15 DIY Projects to Increase Your Home Value

15 DIY projects to increase your home valueYour home can serve as a great investment.

Not only can a home serve as a place to reside but you can actually make a return on your investment.

But, the trick is… how can you make a return on your investment without breaking the bank?

Believe it or not, it can be done!

With a little elbow grease, you can DIY your way to a more valuable home.

I have scoured the internet for simple ways you can increase your home value.

This is especially important when you plan on selling your home. Below you will find some awesome tips that you can implement without going broke. Not only are these projects that you can do yourself, but most can be done with little money!

Get your pen and paper ready, you will want to write down some (if not all!) of these terrific ideas. Enjoy!



Bathroom Makeover

bathroom makeoverFrom inmyownstyle.com

We are actually just finished our bathroom makeover, and I just have to tell you about my FAVORITE part of the whole thing.  This awesome shower panel:

Awesome shower panel that you can get for under $300

I remember reading one reviewer say that they would marry for this panel, and it really is that great.

And the best part was that it was one of the cheapest things we did in the whole renovation!

Only $279 at Amazon!



Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom iheartnaptime.net


Update Your Laundry Space

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom kirstenerickson.blogspot.com


DIY Crown Molding

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom thatgirlblogs2014.blogspot.com


Change Your Light Fixtures

light fixture upgradesFrom saramdorseydesigns.blogspot.com


DIY Built-in Billy Bookcases

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom centsationalgirl.com


Add a Bedroom by Installing a Closet in Your Den

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom diynetwork.com


Add a Corrugated Steel Privacy Fence

simple ways to increase the value of your home

From charlesandhudson.com


Tension Rods + Bookshelves = Instant Closet System

simple ways to increase the value of your home

From homedecorpark.com


Instant Curb Appeal with Paint

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom brightboldbeautiful.com


Give Your Appliances a Face Lift

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom amazon.com


DIY Board & Batten Wall

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom positivelysplendid.com


DIY Wood Flooring

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom theshabbycreekcottage.com


Add Baseboards to Freshly Painted Rooms

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom diyshowoff.com


Spruce up Landscape with Drought Tolerant Plants

simple ways to increase the value of your homeFrom bhg.com

Do you have any simple tips to Increase the Value of your home?

Share below!


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  1. Wendy

    Hi – I don’t have any special ideas but I’d love to see ideas about how to spruce up a garage. Thx, W

    • Bob

      well you are in luck! https://christianpf.com/diy-garage-organization-ideas/

  2. MomCents

    We have some home improvements in the horizon before we sell or rent our house to include:

    – Kitchen – complete upgrade of appliances and cabinets though (we are beyond paint)
    – Bathroom
    – Crown molding
    – Vinyl Siding
    – Landscaping for curb appeal

  3. Kalen @ MoneyMiniBlog

    This is great! I have seen what painting kitchen cabinets can do for a kitchen. It makes a huge difference. Staining is also an option if the wood is still good and high quality.

  4. Damien

    Nice, but the “Paint your kitchen cabinets” link has nothing to do with painting kitchen cabinets…

    Check this out:


  5. Laura S.

    There are also plenty of opportunities if you search in adds any possible bargains that include older furniture. It is a good way how to improve the look of your place, especially if you wanna rent your place to students, it is a great idea to include palette bed, which is a) cheap and b) very good looking. You can combine the colour of palettes with the colour of your room. It looks great. Another big advantage about old furniture is that you can be less careful with it. When something gets broken, you just replace it with some new-old thing.

  6. Gail Snyder

    -Change the hardware in cabinets.
    -Tip installing crown molding is frustrating, do it with someone you don’t want to end up divorcing, I stayed out of it and am still married.
    -Take pictures of each room like you are a home appraiser and look at he pictures. I knew our house was looking good when a home appraisal came back and looking at the picture I though the place looked better than I thought.
    -For the somewhat talented, nasally can lights to remove the cluttered look that different light fixtures are in a larger open floor plan. We did this in the kitchen, dining, family room (really all one big room) removing 2 ugly ceiling fans and an old cheep light fixture).
    -Can lights, change interior liner color. we had black lined can lights and a white ceiling, replacing just the interior liner with white looks much better.
    -Ceiling fans are ugly (my opinion) but really useful. A good improvement is to replace a ceiling fan that has lights with a plane ceiling fan the same color as your ceiling then for light use lamps and/or install can lights in the ceiling for a much cleaner look, also less to clean.

  7. Michele Clark

    I have been painting my house (and classroom) for free. I get left over paint at the hazardous waste drop off. I’ve gotten a full 5 gallon bucket to smaller pints. I mix paints to get the colors I want. There are always large amounts of neutral colors which are perfect if you are sprucing up to sell. Just got paint for my cabinets too. It’s been a fun challenge to come up with the colors I want.

  8. marina metelskaya

    plus another tip is to keep your house clean. i know a couple who wanted to buy a house, but did not buy it because it was dirty: unwashed floors, dust everywhere, stains, etc.

  9. Stacey

    Great ideas here, thanks….one thought, tension rods are not going to stand up to a full load of clothes.

    • DeeDee

      A white shower curtain rod would be sturdy(properly installed) or pipe from the plumbing department with the correct ends. I’d make sure there were washers at every point touching MDF. It isn’t strong material..

  10. Bonnie

    The cabinets in my kitchen and bathrooms are made from birch and had been stained. The doors and drawer fronts were completely flat with no handles. I added 3″ lattice to the doors and drawers to make Shaker style cabinets. I painted them and added pulls. A total transformation for just a few dollars!

  11. nikki

    Print off funky patterns and then laminate them. After that stick them onto wall to create a fabulous tiled wall for next to nothing 🙂

  12. Holly

    I really want to know what the color of paint that is in the closet picture. Any idea?

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