Is the iPhone coming to verizon?

Over the last few months I have been finding more business reasons for getting an iPhone. It would primarily be a business expense as I am not much of a phone talker and even now I find that most of my phone calls are business related.

I am currently in a contract with Verizon until late 2010. Since Verizon’s contract-termination fee is pro-rated I would be able to get out of the contract for less than $100. But I have been hearing rumors that the iPhone could be offered by Verizon as early as February of next year. After quite a bit of searching I can’t find this confirmed anywhere either by Verizon or Apple – so if you know this to be more than a rumor please let me know!

iphone coming to verizon.jpg

The Verizon iPhone would be a great match!

I have been very happy with Verizon’s coverage over the last few years I have used them. I never used AT&T, but tt isn’t much of a secret that Verizon has stronger network than AT&T. And when you pair that with the worlds most popular (and dare I say best) phone it makes for a great combo. According to the Huffington Post, “About 25% of AT&T’s iPhone customers came from Verizon … Verizon would get most, if not all of their prodigal customers back from AT&T if they offered the iPhone.”

So what are your thoughts?

  • Verizon users: Are you waiting until the iPhone is offered by Verizon?
  • AT&T users: Would you switch back to Verizon if they offered it?

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  1. Tristan

    I’m a loyal Verizon customer, and I’ve heard this “rumor” a few times now. I hope it’s true because I’d love to get one. 🙂

    I think it’d be a great move for Apple, to be honest. It’d surely give them a stronger foothold in the market if they’d make the iPhone available to multiple carriers.

  2. Trayc

    I’m waiting. I just can’t leave Verizon to go back to the company I left to go to Verizon. AT&T’s coverage is sub-par in comparison to Verizon, and I just have a bad taste in my mouth from all the dropped calls, flaky service when traveling, and all the roaming and extras they tried to add on. This may have changed since I’ve left, but I really don’t care to find out…no matter how much I’d love to have an iPhone!

    PS: I’m actually hoping Verizon gets the Palm Pre more than the iPhone. According to reviews I’ve read I think I’d like it even better.

  3. Irene

    I’ve been with verizon for 13 years. Never had a problem. I talked to a Verizon rep the other day about possibly switching to AT&T when my contract expires in May 2010 because of the iPhone. She said wait until (around) Christmas time, 2009. There are good things in store for Verizon.

  4. J. Money

    oh man, i JUST switched from Verizon to AT&T just for this phone….so I guess it would be cool for all you to get it, and then I’ll just switch back in 2 years 😉 verizon has MUCH better service when it comes down to it for sure, but AT&T has its perks too (rollover mins & working internationally being two majors).

  5. M.DEEZY

    Verizon wont be getting the iPhone because they are CDMA and cannot afford to go GSM. Apple came to Verizon originally wanting to do business but Verizon turned it down because they couldnt do GSM like the rest of the world. At&t has beefed up their coverage alot in the last 2 years. I admit still Verizon has better coverage but At&t always has the best phones and better customer service. ( I also work as a rep so please let me know if I can help anyone with issues or even better if they would like to buy one from me:) lol)

  6. warrentotheg

    M. Deezy, you are ignorant to the facts my friend. Apple did approach Verizon first. There are actually CDMA iPhones that have been spotted in Cupertino at Apple HQ. The reason Verizon turned down the iPhone came down to profit sharing. Verizon’s core business is “Business Customers”. That’s why they offer more competitive corporate discounts than the AT&T FANs (yes, I was a slave to AT&T for 2 years, however, even though I had two free lines of service, for being a rep, I still gladly “paid” for Verizon service. Just cuz you work for a company doesn’t mean its the best. I hear people saying foolish things all the time, cuz their corporate environment brainwashes them with this competitive ignorance). Also, GSM is a cheap technology to deploy and operate. Hence 3rd world countries supporting it. Verizon does offer CDMA/GSM Hybrids and will do the same once LTE is launched. Verizon has bar none the best customer service along with T-Mo. Verizon is not without faults however. Their proprietary UI, that is hideous and slows phones down (I worked at Microsoft in Windows Mobile for 2 years, and each device needs a build optimized for it, so to throw a re-skinned crap UI on every phone, without taking the time to accomodate hardware differences as an OEM would is a joke.) And then there is the whole GPS blocking, which they are “finally” taking care of. As a whole Big Red is holding it down.

