What I’m Working on Now

bob-lotich-1300I am currently working on projects for both of my websites – and

My mission with SeedTime is to help people save money, earn more and get control of it by offering a proven path to becoming good with money and living a purpose-filled life.  I am working on a course to help people payoff $10k in a year using my proven plan of saving money and earning more.

I started EfficientBlogging in response to many readers asking how I was making my full-time living from my blog and I strive to help aspiring bloggers navigate the ins and outs of the blogging universe and help them to avoid making the same mistakes I did when I started.  I am currently working with several bloggers who signed up for my Pro-Blogging Secrets course and helping them through their journey.

When I’m not working on the above, I’m hanging out with my wife and 2-year old.