How To Manage Bills With A Bill Payment Schedule (Free Download)


How to manage bills with a bill payment scheduleEvery time I have been late paying a bill, it wasn’t because I didn’t have the money, it was because I forgot about it!

My hunch is that most late-fees occur for that same reason. Back in those days when I lived in financial chaos, I didn’t have a system in place to help me remember to pay my bills.

For me this was just like playing roulette with my bills – I remembered to pay them sometimes and sometimes I would forget.

It goes without saying that paying bills late (especially for credit cards) is terribly expensive.

Most credit card companies charge something like $40 each time it is late as well as jacking up your interest rate to 25%.

Batching the Process

Anyone who has ever forgotten to get something from the grocery store realizes that it requires a lot less time to buy everything one day than having to go get something as you need it.

It requires a grocery list and a bit of foresight, but it saves you hours throughout the week by NOT having to go back to pick up missed items. Why not implement the same type of planning to the paying of your bills?

Rather than sporadically paying them as they come in or checking a pile on your desk every few days, you should be able to designate 2 days a month to pay your bills. And of course, if you want to save even more time, use your bank’s online bill pay.

4 Steps to Manage your Bills

1. Make a list of all of your bills

Next to each one write the day that it is due. If there is not a due date just leave it blank.

2. Decide on 2 days per month that you will pay your bills

I recommend the 2 days you when you get paid (if you receive a regular bi-monthly check).

3. Organize them by due dates

Assuming the days you get paid are the 1st and 15th – you would then take all of your bills due the 22nd through the 6th and pay these on the 15th. And on the 1st of the month you would pay the bills due from the 7th -21st. This will give each bill at least a week to get to you through the mail.

4. Figure out what your monthly dollar amount needed for bills is and divide it by 2.

If your monthly bills total $2000, then you will want to pay as close to $1000 worth of bills on the 15th and $1000 worth on the 1st. Use the bills that don’t have a due date (i.e. savings accounts) to balance this out as best as possible.


Download a bill pay template

bill payment schedule

To see an example, download my bill payment schedule Excel spreadsheet. I also suggest having a designated checking account specifically to pay bills from. That way you can know exactly how much comes out (the monthly total of your bills), therefore you can know exactly how much to deposit.

Of course if your bill paying days don’t balance out perfectly (paying $1000 both days), don’t spend the money! If you paid $700 this time, you know you will have to pay $1300 next time. If you don’t touch it, you know it will be there waiting.


  • Follow steps 1-4 above and get your bills organized!

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  1. Michelle Bright


    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed your site today. I came across it this morning before church and was almost late for church because of reading your posts. My husband and I have made about $270k in mistakes and we are now paying dearly for it. I’ve started my own blog, not really for the purpose of helping others, but for myself so that I can have a visual picture of what’s going on with our finances. Most importantly, two years down the road see that I have been making progress.

    I have been looking at other PF blogs for ideas on financial freedom, but I believe yours by far is the best. The reason why your site is far better is because you take a Christian perspective on money when most have a worldly perspective.

    Again, thank you so much for the time and effort that you put in to this site. I pray God’s blessings on you in this ministry.


    • Jessica Davis

      Hi Michelle-
      I was wondering if I could get the address to your blog?

  2. Shiri

    This is really great advice. I don’t know why I never thought of doing this. Thank you!

  3. bob

    Glad to hear it – I appreciate the encouragement!!

  4. Tamika

    Thanks for your bill payment schedule document. This is exactly what I needed to remind me to pay my bills online and on time!!! A life saver.

  5. Bjorn

    This is a great spreadsheet to help figure out bills so there are no surprises. Any suggestions for those bills that we pay quarterly or annually? Or property taxes, we only pay every other month at the end of Jan, Mar, May, July? How would you suggest setting these up? Have you seen any way of doing that? Thanks

    • JoolieH

      I divide annual and quarterly bills into a monthly amount. Then I add that “bill” to one of my bill-pay days and transfer the money to a savings account set up specifically for that payment. I do the same with saving toward large expenditures like the roof and gutters we will need, and a fake car payment (to ourselves) so we’ll have the cash on hand when the expense comes due. As we have fluxuating income, these “bills” get paid when ever we have the money that month.