  7. VerizonPre

    The iPhone won’t come to Verizon before they install the LTE network (
    Like Trayc we at are waiting for the Pre to come to Verizon.

  8. Wendy

    I sure hope Verizon will be able to offer the iPhone! I used to have AT&T in the past and now I will only use Verizon after many issues with AT&T. My husband has AT&T for his business and also has the iPhone. I have played on it and fell in love! I was considering getting a blackberry but after my last business trip my friends phones were breaking and so now I think I will just hold out and pray the iPhone comes our way. 🙂

  9. NM

    I am also a Verizon customer and as most of you waiting for the switch. Thanks to reading your comments, I will not change to AT&T when my contracts with Verizon expires next year and will wait it out. I agree, Verizon has great customer service and hopefully if the iphone does not become available through Verizon, they will come up with a comparable phone.
    Thanks for the good information!

  10. Ron

    I switched to AT&T from Verizon when the 3G came out. 4 months later I sold the iPhone to a friend and returned to Verizon with a less-than-mediocre Blackberry Curve. Not that the Curve is bad, but coming down from the iPhone to it was like going from a Ferrari to a Moped. So why did I do it?

    AT&T has TERRIBLE service!!

    Yes, I am waiting for Verizon to offer the iPhone.

  11. Mark

    I am a current Verizon customer and would be first online to purchase an iphone. I know too many people with an AT&T iphone and are very unhappy with the service. Being an ex-AT&T customer, I am very happy with the coverage from Verizon. It is a shame that Verizon customers can’t have access to such a great phone. I personally know quite a few people waiting for a Verizon iphone.

  12. John

    I had been a Verizon customer for about 5 years but switched a few months ago because of the awesomeness of the iPhone! I did check into the rumors regarding the iPhone before switching to AT&T though since I had to force everyone on my family plan to switch. Well, I switched (and my wife actually ended up getting an iPhone too) and it turns out that in my area, AT&T actually has better coverage than Verizon does (I think there is an AT&T tower very close to my house). So, I doubt I would switch back to Verizon if they got the iPhone.

  13. blacktoothberry

    Get a clue Apple has been hiring CDMA techs for months now and it wouldn’t be hard to make a CDMA version quick.Even if it came to Verizon I may wait until an LTE version

  14. Frank

    I must say; Verizon has the best coverage and AT&T has the best iPhone, why not put them together. I am sure if both sides had the same phones, AT&T would lose their customers to Verizon, not only for the coverage, but also for the warranty center and the way they take care of their customers!
    The iPhone is the best phone in the market by far from all the phone, even their feature are the best, I will be waiting for the merge to happen so I too can get my iPhone from Verizon and have the best of both worlds!

  15. Lucy

    I think it would be dumb if Apple does not make a contract with Verizon to sell the IPhone. I love love love Verizon and I have been with the company for years…. And I would buy a IPhone in a split second if Verizon sold it. I dont like any other carrier and none are even close to the quality of service Verizon has.

  16. Gerry

    I am a Verizon customer because that is our corporate carrier, as I suspect is the case for lots of people. I am waiting for the iphone to come over. I will be the first in line for one.
    As an aside, once this happens we all can kiss RIM bye bye. The best bberry has nothing on the iphone. RIM should be ashamed of themselves. How many years have they had to play catchup and still nothing.

    I will give Verizon 6 more months and then make the switch to AT&T. I wont like it (AT&T’s coverage is poor) but I just cant put up with the inferior device for much longer.

    Hurry Up Verizon

  17. adam

    I’m chomping at the bit for an Iphone, my contract expires in July 2010. I’m almost willing to pay the ETF. However, I like VZ service. However, the interface on the phone is slow. I REALLY want an Iphone. There seems to be lots of brew ha ha as of late with Iphone coming to VZ, huffington post etc…

    We should start a VZ for Iphone site 🙂


  18. dan

    you can say that again! Customer service is non-existant. They don’t have a clue when you call them with an issue (especially if it is outside their department! — Like billing)

  19. dan

    ATT that is…sorry about that. I would love an Iphone, but refuse to have ATT. I’d rather pull my fingernails out one by one than go back to them.

