What is Ebates and why you should care

What is EBates and why you should care

I have now been using Ebates for a while and with it being completely FREE and incredibly simple, I am still surprised how few of people are taking advantage of it.






In an attempt to show how simple it is, I created a short little video to explain the process…

Basically, merchants pay Ebates to refer customers to them. Ebates then pays a chunk of that back to the shoppers themselves. Win, win, win.

That’s it. It is completely free, only takes a minute or so to sign up and then you can start earning money. I have now received 3 checks from Ebates and while I wish they paid monthly, they do indeed pay out every 3 months like they promised. To sign up, just head over to Ebates.com.

Here is how Ebates describes the process:


A few things worth mentioning about Ebates

  • The payout percentages vary from 1% to about 25%
  • They have a ton of merchants – many well known stores: Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, and really about anything you can imagine
  • Some merchants offer cash bonuses for signing up
  • Ebates also offers referral bonuses for friends that sign up
  • Payment options include Paypal or a paper check
  • They also have a toolbar that will tell you if you are on a site that offers a cashback bonus

I signed up for Ebates last year and have added them to my online shopping arsenal. You can find out more about them here.

While you are trying out Ebates, you may want to try out a couple of their competitors as well: Memolink and MyPoints.

Do you use Ebates? Has your experience been as good as mine?

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  1. bpaul

    I have had mostly good experiences with Ebates over the years. However, there were a few times I to reach out to them to receive my rebate.

  2. bob

    Like you had to request the payment to be made?

  3. Tristan

    I’m gonna have to try this. Thanks for the info, Bob.

  4. bob

    I got another good one that I am going to post soon as well – I will try to get it up in a couple days.

  5. stacy

    how about you use coupons to save…its funny how all you have to do is print it out but people still underestimate them…to cut costs at the stores go to SmartSource.com they have food plus sometimes restaurant promos for money off too….so if you want to put more money in your pocket hit up the site and print

  6. Chris

    This web site will help you make sure you get the best prices on all of your purchases:


    It’s a free service that tracks prices of products from online stores (like amazon) and sends you an email when the price drops. You can set a target price or be notified when it falls by a certain percentage. Might be a nice way to make sure you’re getting the best deals this holiday season.

  7. Jason @ Redeeming Riches

    cool, I have not heard of this before – so thanks for posting on it. Sounds simple enough – even I could use it! =)

  8. Bible Money Matters

    I’m signed up for Ebates, but keep forgetting about it. I need to remember them when I’m shopping.. Thanks for the reminder! (ugh, wish i had remembered yesterday when i had to buy something at walmart online. oops.)

  9. Lori

    I’ve also received my first Ebates check! We just bought plane tickets through Expedia and will get 1% back (we’re going to Canada so it was a more expensive fare). We hadn’t received our cashback yet and we were told that for travel, they have up to 35 days AFTER you travel to credit the cashback. So, some things will not credit immediately after purchase.

  10. Ross

    I’ve been using a different site recently called Fatpeas.com. Their rebates seem to be a higher than Ebates although they don’t have as many stores. I think they’re quite new.

  11. Julie

    After reading about Ebates here I started using them. I hadn’t shopped online since December and started to make a purchase on Overstock.com when I remembered about Ebates. So I went to Ebates and got to the big O from there. How surprised I was to find my $1 shipping charge had increased to $2.95 for the priviledge of a 4% cash back!! Buyer beware … the tool to lure you in may be costing you in ways you don’t even know. Obviously the big O is tracking where the lead comes from and more than making up for what it will cost them.

  12. Mike

    what happened to Ebates? It seems their website is unreachable and has been for at least a few weeks.

    • Bob

      Mike, I would check your browser – I just checked ebates and it is still there…

  13. Mike

    ahh, thanks. I just found the problem. I loaded a hosts file from www.mvps.org and I see that it’s blocking the site!

  14. teresa jackson

    i want to be come a member how do i be come a member

  15. John

    Just click on one of bob’s links above and you can sign up for free. He will get $5 and you will get $5 bucks as soon as you make a purchase.

  16. Briana @ GBR

    Another gem you’ve introduced me to. Thanks Bob; appreciate it 🙂

  17. CeeJay

    These comments and the terms and conditions of Ebates read similar to those of ZamZuu. Could it be these ‘get paid’ sites are internet pyramids?

  18. Nicole Couloute

    I love ebates. I have been using ebates since 2009. It is easy to use and I love that I do not have to request the money, it is automatically sent to me through paypal.

  19. Micheal Harmon

    Hi Bob
    I tried ebates and had mixed experiences but a friend of mine just told me about a coupon site he uses all the time and they are starting a rewards cashback system like ebates soon , Im going to try it out and I’ll keep you posted http://www.mydealsclub.com/

  20. LoveCashBackShopping

    I’ve looked into Ebates – and for a cash back site, they do what they’re supposed to. The Double Deals on Facebook are neat. But I’ve picked shoptricity as my cash back and savings site for more than just making and saving money. They offer additional rewards, deals, and coupons PLUS I’m able to compete against my friends on Facebook for Shoptricity.com badges. And I LOVE beating my friends to deals. It’s great saving and making money, but it’s FUN to saving and making money using Shoptricity…not to mention being on the Leaderboard for being a super shopper!

  21. Kay

    A couple of years ago, I signed up for one called Blastoff. I shopped like crazy over the holidays, but when it came time to get my cashback, I couldn’t get it for one reason or the other. They wanted me to go back and verify a lot of stuff which I felt was unnecessary because I went in through their site before I did the shopping. I don’t know what went wrong. Has anyone else tried Blastoff and had a problem redeeming your cashback?


  22. Rosemarie

    I love ebates!! It is such a money saver. You can even use discount codes and get cash back at the same time. It is so worth checking out.

  23. Pauline

    Is it only for U,S residents?

  24. James

    I did not find this site easy to use as far as referring a friend or arranging for you to get the $5. As a result, I was able to do neither.

  25. Diana

    How would Ebates work in conjunction with Swagbucks? Would you search for your product through Swagbucks but then order through Ebates? Would the two overlap?

  26. Bonnie Bjork-Hiland

    There was a site that I thought I read on your website somewhere that there are two sites two download right away and that was “Ebates” and something else you use buying online to save money. I can not find the other site. Could you possible help me with this.

    • Bob

      Bonnie, I am not exactly sure, but maybe https://joinhoney.com/ ?

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