    • Kathy M.

      I recently had to add two monthly bills to my list of bills I already had because I went back to school. Now I have $16,000.00 in student loans that I have to repay. I made the mistake of refinancing one of the loans to get the interest rate cut in half, but that left me with two monthly bills instead of one for school loans, because I was not able to refinance the entire $16,000.00, I was only able to refinance $6,000.00. I had to put my 2004 Saturn Ion up as collateral and it was not worth enough for me to get the full amount refinanced. Anyway, I opened up a savings at the credit union, no monthly fee, and I have the money direct deposited into that account to cover the two school loans. The two bills then got set up as auto-pay bills, so I never have to worry about being late with a payment and I get e-mail notices each time there is money deposited or withdrawn. Other than checking my e-mail I never have to concern myself with these two bills. It helped me to not stress out over the extra two payments.

  6. Carolina

    I would like to thank you for your helpful information. You made it easy to read and understand. Thank you

  7. Linda

    Bjorn, Mary Hunt from has a solution for those infrequent but known bills that crop up. Its called the financial freedom account. To give credit where due, you should look this up on her site because she gives awesome, christian financial advice, and ways to save money too.

  8. Sharron

    I would love to pay my bills on time and in full. Would love to tithe, but with my income from Supplemental Security and social security income of
    $236. + $458. = $694. I am left with very little. my other bills like student loans and hospital bills get left behind. I do not have a car or home to fix up I do rent my trailer and the landlord does the fixing.

    Every time I try to get a budget on line it has to many items on it and the amount of the income is way out there if you could please show me how I can use my income with your budget outlines I would love it

    • katie

      Sharron, As a christian, I;d like to share with you a few schools of thought on tithing.

      One take is that tithing is less about your money and more about the principle of understanding that everything you have, time, energy, earthly resources, belongs to the Lord, and you are a steward of those things. Therefore, it’s not about giving your first $69.40 to a church, but giving freely (past 10%) of your time, money, heart, resources, etc. The best way you can do this with little monetary resources is to spend time in prayer.

      Another school of thought, and where I tend to stand, is that tithing that first ten percent is more about trusting that God cares for you so much more than you know. He will feed, clothe, care for, and lavish gifts upon you at a time that He sees fit. My recommendation for you, should you choose to heed, is to research a few missionary organizations, local shelters, etc. Spend time in prayer asking God where He wants you to place his resources, and start sending a $70 check. Our God understands sacrifice, and will reward your trust and obedience, whether through money, peace in your soul, or something beautiful somewhere in between.

      Of course, this is simply a suggestion, and encouragement. Blessings!

    • Beth

      Bob, I totally support both of your comments. From my own experience the second suggestion works best for me. I can remember times when I felt I had to choose between paying my tithe or buying groceries. God never failed to provide what we needed if we paid our tithe. When we chose to buy groceries instead of tithing the food never seemed to go as far. As a result of that experience, here is the philosophy we continue to follow even today. And it is one that I have taught and raised my kids with also.

      When we get paid (bi-weekly) I write the deposit down in our checkbook. Then the very next two things (one for each Sunday) I write in there are our two tithe checks. So the very first thing we do is give back to God what He has given to us. As a result God has provided for our needs. It hasn’t always been easy to do, but through those tough times it has served to strengthen our faith.

  9. Traci

    Oh what a blessing this is! I have been praying for the tools and resources to be a good steward of our finances, and this is looking to be just what I needed, thank you for sharing with us… God bless you!

  10. Sharron

    i have read some of the comments but can not find your site to see if it can help me

  11. Beverly

    Thank you so much for this help. I have only just begun with your spreadsheet. I have been a saver almost all of my life and have always tried to get my bills paid on time. But I have never been on a “budget”. I find this extremely interesting and helpful. I will certainly do my best to follow your advice. I have the discipline to follow through and I’m excited to watch the numbers change for the better. You are doing a great service. This is truly a blessing. Thank you again.