  20. adam

    Someone out there reading these posts must have an insider at VZ. I MUST KNOW! ME WANT IPHONE! 🙂

  21. Maria

    Verizon is the best. I would not go to At&t and deal with their mediocre service just to have a good phone in my hands, so I am waiting and drooling with anticipation for The Day .

  22. paul

    i want the iphone but do not want to leave verizon so whats the deal

  23. Liam

    I’m a verizon costumer, and happy with the service, but not the phones.
    AT&T has the best phones out there, when verizon has phones that are like plastic with a burned out version of the internet.

    I would switch to AT&T but my contract doesn’t end until 2011 and I will NOT pay the ETF. I am definitely a apple fanboy… even if it means bad service! 🙂

  24. Verizon!

    Don’t switch! The iPhone MAY be coming to Verizon in August 2010. But that’s not a promise. That is what Verizon wants..they say. Who knows when it will happen. By the way…the DROID is way better. It is cheaper, easier to text with, and is on a way better network! Stick with Verizon…I promise iPhone will come. But the DROID is just as good…probably better. Take it from someone who has been with Verizon 4 EVER!!!

  25. Jason

    The phone does not matter. It is the network it runs on. Dont be fooled. STAY WITH VERIZON AND GET THE DROID

  26. Falon Morel

    I’ve had At&t and I think they have horrible coverage. I travel and the service would lose always… I switched to Verizon July of 2008 and I love Verizon. So much so that I won’t switch, even though I’d love to have the IPHONE. I talked to some Verizon people and they couldn’t promise, but they said it looks really good. Rumor has it that Apple is coming out with a 4th Generation phone in 2010. (Either 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2010) This 4thG phone will be capable to work with the other towers. If Verizon does come out with the Iphone, I will be one of the first in line. What more could you ask for than a combination of the best phone on the market and the best carrier? I’m sold.

  27. trissie moeller

    I have a new iphone and I am not going to at&t just to use it .My son-in-law has an iphone with at&t and has Poor coverage , so i’m gonna wait for virizon and hope it will be real soon .

  28. benny

    yo i think verizon and apple would make mad money if the iphone came to verizon. i use to be with AT&T and live in the country so my service was crap then i switched to verizon and could get service in a well!!! lol but yes i do belive that releaseing the iphone to all carriers would benefit apple a great deal

  29. benny

    also i have been reading that T-mobiel may be next to get it and i belive that would be a downfall to apple because like i said with the AT&T service in the country i have also had T-mobiel which i took back after a day the service was terrible in the country. so if apple wants to make bank (lots of money) they should do it for all carriers or atleast verizon next

  30. Kevin

    I have had bad experiences with the Verizon company and canceled my Verizon land-line phone to stay with AT&T Wireless and had very good success with AT&T Networks including very good service and hardly any dropped calls… I also had family members switch from Verizon to AT&T because of the coverage area and fantastic Customer Service… If Apple wants Verizon for the IPhone, Apple has to reconsider and understand customers who are now AT&T customers using IPhones (like myself) and would be very angry at Apple if they sold the license to Verizon, leaving AT&T customers who have already purchased the IPhone…

    Also, I also noticed the AT&T uses a Sim Card and Verizon doesn’t, so how would that work with a Verizon company that doesn’t use any kind of Sim Card…?

    Any one more thing, I know a friend who lives in Great Brittan and say’s there is not really much of a difference from 3’G to 4’G, only that it might be a little faster (but not much)

    In any event, Apple knows they don’t want to leave all the AT&T customers in the dark so I think they (Apple) will make the right decision…

  31. Trayc

    Kevin ~ I don’t think any of us are saying AT&T would pull the iPhone from their customers to give proprietary rights to Verizon. In my opinion that would be making the same mistake twice. What most of the Verizon customers on this thread have stated is that we wish Apple would ALSO offer the iPhone to Verizon customers.

    Just as you don’t want to leave AT&T, I don’t want to leave Verizon. I had really service when I was with AT&T, and I won’t go back ~ not for any phone! It would just be an added bonus of sales for Apple if they offered the iPhone to both AT&T and to Verizon.

