Need a job? These great places are hiring

Most of us have heard of Fortune’s famous list of the 100 best companies to work for. This year, it turns out that many of the top 100 companies are hiring, and hiring lots! It is a little bit surprising since so many companies increasing layoffs, but maybe that is part of what makes these companies the best.

I found all of this information from and would have just directed you to the article rather than reprinting it, but it was one of those annoying articles where you have to click to another page to see each company. So, I just decided to list them all for your convenience – you can thank me with fine dark chocolate, 😉

Finding a place that is hiring

This list of companies shows some of the various jobs that each are currently hiring for. Scrolling through the list you will find that there are entry-level jobs that don’t require a degree all the way up to CFO positions available. So hopefully the list of jobs may provide you with some ideas…

Fortune 100 best companies hiring

This article was written in January of 2009 so keep that in mind if you are reading this at a later date. But if you click on the Fortune List of places that are hiring you can see all 20 of the big companies. Below are a few that I found to be particularly helpful…

  • Edward Jones – The big brokerage firm is looking to hire about 1000 workers mostly in St. Louis, MO and in Arizona.
  • Whole Foods Market – The growing natural health store is hiring about 800 workers – likely all throughout the country.
  • Microsoft – Bill Gates’ computer giant is going to be cutting thousands of jobs, but is looking to hire thousands as well.
  • Ernst and Young – Currently planning on hiring 2400 experienced pros and students all across the US

Working for a Fortune top 100 company

I know from working for a top 100 company that the surveys they use can be skewed a bit. In the case of my old company, the sales staff got so many perks that they caused the firm to make the list, even though the non-sales employees didn’t quite have the top 100 experience. So, just because a company is on the list, is not a guarantee that they will be great. If you work for any of these companies and have any insight to share, please do in the comments below…

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  1. bob

    Thanks for sharing becky, I live in ST. Louis, so I know a lot of people at Jones and I must say, I have mostly heard good things about Ed Jones…

  2. Oscar Thibidoux

    I just stumbled upon this page. Thanks for doing this. It is a great resource.

  3. bright discussions

    I can vouch for bright horizons.

  4. Tom

    Publix Markets

    I live in Cental Floida, 20 Minutes from Publix Warehouse located in Lakeland, Florida. I have been applying to work for this company for the past three years without any luck. Knowing people that work for the company, It is a great place to work. Only downside is …. I was told the best advise to score a job would be to become a convicted felon or get on probation. Is the only reason they’re a fortune 500 because they strive off the tax benifits given to them for hiring these kind if people? Whatever happen to companies looking for honest hard working American citizens?

  5. Banoro Garrett

    I went to the gov. website hoping to find a job. No luck there are there any jobb for an unemployed electronic tech?

  6. marjorie

    i need a good job that pays alot

  7. Mariela Hernandez

    I need a job asp!!!