Save money at the hospital

hospital2.jpgI was recently reading an old Seth Godin book on saving money and he had a few tips on saving money at hospitals . I don’t know much about hospitals and how they charge, so these tips were news to me.

  • Don’t check into a hospital for an extended stay on Friday (unless it is an emergency of course). He says that most hospitals are not fully staffed over the weekend which may cause delays in getting tests or other procedures done until Monday. Meanwhile, you are paying the high-priced room and board that the hospital offers. He suggests checking in on Tuesday as the staff has caught up from the Monday rush.
  • Bring your own stuff. I didn’t know that you could do this, but then again why not? Seth says that the hospitals charge an exorbitant amount for every little thing such as pillows, linens, nightgowns, etc.
  • Get a second opinion. By spending a small amount to get a second opinion about your condition you could save thousands from having an unnecessary procedure done. More importantly who would want to go through surgery if there was an equally effective non-surgical solution.

I would have to suggest being careful putting too much focus on saving a few bucks where your health is concerned. As most would agree your health is a priceless commodity that many would pay any price to have it back.

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  1. Jason

    First of all, I love your blog, and I am a new, but regular reader. To contribute on this post, my job is in Healthcare Materials Management, so I know what we charge for and what we don’t.
    Most hospitals do not charge extra for linens, hospital clothing, pillows, and even toiletries. That is all considered part of the “room charge”.
    In fact, for possible infection containment reasons, it would be wise not to bring your own linens.

  2. Jack

    No hospital I’ve ever heard of charges extra for linen or pillows. Also, think of that mattress you’re putting your linen on… people have soiled that bed with every body fluid you can imagine. Bring your own toiletries… socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, soaps… some hospitals DO charge for those.

  3. Emma

    Another tip i formula fed my first child and the hospital charged a fortune bring your own in the hospital it is easier to use ready to feed then you sont risk a germ from the hospital in your precious formula. There are also disposable bottles avalable or you could use playtex drop ins for your little one. Also bring your own diaper wipes and cream, lotion and bath goods. the hospitals usually have similac free samples avalable but like i said the ready to feed so no hands are in yourformula with the germs in the hospital.