  12. Heather & Jamie

    My husband & I have been renting for 4 years(current rent is $1095) and have recently started to build a home for ourselves & our two boys, ages 3mths & 3 yrs. We are under contract with a 1/1/1 by down, interest rate is 3.75% for 3 years & going up by 1%(locked in) the fourth and final years. It is a 30 year fixed mortgage ($1,400 monthly) & required no money down, and more than 6% closing costs were taken care of by the builder.
    We do not have any student loans to pay off, his were paid off before our marriage & I had a 529 plan to pay for my entire schooling, we do not have any credit cards, & only 1 car payment of $375 a month. We have a small loan which we owe less than $4,000($157 monthly) & are on track to have it paid off in March(2 years less than originally taken out for) We recently took out another loan for $8,000($216 monthly) to pay off a line of credit which we never seemed to make a dent in with monthly payments because of interest. We are on track to have this loan & our car paid off within 3 years before our mortgage gets locked into a 4.75% interest rate, at $1519 a month.
    I (24yrs old) have a 401K through work & also have a Roth IRA. My husband (34yrs old) recently just set his 401K up. Both 401’s are set at 5% which our company them matches.
    Why is it that I feel our debt to society is so little & really could be much worse but I feel like we live paycheck to paycheck? I have always budgeted and we always have money to pay our bills & on time but I feel like we are scraping by. I’m nervous about taking on a mortgage. I have always budgeted and we do not impulse by, & we rarely go out/eat out. Our money seems to just pay for the monthly basics; groceries, bills, gas, etc. I’ve already figured & factored & budgeted & such, and really with taking on a mortgage & some utility consolidation and other costs of owning a home our bills will increase by only about $100. I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance that we are doing everything right & we are being smart about our finances.
    I love your site & have found it to be very informative. I printed everything out & have lots of reading to do tonight. Thank you so much. God Bless

  13. Katie G

    Hi, I love how you have this set up, I’m trying to figure out how to make this work for my husband and I when we both get paid weekly. Any ideas?


    • JoolieH

      When we both got paid weekly I simply paid about 1/4 of the bills each week. If you go with 2 monthly bill-pay days, and you’re following a budget, it should follow that you’d only spend what was budgeted for and the money for the bills would still be there on bill-pay day but you need to be disciplined enough to ensure that happens!

  14. Arne Larson

    I just wanted to clear up a term mentioned above that can cause a lot of confusion if not used properly. Bob recommended that you set up a payment schedule that corresponds with your paycheck schedule, and this makes a lot of sense. However, he said to set it up with a “bi-monthly” time-frame. If something occurs on a “bi-” schedule, it happens every 2 time periods, therefore bi-monthly means every two months. What Bob meant to say is “bi-weekly”, which is every two weeks and is ultimately 26 times a year. If someone is paid twice a month, they are paid “semi-monthly” which ends up being 24 payments per year. I hope this helps.

    • Kathleen K

      Excellent point Arne. When we first set up a budget, my husband was paid on the 15th and 30th. Since then, he’s changed jobs and is paid every other Friday. We have set up our budget on a monthly basis with 2 paydays per month. Twice a year he gets a “bonus” of a 3rd payday in the month. This money is used for special purposes or to boost savings further.

  15. Corey

    These are great tips. I really like tips 2 and 3. I subconsciously have already been doing that, but since you pointed it out I noticed that is is very easy for me to keep track of my monthly spending. I actually just do everything once a month since my due dates pretty much fall in the beginning of the month. I noticed though that I still couldn’t keep track of where my money went so I created another spreadsheet to break things down further.

  16. Carol J. Alexander

    This looks like it’s going to be a great course, Bob. I’ve already been paying the bills twice monthly as that is how my husband gets paid. Generally, I pay everything out of one check except the mortgage, and the mortgage out of the second. Hopefully, tho, you’ll get to working with a variable income as that is where our trouble lies. Looking forward to day 2.

  17. BPDb

    I have been doing this for years. I even budget out the “extras” so I know exactly how much I have left. The one thing I need to learn to do is pay myself. I pay my bills, my kids accounts, but not my savings account. How can I do a bettter job at paying myself first?

    • Bob

      BPDB, I know what you mean – it can be a challenge, but the key is to get it out before the variable expenses get paid out. For us the variable expenses were entertainment, spending money, groceries, fuel for cars, etc. So we pulled out our most important items first and then let the rest of these just have to be limited to what was there.

