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According to their website, “SavingStar is the first national, fully digital, grocery eCoupon service, available for free.” I signed up with a couple months ago to give them a try. It’s not what you would think when you hear “coupon site.” They don’t have coupons that you print off and take to the store with you. Let me explain what I found.

How SavingStar Works

How SavingStar Works









To enroll in SavingStar, you register the number on your grocery store’s loyalty card with the site. You then browse the coupon listings and click on the ones you would like to use. The program will compile a list for you that you can print out and take to the store. Or, they have an app for your smart phone that you can access while you shop. You want to have the list with you when you shop to make sure you get the details correct; because, since there’s no physical coupon, the cashier will not tell you you have the wrong product. When you check out, you must have the cashier scan your loyalty card. The discount will NOT be taken off your total. You will have to pay full price for your items. The store will notify SavingStar of your purchase and then they will credit your account. Once your account reaches $5, you can choose how you would like to get paid. It’s that simple.

On the coupon page, you will see more than a list of coupons. Across the top they will tell you how many coupons are available and what the total savings would be. Along the right hand side is the list of ones that you’ve chosen. Then, at the upper right hand corner, they let you know how much you have in your account, and how much more you need before you can get paid.

SavingStar Coupon Rewards









Once you purchase an item, they will send you an email when the purchase is accounted:

SavingStar Email











And once you have reached your $5 requirement, you will have a screen that looks like this. On this screen you choose how you would like to get paid. SavingStar will direct deposit the money to your bank or account, send you a gift card, or donate the money in your name.

SavingStar Deposit









They will then email you, letting you know that the transaction has been made.

SavingStar Deposit Notification

Impressions of

I live in a very rural area. My town has a total of two grocery stores—a Food Lion and a Save-A-Lot. Even though SavingStar works with over 24,000 grocery and drug stores throughout the country, Save-A-Lot, my favorite store, does not participate with them. Therefore, I was forced to shop at the more expensive store. Because I was paying more than I was used to in order to use the coupons, I question whether or not I was actually saving money.

As I shared in a “Lower Your Grocery Bill: 3 Secrets,” I’m not a big proponent of coupons. We live on a small homestead and try to grow a lot of our food. Otherwise, I cook from scratch and purchase ingredients in bulk. I rarely buy factory foods. Unfortunately, most coupons are for factory foods. So, in order to try this service, I was forced to purchase things our family would not normally eat.

One example is a bag of sweet potato fries. We love sweet potato fries. But I buy sweet potatoes for 89 cents a pound, cut them up, slather with sea salt and olive oil, and bake. The ones I purchased with my SavingStar coupon cost $3.99 for a 1 pound bag. I had a $1 off, so I paid $2.99—3.3 times more than I would regularly—and the ingredients listed a lot more than just sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potatos at SavingStar








However, if you regularly buy factory foods, personal care products, or magazines, SavingStar is worth a stop in your coupon hunt. The coupons range from 50 cents to $2—with a good many $1 ones. I also have to say that their turn-around time was pretty good. It only took a few days for them to credit my account once I made a purchase or to pay me once I reached my $5 requirement.

What’s your opinion of Leave your comments below!

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Thank you so much for the review. Since you shop at Food Lion, you might also be interested in knowing that we just posted 10 private label coupons for My Essentials items at Food Lion. These coupons enable you to save on everything from eggs to ketchup, bread, cereal, jelly, pancake mix, syrup, cookies, and more.


    Josh from SavingStar

    • Carol J. Alexander

      Thanks, Josh for letting us know. I did appreciate finding the Food Lion only coupons during my test period. However, I also found that my Food Lion did not carry some of those products. I attribute that to living in a rural area so it’s really nothing you have control over.

  2. Andrea

    I love SavingStar and promote them very often on my coupon blog. But HUGE thing you didn’t point out is you CAN use mfg. coupons WITH your eCoupon for even more savings!

    • Carol J. Alexander

      Thanks, Andrea. I wanted to say that in the review, but found this statement in the FAQ’s and decided that I better not lest they make good on their promise.
      “In the future, we may implement mechanisms to limit the combination of SavingStar eCoupons with other manufacturer coupons.”

  3. Mike Pearcey

    Processed food is over priced and unhealthy even with coupons. We grow a garden, buy fresh produce, and cook from scratch. We figure that the earnings replacement of one adult at home at $40/hr when things like a car, insurance, gas, plates, taxes like on income, and food and other production at home. Hard for a working person to ever break even at a job. Average American spends 650 bucks a month just on total car ownership & expenses. We figure an employer needs to start with that or the worker is subsidizing the employer. We don’t do corporate welfare.

  4. Carrie

    Not all items are processed food. Household products and fresh produce are usually listed as well. What I like about SavingStar is the addition of non-card stores, i.e. Target. I can combine a store coupon, manufacturers coupon, sale price, and other discounts (like Cartwheel) with the SavingStar cash back. Depending on how carefully I shop I can even make money. Agreed, it’s not worth going out of your way to buy something even more expensive to save a little, but why not take advantage of the discounts on things you would be purchasing anyway.

    Cash back is also available for online purchases. When I shop online, I check what percentage (if any) is offered for that site. Even 2% is something. A few pennies here and there can really add up. .