20 Money-Saving Moving Tips

20 #moving tips to save money - /money-saving-moving-tips/...Moving is one of the most stressful events in one's life.  From the packing to the organizing and more, there's just so much to do and to think about.  And, we cannot forget about the costs involved.  Whether you're a "do it yourself," type... or if you hire a moving company, there will be costs involved no matter how you decide to move... Moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life.

From the packing to the organizing and more, there’s just so much to do and to think about.

And, we cannot forget about the costs involved.

Whether you’re a “do it yourself,” type… or if you hire a moving company, there will be costs involved no matter how you decide to move… such as:

  • Boxes, Tape, Labels, Markers, etc. (aka Packing Supplies)
  • Moving equipment  (i.e. Moving Straps, Dollies, etc.)
  • Storage Unit Rental (just in case your new place isn’t move in ready)
  • Moving Insurance

And, if you decide to hire Professional Movers, keep these costs in mind:

  • Professional Mover Fees (shop around!)
  • Be sure to find out if these fees include gratuities for the movers!

Choosing to move yourself, you’ll need money to rent a moving truck and for gasoline expenses. Although being a “DIY” mover may be less costly, you’ll want find help. After all, it’s hard to lift a couch by yourself. If you have others help, be sure to say “Thank You.” Be sure to buy snacks and drinks for them, especially drinks.

Also, order in a meal to feed them during the move.  Food is a great motivator! I would even suggest to go as far as buying them a gift for all their help, a gift card is a great way to show your appreciation. No matter how you choose to move, there will be costs involved. Pinterest just has to have ideas on how to save while moving. Right?  They do! I have searched Pinterest for the best money saving moving tips.  In the below categories, you will see some of the my awesome finds.
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Organizing Phase

The less you have to move, the better. If you can reduce the amount of your possessions, not only will your move be easier but it will tend to cost less. To organize your belongings, try sorting them into the following categories: keep, sell, donate or trash.

Consider using a service like 1-800-got-junk to pick up all your stuff for you.

Sell, Donate or Throw it out?

money saving moving tips

From getorganizedwizard.com

How to have a Successful Garage Sale

money saving moving tips

From bargainbriana.com

Presentation & Display Tips

money saving moving tips

From tipnut.com

What to Donate / Track Donations

donating goods prior to a move

From orgjunkie.com

When to Move

money saving moving tips

From billy.com

Make a We’re Moving Binder

money saving tips for moving

From simplykierste.com

How to Organize your Move

money saving moving tips

From abowlfulloflemons.com

 Packing Phase

Now that you have organized, decluttered or even downsized, it’s time to start packing!  I have found some interesting ways to pack your items. Packing is important.  You want to make sure that your possessions do not become damaged nor broken. Not having to replace anything, is a money saver!

Create a Packing Supplies Basket

money saving moving tips

From casualfridays-laura.blogspot.com

Where to Find FREE Moving Boxes

money saving moving tips

From bargainbabe.com

What to Pack… When

money saving moving tips

From authenticsimplicity.net

Packing Tip

money saving moving tips

From gratefulforgrace.com 

How to Safely Pack and Move Plates

money saving moving tips

From thefrugalgirls.com

How to Pack Clothes

money saving moving tips

From iheartnaptime.net

Pack Glasses/Vases in Empty Wine Case Boxes

money saving moving tips

From listotic.com 

Keep draw contents in place with Glad Press’n Seal

money saving moving tips

From buzzfeed.com

Moving Phase

The time has come to move!  Everything is packed and now you are ready for your new adventure. I have found some ways to save during your move: time, space & money!

How to find a Deal on Moving Trucks

money saving moving tips

From lifehacker.com

Finding Cheap Movers on a Budget

money saving moving tips

From squidoo.com

How to Pack a Moving Truck

money saving moving tips

From mymove.com 

Unpacking Phase

Time is money! Make your unpacking an efficient and timely event. Once you have unpacked, you may need to purchase some items. If this is the case, lookout for local coupons!

money saving moving tips

 From yourmodernfamily.com 

Mover’s Guide + Local Coupons!

money saving moving tips

From usps.com

Do you have any Money Saving Moving Tips?
Let Us Know in the Comments Below!

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  1. Aldo @ MDN

    Great tips. I used the help of my friends to move, but the last time we moved we used movers. Movers are so much better. They did it faster and for only a few hundred dollars more than renting a truck and getting your friends to move. We also had a gift certificate, so it really cost us nothing at all.

    I might be able to save $100-$200 by asking my friends to move, but I don’t think it’s worth it anymore. I just paid movers and sit back and delegate.

  2. I’m going to park at this post for the next few weeks -grin-. Fabulous list and thank you so much! I’m trying to sell the farm so I can move closer to family and it’s madness. I’ve found a lot of free packing material – boxes, paper, cardboard, etc. – on Freecycle. The Pennzoil boxes from my car repair shop are small but sturdy and the best part is…I can lift them even loaded.
    Living in a rural area means stuff like yard sales don’t work and there aren’t local moving companies. $100 bills, bottled water and snacks on the loading end and $100 bills, bottled water and pizza on the unloading end ensures help.
    I live and die by 3-ring binders for ever aspect of life. Those binders also mean when I pick one to work on, my head is ready for that particular job and stuff doesn’t get “lost” nearly as much as having one notebook to work from.
    Thanks again for this post; can’t tell you how useful it’s going to be!

  3. James Corbin

    Having moved several times, including recently, here are some of my ideas.

    1. Paper boxes are great for packing and you can usually find plenty around the office. Their advantage is that you don’t have to tape the tops on and so it makes it much easier when you are looking for something after moving.

    2. Put any valuables like computers at least in the middle of the truck. We had our truck broken into while at a hotel and fortunately we had nothing of value at the back of the truck. They cut the lock, lifted the door, and took nothing!

    3. Too many helpers get in the way. Ideally, best to have one or two helping you. Any more and they can actually slow down the process.

    4. If you are moving yourself, go with a quality moving company. I have used them all and the last two moves, one long-distance and one local, were with Penske. Their trucks are newer and in better condition. You are also much more likely to actually have a truck when you reserved it instead of just a reservation number. You get what you pay for.

    Hope that helps!

  4. kevin watts

    I can also relate in this post. I have also experience moving from one location to others. If you fail to plan it ahead, surely moving becomes more stressful.It is really costly. Thanks for this tips. It really help.

  5. Karen Chambers

    I just scanned through this article and it’s already something I will save to read later after work. Even the comments are helpful. Thank you in advance for the information.

  6. Sierra Prescott

    Great information. I’m going to move out next week and these tips really help me out. James comment really useful too. Thank you.