    As for the Sim Card ~ I’m sure that if Apple and Verizon are talking of joining forces they’re talking about that issue as well. :o)

  32. Dakidd

    I just heard that the iphone should be in at verizon in June or July 2010. I was told it was leaked and the workers at verizon wasnt even notified about this since at&t contract is about to be up with apple. so they are giving verizon the contract onces its up and i think sprint as well.

  33. IceCat

    M.DEEZY and Kevin sure dont know anything about service LOL …

    Me I had ATT in florida 6 years ago and the coverage was terreble by what I read more and more the service has not improve at all and yes I when to Virizon and never left I have the Samsung Omnia and happy with it I know is not as good as the iPhone but I’m not leaving Virizon for the phone only.
    I would like to get it so I’m waitting for it to come out on Virizon but I dont see it anytime soon I been looking all over the internet and no confirmation anywher the closes I got was this page ( ) that said it will be on virizon this sumer, again I’m not holding my breath for this to happen my contract is not up till 2011 so I can wait.
    Well I am a virizon customer and will be even if the iPhone does not come to us I’m thinking about the Omnia II or the Droid if it does not happen

    I hope this help and Virizon all the way !!!

  34. M. Deezy

    I actually know alot about networks IceCat, its how I make my living. I agree that verizon (not virizon) has better call coverage, but an iphone will be subpar with their slow CDMA, once they upgrade to their next generation coverage they may be able to handle the iphone but the fact of the matter is At&t’s 3g is almost 2 times faster than Verizons. dial up vs. DSL guess thats why they have stayed with us for over 3 years. Im glad you get good coverage with your service in Florida 😉

  35. apple

    im with verizon and i want the iphone sooooooo badly i want it more than anything almost…. my mom told me that the iphone was coming to verizon in february ’11. i hope so! i think its a rumor but i bet verizon will eventually get the iphone and i will buy it even if its my dying day. 🙂

  36. ojbe

    If Verizon every carries the iPhone its only cause you guys keep pushing. That phone is way behind the curve. Do some research, and stop relying on words of the simple minded drones. Verizon carries 3 phones already that surpass the iPhone, with plenty more in the line up to come soon

  37. thatguysmilin

    Ok y’all mac heads (and yes im of them who owns a beautiful mbpro 17 2010, god i love that machine)- I feel the need to say this much: 1) the iphone is one incredible piece of equipment, hands down. Wonderfully designed. Asthetically amazing, crisp and clear, drop dead sexy… but what about at&t? What about a competative market that forces advancements in tech? What about a shared and challenged marketplace of ideas? If, and i say that hopefully bc i would love to own one of those phones, the iphone did come to big red, what would that mean for its recent competition who has made amazing strides to provide us all with an alternative that would force great rethink r&d to continue providing us with tech we want to keep up with? Let’s face it, w/o iphone at&t would be dead. Forget their network being what it ‘might’ be- verizon has survived the jobs dictatorship and allowed other manufacturers to step in. We bring the ip4 to vzw and that’s all gone. Droid makes a great phone, id go at&t if the coverage didn’t have questionable issues, but then again, at&t customers would do the same if they had ‘that phone’.

    Look the whole point is competative markets are a great thing. They force us to make choices. If one carrier has it all we become apathetic to change. Then they just give us whatever and call it good enough.

    Im not down with that. Let these two awesome competators compete for my dollar and continue to make it worth it to spend! Jesus. If we throw up our hands and say ‘give me it all right now’ were only gonna get what we asked for- an easy solution.

    Keep the iphone at&t, force at&t to build their network, force android to compete with apple, this is america, don’t let these big corps make it easier to take your money. Make them work for it… just like you do.

    Just my opinion.

  38. dirtydogg

    jajajajajaja i love the last comment the most, but hey we have to be realistic if verizon gets this phone wow what ancomplishment it would be but then again this is just rumors….rumors people like those in school he said she said kind of don’t hold your breath to long. If it happens well excellent if it doesn’t well verizon has just missed out on great beauty not fortune….But would you imagine what a brand new droid x phone owner would….i just but one about 5 moth ago and I wouldn’t getting an iphone only if i’m able to make a call and go the web at the sametime..that would be sweet, cause really att has verizon by the balls with that little thing and i hate it. So verizon lets get to it and step your game up i don’t feel like leaving this network…and please leave the iphone the way it is with the sim card….