Quicken online is now free

After writing about my favorite free budgeting software, I couldn’t include Quicken Online because they charged $3 a month. Starting today, they are doing away with the fees and making it a free service. I hadn’t yet tried them out, so I figured now was as good a time as any since they are free.

ING Direct works with Quicken Online

I have always been impressed with Mint and Wesabe, but I wasn’t able to get either one of them to work with my bank (ING Direct) and credit union. I kind of decided that if I were going to use a financial tool like these, that it would have to handle everything, or it wasn’t worth my time and energy. So, since Mint and Wesabe, were never up to the challenge for my accounts, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Quicken Online actually handled both of my banks very well.

Just by being able to import my bank data automatically, I am instantly a huge fan of Quicken Online. If I had known that it would have done this from the beginning, I would have gladly paid $3 a month for it. And even better is the fact that it is FREE!

Quicken Online.png

Playing with Quicken Online

After spending about an hour with it, I am excited about it’s possibilities. A few of the features I like so far…

  • Just like most of these tools, it allows you to define each store’s transactions to fall into a specific category
  • Once you have added those, it allows you to get a nice birds-eye-view at your spending
  • Bill reminders
  • Allows you to set budgets for each category – so then you can check to make sure you aren’t overspending
  • It calculates a rough estimate of your Net Worth for you – it’s accuracy depends on how much info you provide.

There are lot more features that I haven’t dug into yet, but all in all, I would say that since Quicken Online is free, it is worth trying.

Has anyone else been using it or tried it yet?

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  1. Wm Tanksley

    I’ll be trying it!

    I’m using Buxfer, which is excellent, free, and is the only service to support CSV import (the only way TD Ameritrade will share my transactions).

    MEnvelopes had no problem importing from TD Ameritrade, but they cost a TON.

  2. WiseMoneyMatters

    Ya, Quicken Online is awesome. I tried Wesabe but couldn’t get it to work with any of my accounts. There were always “technical errors” and I needed to try again later. After a few days of that, I gave up.

    Mint is cool but is a little too complicated IMO. Things just never did what I expected them too and the overall experience was frustrating.

    I felt that Quicken Online is extremely easy to use and gives you all of the pertinent information you need at a glance. It’s obviously not as sophisticated as some of the other products, but it also isn’t complicated. It’s quick and easy to use IMO.

  3. Joy

    I Love Quicken, and Quicken online is the only online finance tool that will work with my local bank. Although I cant get ING to work with Quicken Online…any suggestions?

  4. bob

    I am not sure what problem you had – ING was what I was most skeptical with, but it worked right off the bat for me. It just asked me a couple of the security questions and then imported all of my account info… I would give it another try…

  5. CoolHappyGuy

    I have been using the desktop Quicken since 1995(?). I feel like a slave to it. It is indispensable to my financial management.

    I have used the online options but I found these capabilities were not as useful as I was led to believe. For one thing, there was often a delay as to when the transactions would post. Also, I often did not like the transaction descriptions and had to change these frequently. Maybe I’m not using these to its full capability. (It’s a moot point now because, as an incentive for me to upgrade, the license on this capability has expired.)

    I’m intrigued by Quicken online. For one thing, since it is stored on a remote server, there is guaranteed backup. While I try to email my Quicken files to myself for backup, I don’t do this often enough and when I do, it takes forever as my files are quite large.

    I’m waiting for the day when I can handle Quicken on my phone. I figure I could save a ton of time by handling the transaction at the point of purchase while my memory of the transaction is still fresh.

    In the meantime, I am a Quicken slave and my wife is a Quicken widow!

  6. David

    This doesn’t seem to be available for Canadian users… any tips?

  7. bob

    hmmm… not off the top of my head, maybe start a protest? 😉

  8. Melonie

    When I tried to log into Quicken today for the free service I was taken to a page that said the beta was over and I now need to subscribe to the service. Below:

    The Quicken Online Beta program has ended. We appreciate your help with getting Quicken Online into shape. Your suggestions, your feedback, and your time spent simply clicking around have helped us mold Quicken Online into a service that we hope will help you reach your financial goals.

    What does this mean?
    We have moved from the Beta stage and become a subscription-based service. So, to keep using Quicken Online, please subscribe.

    What should I do now?
    Click SUBSCRIBE to add payment information to upgrade to the subscription service. Thank you again for being one of our pioneering customers.

    What happens if I don’t subscribe?
    If you choose not to subscribe, your profile and your personal information will be automatically deleted on June 7, 2008. Instead, if you prefer to delete your information and cancel right away, click CANCEL SERVICE below.
    Cancel Service

  9. bob

    @Melonie and Joshua
    Man, I am bummed about that. They sent me an email telling me that the program was now free. I am very surprised and think it is a pretty foolish move on their part to do this. From what I see, it is free until the end of this year and then they go back to $3 a month. Personally, I just think it is bad business…

  10. Wm Tanksley

    How disappointing. But remember, this is the company that brought us the hard-drive-destroying copy protection, and the financial management software that stops syncing with your bank once Intuit decides to stop supporting your version (because you haven’t bought an upgrade).

    Oh well; I’m still with buxfer, then, since it’s the only service that supports CSV, which is the only way I’ve found to download TD Ameritrade transactions.

  11. bob

    To everyone…
    I just found this on GetRichSlowly… JD contacted Intuit (the makers of QUicken online) about whether or not it is actually free from here on out. Here is what they had to say…

    “Due to regularly scheduled maintenance of the Quicken Online connections to several financial institutions, the former paid subscription screen was inadvertently inserted prompting some customers with messages around a free trial or paid subscription. This issue was fixed Monday and is no longer occurring. Quicken Online is now completely free, and we apologize for this confusion and assure any Quicken Online customer they will not be charged for access to their accounts as of October 13, 2008.”

  12. Kris

    I could not get into this program because it kept prompting me for my original password and ID that I had had on another recent quicken account which I do not remember. Any ideas how I can break through this so I can sign up and get this program? I really want this!

  13. bob

    I don’t know much about the ins and outs of the program, but you can contact quicken support here