  18. Jeff Crews

    Setting Google Calendar reminders is a great way to remember. You can set reoccurring reminders, etc. Have you tried this? I always try and set up automatic Bill Pay. However, the accounts I use Google Calendar when I can’t.

    • Bob

      Jeff, great point. I actually do the same thing with Google calendar – it is a great way to make sure you never miss bill-paying day!

    • Jeff Crews

      Yes..glad to have another Google Calendar bill reminder advocate. I actually handle my monthly bill organization within Google docs spreadsheet, so Google is my go to tool!

  19. Lisa

    Hi everyone! Bob I was wondering how would you pay your bills on the 1sr or 15th when your kind of behind or can’t catch up? What would be my options?

    • John Frainee

      You have to find ways to save money Lisa! Lots of money! Maybe you sell something extra you have that is just taking up space. Maybe you get an extra part time job. Save up enough money so that you could pay all your bills even a month in advance! I hope that helps.

  20. agnes

    this a great idea.But for me ,i lost my job and its becoming so hard for my husband to pay the bills i used to pay.ill share some these ideas and it will probably help him.

  21. Natasha


    My fiancee gets paid once on the 1st and I get paid every 2 weeks. What is a good way to budget out his check for the entire month?



  22. Nicole Stovall

    Wow. this was so helpful! thank you for doing this site! its amazing and such a blessing!

    Loved it,

  23. T

    Thank you for the information about Manilla. I love it!!! I’m excited about finding your website soo helpful. Keep up the great work.

  24. Paul

    I am very happy as I got your web site. Now I know how can I manage my bills but I am a student. I do not have salary, I only get school money. So, how can I apply the four steps to manage my bills?
    If it is possible your web site to make for handset or phone users… to convert to java format, mp4, mp3 format.
    Moreover, is there any java applications that has do with financial stuffs.
    With God everything is possible… as you put Jesus first in your web site my you bless.


  25. Jenny

    Hi there

    I happened across your webiste today – have signed up for the course and am feeling the beginnings of tremendous relief.
    I have two years of taxes outstanding and it is only because I didn’t know HOW to go about it that inertia set in.
    I have commenced tracking my expenditure and have my first day of homework to attack and – yes, it’s nerdy – but I’m looking forward to putting this stress and fear of tackling this behind me with your help.

    Regards – and thanks. Jenny

  26. Ryan

    Or, if you prefer more of a hands off approach to your bills, you can give HarMoney a call. HarMoney is a service oriented daily money management company, which provides their clients with a vast array of personalized money management services, including monthly bill pay and bill organizing. Why continue allocating funds, plugging in numbers, and remembering due dates, when a financial concierge can manage all of it for you?

  27. connie

    I can’t get the Excel bill payment schedule to download. Any ideas where I can get it?
    Thank you,

  28. connie

    Oops…sorry, I now have the bill payment schedule. I had to save it instead on opening it.
    Thank you,

  29. Francoise

    Well after having read this email I had a bit of a light bulb moment and thought this is exactly what I needed as my husband and I get paid on 15th and 28th of each month and my husband has the larger monthly salary than I do as he gets paid overtime too. So I have taken the advice and added our total bill spend and then divided it in half as I’m hoping this will lessen the months when we run out of money between pay dates. Hopefully this is the wisdom I have been praying for when it comes to our finances. My next step is to set up a separate account for our bills to come out from but this will mean contacting our bill providers to change the payment dates and account details so will take a bit longer to sort.

    Thanks for posting this. Great help.

    God bless

  30. Sharon

    I found your site quiet by accident. I was looking for Bible versus and found you. I plan on using your money management plan and I want to thank you for your efforts and knowledge.
    Bless you,

  31. Leslie C

    This is just what I was looking for!!! Saved me gobs of time from having to create my own spreadsheet. I love this new budget/ save money thing. We have recently realized how much money we were wasting, on average between bills/fun/food ect… we spend about 8k a month, we hope to cut it back! Thanks

