Highest Interest Rate Savings Accounts

I normally don’t chase the highest interest rate savings accounts. The rates are constantly moving and switching banks is just not worth the extra $10 in interest that I would make right now. I really don’t have that much in savings, so the interest I would earn on a 0.5% rate difference would be negligible. But I know that there are a bunch of you out there who will drive an extra 10 miles to fill your tank with gas that is 2 cents cheaper – you know who you are! 😉

I am told that it is the thrill of the hunt that drives the cheap-gas hunters. Well, there is a similar breed who won’t stop until they find the absolute highest rate for their savings accounts, CDs, etc. Lucky for you these are some of the best bank accounts offering some of the best savings and MMKT rates.

As I mentioned I don’t really chase the bank with the best interest rate, but I do care about it. At this point, I still like Capital One 360 as my favorite online bank.

Either way, if you are shopping around for high rate savings accounts check the listings above to get started…