12 Smart Money Moves Guide Links

Learn money-saving strategies that are actually worth your time

If you are interested in learning some of my favorites, for a limited time I am running a free online workshop where I teach some of these strategies.  You can get registered here for free.

Create A FLOP

I created this file, which I call our Financial Life on One Page (FLOP), as something that she could go to if I died prematurely. You can download my template for free here

Make A Lifelong Promise To Spend Less Money Than You Earn

This is the simple rule that allows families living on a $40,000/year salary to retire with millions and that causes millionaires to go bankrupt. You have to decide that you will not spend more money than you earn.

Negotiate A Better Rate With Credit Card Companies

Pay Off Your Credit Cards

When you are done negotiating better rates, you might as well just pay off all that debt.  For paying off debts, I recommend the Debt Snowball Method.

Create A Simple Budget

Creating a budget can be as simple or as difficult as you make it. You can get started today and download one of our free budgeting spreadsheets here.

Start making money from your hobbies

One of the best money moves I made was figuring out how to make money from my hobbies.  So I started a blog writing about what I was learning about personal finance.  Within 2 years the blog was earning me a full-time income.  If you are a blogger or have considered it, you can join me for a free online workshop here where I teach the 3 secrets to becoming a full-time blogger that I have learned from teaching thousands of other bloggers..

Create A Will

I created mine in less than 10 minutes and without spending a dime.  It really is a lot easier than you probably think.  And I have a step-by-step article showing you how to do it here.

Get Life Insurance

While this one is not quite as quick as making a will, it still was SO much easier than I thought it would be. I believe in buying term life insurance over whole life for 99% of people.  If you are not sure, just go with a term policy for now.

Simplify Your Bill-Paying Process

I created a simple system for paying my bills each month. It saves me 2-4 hours each month.  You can learn how I did it and download my template here.