  32. Jeannie

    OK, here is my problem…I make enough money to pay my bills and if I didn’t have almost $10,000 in credit card debt I would be fine. I pay all my bills on time or early and always more than the minimum payments. The rent for my apartment is VERY reasonable and the rent includes heat (fuel oil), electric, propane (gas cook stove), Dish Network, water, garbage pick-up. A washer/dryer is included. I have to pay for phone/dsl and I use Straight Talk $30 plan for cell phone. I can’t get rid of my land-line because I am under a 2 yr contract and the area that I live in still doesn’t have good service in all areas. I also have a small storage unit because my apartment is so small and I also have a Compassion child. I don’t know why I let this happen when I know better (“The borrower is servant to the lender.”) My problem has a name…”lack of discipline”. I don’t have nice furniture, beautiful clothes or the latest in technology and gadgets. Mostly I buy things for my family and friends and I love to eat out with them also (of course, I have to pay). I don’t have a budget per se..I just pay my tithes and offerings and my bills and whatever is left over is for groceries, gas, presents, etc. I have no savings, no retirement, no life insurance and only medicare for health insurance and I am 65 yrs old. I just had to buy a car which added another $10,000 plus interest to my debt mountain. I had been on the “debt snowball” plan to pay down those credit cards when my car died..I had a target date of December 2013 to be debt free. Now I had to reduce my payments by $200 to make the car payment:-( I write everything down on paper, but it never works out in reality. I know that IF I were to create a “budget” it would work better. I get social security the 4th Wednesday (not always the same date), small pension on the 1st of the month and I get paid every other week. There is one good thing and that is that in a few years I brought my credit score up from 559 to 719 and I am working on getting it even higher and keeping it there. I can’t wait to try to figure out your site and find a way out of this quagmire. It is so easy to become discouraged, especially since I really don’t like my job and I am tired!! Prayer is appreciated and I will try to find answers here. Thanks for making this available.

  33. Kim

    I looked at the budget spreadsheet. The total comes to $2000. per month in bills. If you get paid a thousand dollars two times a month and you spend it all on the bills in the budget spreadsheet, what do you do for food? Just wondering or did I miss something?!

  34. Val

    This is my first day signing up for this free course, just realize i need to get out from my problem, “paying bills on time”. Let’s see how it will work on me. All that I need is discipline.

  35. Gaby

    I love the spreadsheet, as a new graduate and finally getting paid, I can now have a visual of what to pay and when to pay it. Thanks so much : )

  36. Liz Cowen Furman

    My college age son and I did your course together. We both learned some great tips!

  37. Jessica C.

    I liked you on facebook and I was just rummaging around on your page and after about 30 minutes I’ve read 90% of your blog posts. So uplifting to me that there are people like you out there. (And I just downloaded the bill payment schedule for my finace & I) God Bless You for everything you do! You are very much appreciated. ^.^


  38. gray

    Hi Bob, so glad to have found your site – your personal touch and easy manner in writing and video really helps convey your ideas. Your ideas and advice are practical and effective and I will def come back to this site again and again – thank you! BTW, I found out about your site about a month or so ago, but an unrelated search on Facebook meant it popped up again – your SEO really is working well! G

  39. Sylvia Ortiz

    Thank you for the helpful tips and templates. My husband is always searching through his mail to figure out what needs to be paid (when due) and is constantly stressed. I will print these helpful tools out for him, to help him get organized and have everything at his fingertips.

  40. Oliver

    Thanks for your tips. I have a tip for not forgetting credit card payments. In order to make at least the minimum payment and not get the late payment fee, I set up my online bill payment to make a payment of $100 to my credit cards each month automatically. When I receive my statement, I change the amount of this payment to the actual statement balance. But when I forget, I have paid at least the minimum payment and avoided any late fees. This has worked really well for me and saved me several times.

  41. REDKID

    I love your budget worksheet, is there a way to adjust it for bi-weekly paychecks? You know b/c sometimes we have a 3rch check. Plus I almost never get paid on the 1st & 15th, the dates always fluctuate. I’m open to any suggestions.

  42. Joseph Kariuki

    Hi Bob;
    Am through with my 1st lesson, how can i submit it to you?


    • John Frainee

      Joseph, no need to submit it! It’s just for your benefit. 😉

  43. Tina

    This is divine to some of us because God is preparing us for his work in the future. God is going to release so much wealth in the body of Christ in this last days for a quick work to be accomplished in the church.However is those who are really diligent and well equipped when comes to finances. This is what you are doing Bob,and is eternity that will give you the clear picture. God richly bless you.

