Manilla Review: An Easy Way to Manage Your Bills


UPDATE May 16, 2014: It has been brought to our attention that Manilla is closing it’s doors.  It is unfortunate because it really was a great product.  According to their website they will be closing up shop on July 1 2014.

Take a look around your desk.  How many bills or account statements are sitting around?  Even if you answered ‘zero,’ you probably get a lot of your statements via email, right?

Most of my statements are sent via email too, but they still seem to clutter up my email account.  The frustrating part is that I normally hit ‘delete’ or ‘archive’ so when I need to find a statement, it takes a while to search through my email.  Sure, I could log in online to download the statement, but wouldn’t it be easy if there were a sort of ‘online’ filing cabinet to store your e-statements?  There is, and it’s called Manilla.

What is Manilla?

Manilla is a free online tool that helps keep your bills and other statements organized.  When you create your Manilla profile, you’re able to sync up with over 1,300 providers to manage your phone, cable, credit card, bank, investment, and many other kinds of statements all in one place.

How Secure Is Manilla?

Ok, before I share any other details, I know you’re asking about safety.  Having all your statements in one place does seem a little concerning, but Manilla has you covered.  With bank-level security, your information is protected.

Starting is Simple and Free

It took me less than 5 minutes to open my account and to add a few of the providers I use.   The nice part about Manilla is that it doesn’t require much information from you to begin.  The initial signup screen asked for name, zip, email, password and two security questions.  That’s it!

Manilla Signup Reviewed

All Your Accounts in One Place

As soon as you create your profile, you have the option to add accounts and services to Manilla under the accounts tab.  All your services are kept on one page, which makes it really easy to see all your bills and statements at a glance.  Even better, Manilla sorts out each account into household, finance, subscription, and travel & rewards categories.

When you’re adding your accounts, you’ll need to know the username and password for each site. You’ll only have to enter this information once since Manilla saves it for you – kind of like how tracks your login information for your bank and credit card balances.

Manilla Signup Reviewed

Manilla Accounts in Processing

Remember, the main purpose behind Manilla is to help you to get organized and to give you a better way to visualize your bills and other statements.  Instead of letting the bills pile up on your desk or in a filing cabinet, you can use Manilla to automatically organize each month’s statements.

Setting Reminders and Paying Your Bills With Manilla

One of the most helpful features of Manilla is the ability to set reminders for each bill.  You can have them send an email or text message reminder up to 7 days before the bill is due.  It will even send a notification to you if there is an overdue bill or issue that needs to be resolved with an account.

Another nice feature of Manilla is that you can pay your bill right from your Manilla account.  When you see a bill that’s coming due soon, you can click a link that allows you to pay the bill on the spot.  For those of us who are ‘visual’ people, the calendar view makes it easy to look ahead for bills that are coming up and to submit a payment with a few clicks.

Store Your Statements for Free

A lot of banks and institutions will only keep financial records and statements available online for a few months.  If you don’t download them in time, you won’t have easy access to those statements without contacting each company through their service department.

With Manilla, you can keep your account statements stored on your profile for as long as you have an account with them.  Since Manilla is free, there’s really no reason to close your account, but if you decide to do so, you can download all your statements for up to 30 days after you close your account.

My Take on Manilla

I love how simple Manilla is to use.  The fact that I can store my statements for years is awesome, and the convenience of having them in one place is really great too.  The dashboard is super easy to navigate and you feel more in control of your bills.  Before you write off Manilla as ‘another online financial management tool,’ I’d encourage you to try it out.  It’s free and you can delete your account at any time.  The convenience of seeing all my bills in one place was worth the 5-10 minutes it took to set up, so I’m sure you’ll find Manilla worth it too.

How do you manage your monthly bills and statements?  Have you ever tried Manilla?  Leave a comment below!

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  1. TB at BlueCollarWorkman

    It’s funny, even after reading that it’s secure and safe, I still feel uneasy about everything being in one place. One good hacker and I’m finished!

  2. MD

    I guess I’m old fashioned and paranoid :). I don’t like the idea of having all of my information stored a database that someone has control of. Nothing is hack proof as we have learned so I’m more Leary of putting so much info online. But the tool overall sounds really cool – wish they had a desktop version of it.

  3. Rufus

    I wouldn’t worry too much about putting personal information online because information theft has also been known to occur in real life (not online).

    There are stories about people who have had their personal information stolen from their mail box, trash can, and house. If you have any information and you wish to keep it a secret then their are extra steps one can take both online and in real life but to say that having information online is more dangerous that in real life would be hard to prove. Also, even as we speak much of our personal information is already stored in databases all over the world such as phone bills, cable bills, et cetera. So it would be quite funny to say that having your information on databases scares you because most like information in regards to you is already stored in some database somewhere.

  4. Tim

    What about accounts that don’t have an online presence? I have to pay my rent each month with a bank check because they do not have online payments. Would Manilla still work for these types of accounts?

    • John Frainee

      I don’t believe so Tim. I just signed up for an account and I didn’t see any that don’t have an online presence. However, you can set reminders to pay bills that are offline. Hope that helps!

  5. Yasmine

    Well, THE question that is burning MY lips is: why is it free? What do the folks at Manilla get out of it?

  6. marcus d

    Manilla will be closing on July 1, 2014

    Manilla will be closing on July 1, 2014. This was a hard decision given that, over the past three years, Manilla has won many awards and has been well supported by its valued user base but was unable to achieve the scale necessary to make the economics of the business viable.

  7. Josh

    I signed up after reading your review recently. Now they’ve just announced they are shutting down. ::sigh:: Oh well. You should probably delete this post though, so other people don’t wast their time. (Or at least put a note at the top of the page saying it’s obsolete.)

    • Bob

      Josh this is the first I’ve heard of it – thanks for the heads up!