Obeying God & Paying Cash For A Home (Reader Story)

The following is a guest post from CPF reader Jaime. She is a homeschooling mama with a graduate degree who writes about faith, homemaking, and food on her blog, likeabubblingbrook.com.

One Reader’s Story: Paying Cash for Our Home

Over 11 years ago, while we were dating, my husband and I began to dream about one day purchasing a home with cash. Knowing that it would be a very long and difficult process to save up enough money to accomplish this goal, we planned to go about it a little differently. Here is our story:

My husband was a home builder for several years. Every two years we would build a new home for ourselves, using the equity from the previous home towards the new one and significantly decreasing our mortgage each time. For example, if we were able to save $30-$40k by doing much of the work ourselves, then after moving about five times we would have our equity built to around $150-$200k.

Our ultimate goal was to be able to accrue enough equity – by building and moving every two years – to build a new home completely debt-free. We’d reached the point where, with just one more house, one more move, we might be able to reach our goal. God had other plans for us, though, and so He interrupted our plan.

When our previous home sold in 2007, God began to deal with us – very strongly – about NOT building again. We felt very certain that we were to take the equity we had at that time and purchase a modest, older, less expensive home rather than build a new one. This was not easy for us to do, because we would be leaving behind a beautiful, larger, custom home that we had come to enjoy, and wanted to proceed with building a new home one more time, as we had planned.

Still, we wanted to be faithful to what God was calling us to do, so we prayerfully and carefully purchased a nice, older ranch home, about 1600 square feet, with cash. It’s a fine home, with good bones, in a pleasant part of town, and it suits our family well.

Walking into closing without a bank’s involvement or any bank closing costs was amazing, but it was marred somewhat by our own disappointment; we had hoped to buy something just a little bigger, just a little newer. I am so repentant about this today;
it was like we were telling God that what He had for us wasn’t good enough, but He covered us with grace and continued to lead us. He was so patient with us!

We experienced a wide range of emotions during this time period, and had to pray about many things other than the home itself. Should I re-enter the workforce, even if only part-time, so that we could justify purchasing a “better” or “bigger” house? Or perhaps should we “relax” our convictions and obtain a small mortgage, rather than only use our accrued equity? We prayerfully examined what it meant for us to be content, and never felt a peace about me working outside the home.

Now, nearly four years later, we can look back and examine the path God had for us. The housing market has since crashed, and many of the builders in our area have went bankrupt. It was a very stressful time for many of our friends in the building industry.

Thankfully, God has since provided my husband with steady work in a completely different field, and we have been spared some of the heartache we may have otherwise had to face, had we not heeded His still, small voice. Our family is more secure and
focused than ever before. God has been faithful.

God knew the plans He had for us. Through these difficult times in our economy, we have not had to worry about mortgage payments or exorbitant property taxes (our taxes are now a fraction of what they were in our previous home). Both of our vehicles were purchased with cash as well. We’ve been fairly comfortable financially, and I’ve been able to stay at home, raising our children, which is a true blessing and a tremendous joy.

I’m so thankful for His guidance and for that still, small voice. Sometimes it is not always easy to listen and obey, but we are always amazed by His protection when we do.

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  1. Terry

    Very good article. I was in the corporate world for a number of year. I was downsized in Jan 2009. I was sad and hurt that God allowed this to happen. Today I praise God for what the last 2 years have been. My wife and I have grown so much closer to God and listening to His voice. So many people today do not know when God is speaking to them. I think of Job, Job , after listening to his friends tell him he was a sinner, began to question God. I was questioning God , God woke me and had me read Job 38. God says who gives you the right to question me? This is what I have done..I listened and God has blessed since. Thank you for sharing your experience. Your family will prosper because you are able to stay home to raise your children. May God bless you.


    Thanks for sharing this testimony…it has blessed my heart!!! Six years ago I was in a similar situation of listening to the voice of the Lord and allowing Him to lead me. I had been in a marriage of almost 20 years that was entirely emotional and verbal abuse due to the fact that I didn’t ask God before I married. He was also a person who was very material…life was all about possessions to him. He scoffed at my faith in God…I had been praying for the Lord to show me what to do…we had a 15 year old son who was distraught at how his Dad spoke to me and him and had questioned why we didn’t leave. I told my son that I could not leave without consent from the Lord. In 2003 my son and I left our home and moved in with my Mom as a temporary separation of one week. My husband became a different person for three weeks and then he went back to the same negative, condescending and demeaning person. After a year of praying and waiting patiently on the Lord, the day came that the verbal and emotional abuse turned physical. I immediately left the home with my son and as we were leaving the Lord reminded me of what I had told my husband before we ever married…if he ever laid a hand on me in anger that would be the end of our marriage. My son and I moved in with friends to eliminate any possible harassment and we went back the next day to get our personal belongings and I told my husband he could have the home. I walked away from a 1500 sq ft home that was less than 30K from being paid for and 15 years of sweat equity into making a house into a home. The Lord has since blessed me with the most wonderful man of God to be my companion (that’s a testimony for another time)!!! God is the center of our marriage for both of us!!! We live in a modest 1200 sq ft modular home but it’s filled with peace and the love of God and that’s all that matters!!!!!

  3. Dawn

    What a refreshing testimony! GOD’s way is always better. Oh, to learn to trust Him when we don’t understand. Thank you for sharing this and for inspiring me to hold fast.