  44. Lisa

    I have been teaching on Good Stewardship at our church’s bible Study and tonight I will cap it off with the use of some of your wonderful examples of household budgets. thanks for the quick and easy way you have set this up. I will be sure to let them know about your web site so they can make use of the other on line sources you provide. God bless!

  45. Santia

    Thank you for posting this!!

  46. Ashley

    I have been in a budgeting slump for the past year. I came across your blog this evening and I can not even explain how helpful is it. This is just what I needed to start fresh and make a change. I especially am grateful for the Christian focus! Thank you.

  47. Annie

    Because I live on commissions alone, I’ve found using the computer calendar really helps. I then set up “reminders” on the calendar to email me when a bill is due. I give myself a week to a couple of days before of a notice so that I’m never late. I have a designated paper calendar that I write all my bills that are due on and when they get paid–online–I write in red the confirmation number along with a red checkmark. I pay the bills upfront when I get paid, even if they are 3 weeks away and those that I do, I remove from the reminders. Works for us for the last 3 years. Living on commissions is a different scenario!

  48. Ursula

    Thanks Bob for the tips ! I’ve begun my this course with enthusiasm. I’m really happy that I came across your website. Blessings to you and thanks once again !!!

  49. Michael Kampff

    Great article and resource. I love that it’s so simple and helps pave the path toward financial organization, which I agree is a major part of the battle toward financial success. As others have mentioned, I also feel a key component is to implement a simple reminder system for those two days per month. Google reminders,, and Remember the Milk are a few that come to mind, with the latter two being great mobile device options. With so much information and so many distractions, adopting a simple task / reminder system can be the difference.

    I look forward to the next lesson!

  50. Terri

    I have a binder that I keep my bill payment sheets in. Dividing by year I can go back to 1998 and see what I have been billed and what I have paid as well as income for every month. Over the years there have been a few instances where a bill collector would say I was behind and I could quote them what was paid and when from those sheets,

  51. Lonnie

    I am glad to say I already do this. Of course I only pay bills once a month by a set date as I only get paid once a month so it makes it a bit easier to get it out of the way all at once. I actually receive most of my bills electronically stratight into my banks bill pay service so everything is there for me. The bank also ensure it is send with enough time to be posted on the due date. I have some set up automatically if the amount doesn’t change while others I make the payment once a month as the amounts changes so I can build my budget for the month based on the amounts.

  52. Ericka

    I want to thank you this morning Bob:

    I am going through the class that you’ve set up and though this is the first day, I have already found this to be an answer to my prayers. I’ve been trying to get a handle on my finances for about two years now.

    So far, I have been tracking and recording my monthly expenditures at the end of each month and have almost everything on auto-pay so I never miss a due date.
    Unfortunately though, that has brought me into a nasty cycle of overdraft fees. Last year, I stopped being late on my bills but I paid about $3000.00 in overdraft fees to the bank.

    You see now that I’ve been in desperate need of a way to look ahead at the month to come. After having personalized your spreadsheet, I see now how much needs to be in the bank at what time and I’m looking forward to making my overdraft fee problem a thing of the past.

    Thank you for the help that you are providing on this blog.

    Ericka -Miami,FL

  53. edwin

    please help if you have any idea where to get a personal loan, my credit is bad and get denied all the time, if i can’t get a loan it means i can’t pay them and if they don’t give me another chance, how will I go back to being good again.

