will be receiving your check. Although, it is good to keep in mind that the IRS doesn’t guarantee any dates, they are all approximations.

Approximate Refund Dates

Editor’s Note: You can also get approximate refund dates by searching around on your favorite search engine, but remember that the IRS does not publish or guarantee actual refund dates. These dates are usually based on refund history, which doesn’t always repeat itself.

How important is it to you to know your tax refund date? Leave a comment!

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  1. jerome

    about time i could get a legit answer

  2. Shay

    Exactly wut i was looking for

  3. Nelle

    Gee wiz why can’t everyone give you direct answers like this?? Extremely appreciated

  4. mary

    its what i was looking for but i still have not recieve my refund. i filed it on the 26 of jan. it is for direct deposit. my bank said nothing came in yet. what should i do?

  5. megan

    Very helpful!

  6. ally

    are these dates for e-filing or when you mail in your papers? I had an accountant do mine, since he is a family friend so i did not e-file, so i am wondering when i will get my refund if i sent the papers to the office.

  7. Lauren

    I know a lot of people have been wondering how long it takes to get the first time homebuyer tax credit so I figured I would relate my experience:
    I sent my 2009 Tax Return with the HUD form by certified mail on February 22nd, 2010. I started checking the “Where’s My Refund” site but did not get any information from it until around March 22nd, when it said that I should receive my refund by April 27th if no problems were found. I kept checking the “Where’s My Refund” site periodically and then on March 30, 2010 it said it would be deposited into my account on April 2nd, 2010 and voila! It was.
    A lot of people seem to be having trouble with this (my neighbor bought their house 2 months before us in September 2009 and they amended their 2008 return and they haven’t received theirs yet).
    Anyway, I hope this helps

  8. ann

    I have no idea where this information came from. I amended my 2008 return on Feb 15 the Irs recevied it on Feb 18 still NO refund. I have called SEVERAL time with the same excuse STILL PROCESSING. It is going on 5 months no money. What am I missing? How do some people get their money quickly, some people don’t?

  9. Marie

    i filled on the 13th of October 2010 and have not received anything yet? should i call the IRS? or wait one week? or till Friday?

  10. Jayne Barber

    I heard tax preparers weren’t able to submit our returns until after 2/14/11. Is that true?

  11. RYANNE S.


  12. Natalie L.

    I’m in the same situation as you Ryanne S. I had to send a paper return ( my first year doing so) and sent it the 1st of Feb., I just checked the irs website and it states that I should get my return BY march 22, does anyone know if it will be sooner than that? I asked for direct deposit as well

  13. Laura B.

    If you E-filed that means it was done electronically so it takes less time to receive your refund. However if you had your taxes mailed in it takes longer. It takes about 2 weeks to receive them if u E- filed. Especially if u did them around this time, because usually everyone is doing them last minute.

  14. Nicole L.

    If you Efiled and you were trying to repay the 2008 First Time credit your refund was/is delayed.When checking the IRS “Where’s My Refund” site I was initially given a refund expectation date. A week later that date changed to an error message with an extension to call for more information. When I called I was advised by the IRS agent that there was a “glitch” in the system, due to late changes in Congress, and their systems would not process the repayment. What I do not understand is why the system did not simply reject the Efiled return. The error message has since changed to an expected refund delivery date, but the amount of the refund is now missing. Hopefully the refund will be electronically deposited as the IRS noted.

  15. Belinda M

    I sent mine in by paper on Feb 14th and was trying to repay the 2008 First Time credit. I too, when checking the “Where’s my Refund” site was given a date of April 3. Aweek later that was removed with a error. When I called they couldn’t give me a date on when I would receive my refund. Its now April 16 and I still have no info.

  16. Wes

    I try to minimize getting a refund! Why give the government an interest free loan for the year.

  17. clydew

    Interesting to see the previous comments were from 2010. That means the tax year was 2009!

    The best way to get your tax refund is to reduce your tax withholding! Do not give the treasury an interest free loan. Don’t know how much to have withheld? One safe harbor is to have enough withheld to match your tax liability on your previous tax return.

    The IRS has a W-4 calculator too. You can start here:

    With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) having the right amount withheld has become important for many tax payers. This is especially true when the taxpayer acquired his health insurance through the Market Place and received a Premium Tax Credit (PTC).

    There is a new 1095-A form you will receive that has information about your ACA coverage from the Market Place. If you qualified for a PTC based on the information you provided late 2013 or early 2014 about your income and family, and that information changed throughout the year (2014) you may have received too little PTC. The additional amount for which you are qualified will be in the withholding section of your tax return to help pay your taxes due, or to be used to pay your health insurance premium in 2015, or to be refunded to you.

    When you received too large a PTC throughout 2014, the IRS (market place) wants that extra PTC returned. This will show on your tax return on the “Other Taxes” line or your 1040. This will reduce your refund. But if you have no refund coming to you, the IRS can not dog you for the payment. However the IRS will remember the amount you owe, and hopes to collect that amount from a future income tax refund, some year when you had too much withheld.

    So get your withholding right, do not over withhold on your income tax.

  18. Tim Seidler

    I’m a big fan of how much faster the government has gotten at processing refunds. Submit your return and you’ve got cash in hand in 2 weeks. HEYO!