  54. shela

    Thakyou for hearing God while I run around in my head trying to figure out what to do. Just recently the goverment took our refund. They say we owe for a student loan my husband took in 1986 for 2,500.00 now out of no where this has been brought up from some where.and say we owe 34,000.00 I am very compulsive about finding the truth. I found several student loan sites that say we dont owe anything .I already knew this becuase for 7 years they took our refund to pay it off and it was in 1994; We have filed our taxes for 20 years and never was there any mention of this. I have been so consumed in finding the prove that have got so sick. I have some respirtoy thing I dont smoke. I also have a huge rash all over my body and now I think Im getting a bladder infection. Sorry if I grossed anyone out.My point is YOU just hit me over the head its Gods money. And it will be found out by the goverment that a mistake has been made. But even if they dont I dont have to figure out how to pay it they already took it. Maybe its just taken and we will never see it again. Our lawyer filed a lawsuit against them yesterday. I am not gonna to do anything else to prove Im right. I know but most important God knows and thats a great way to deal withthis. I have been talkig about tithing for a couple of weeks. I dont have big money but I have given to strangers. But I want to giveGod on a regular basis. I give of my ime to help people struggling in addiction. I use to do it as a job and I was paid. But now its free info. Why? Becuase after all the times I have not been a good christian he kept me safe. But then god gave me a oppurtunity to give my heart and share with others any experience that they coul identify with. I made way less money there but have never forgot that no college degree could teach me this. God did and I am greatful for the opportunity to share my exploits and see others in our small community having great lifes addiction free and know I was part of this. God did all the foot work. Thankyou for opening my soul again to the only answer give it to God. He takes good and bad and arranges some how to help me. So today Im not going to do one thing to obcess on anything. Im already sick from worry. And I know he will help me with that. So this is my only compuer use today and no phone calls. Just take care of my illness and be grateful that God will will handle the rest. Have a great day and thankyou again for snapping me ack to a reality that I know but forget. I will not waste any more energy on things that dont matter. Peace to you Shela

  55. Fatma

    Never take chances with my bills, that’s why I have them auto deductible from my bank acct. I just go and do my accounting monthly to ensure no foul plays occurred.

    • Bill

      Good idea. May I suggest that, if you set this up, make sure to check to see if your bank has a limit to online deductions. I recently got hit with a charge, as my bank only allows a certain number of monthly deductions from a savings account.


    Thank you Bob! I can’t wait to get started. Finally, tools and resources that make sense to me.

  57. Bev.

    I need help: Hi, I’m looking for a few accountability partners to communicate with for added focus and motivation. Anyone interested, let me know…just got my first lesson inboxed today. Thanks

  58. Michael

    Just joined the whole program-me yesterday and these being my first lesson, i love its so practical and brief to the point.God bless you all guys for sharing the knowledge.

  59. sam

    I am a barber I own and work alone each day I get paid cash but when it comes to tithing I want be able to understand should I give 10% on the gross or on the net after all the business expenses is separated.

    • Bob

      Sam, that question gets asked a lot and I honestly don’t think we should get too legalistic about it. That said, whenever I find myself asking should I or shouldn’t I give ______, I always try to default to giving more. The Bible says that as a man sows he reaps, and I believe that we can’t out-give God. So I always want to be giving as much as I can, because He always is giving more and more…

    • Adrienne

      I don’t mean any disrespect, but I have always heard, “If you want God to bless you on your Net, tithe on your Net. If you want God to bless you on your Gross, tithe on your Gross.” I have always used that as my personal guidance 🙂

  60. Lauren

    Ok. This is a start of a new day for me. I printed out a calendar for the rest of the year and marked when bills are due and when payday’s are. I’m going to check them off as they are paid and leave about seven days between paydays and due dates to be sure the money will be there. Thank you for this lesson!

  61. Bill

    I have just registered and look forward to using your lessons. I already implement the first lesson, as I have been paying all, or nearly all, of my bills on the same day once a month. To make this easier, I arrange to have all my utilities, credit card, and other debts due near the first of the month, as I get paid on the last day or first day of the month. I never charge anything, other than absolute necessities, that cannot be paid before interest accrues. I use a pay-back type of credit card that pays at least 1% on all purchases. I hope that this is helpful.

  62. Mercedes

    Hi. Just wanted to say, I love your site. You basically have an article on everything I want to read about and they are full of useful tips!! Thanks for sharing!!

  63. Lisa

    I was up early this morning in prayer, seeking wisdom on how to get out of debt and get my money right, BUT I wanted to do it the right way–God’s way. I have research a lot of Christian sites about how to be debt free. Most only give you half of their testimony and NO tools to speak of.. I need something plain and simple to meet me where I am right now. I am so looking forward to this process. Thank you.

  64. Yolanda

    Last month, I paid each bill as it came in which was ok, yet I like your idea of twice monthly. That seems more like a definite plan .

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