The top 20 Christian Financial websites

This was a difficult list to come up with. A couple months back when I asked the readers for suggestions on great Christian Financial sites, I just thought I would be able to throw this together in 30 minutes. And maybe I could have, but I wanted to create a list of websites that have helped me in my journey to understand how to manage money God’s way and that would help the ChristianPF readers as well.

How I picked the top 20

You don’t really realize how many websites there are on a given topic until you do something like this. It was difficult narrowing it down to 20, but I figured within these 20 sites you should be able to find everything you would want to about Christian finance. That said, I know there are some that I still don’t know about, so please add suggestions for next year in the comments…

When choosing the websites I was looking for…

  • A site that was focused on some aspect of biblical money management
  • Written for a Christian audience
  • That contained either a wealth of free content/resources or an indication that it would get there in the future (for blogs this means regular updating)

Originally I was planning on ranking them, and quickly decided against it. Comparing apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, and mangos is crazy enough. So I decided to put them in alphabetical order and divide them by type. So, if you are looking for more Christian Financial resources I encourage you to take a look at the top 20!

The top 20 for 2009

The Top Christian Websites – The Crown Financial website has hundreds of articles sorted by topic and has lots of other goodies and resources. – A good place to find some good articles about Christian finances and stewardship. They also have a bunch of tools and worksheets as well. – This site is just loaded with information. There are tons of videos, audio interviews, articles, etc. – Ron Blue’s site that has tons of free videos answering common financial questions. Seriously, I think they have a video answer to every question you could have about your money. – MoralMoney is focused on helping Christians make investment decisions that line up with their beliefs. They have a free newsletter and a free stock-screening tool that will help you decide if a company is worthy of your investment dollars.

The Top Christian Blogs – Bible Money Matters is a blog that was launched in February of 2008 as a place for Pete to put down his thoughts on matters of his Christian faith and how it affects his finances. Pete writes really good content and I encourage you to check it out. – This blog is written by John and the name is based off the wonderful verse in Deut 28:12 – “that you will lend to many nations, but will borrow from none.” While John only gets to update it a couple times a week, he is a great writer and always has good things to say. – Corrie is a momma who writes this mom-blog that focuses on frugality and couponing. If you are looking to learn more about couponing, this would be a good site to check out. – Henry started this blog a couple of years ago and has been faithful to pass along biblical revelation as he uncovers it. He often reminds readers of scriptures relevant to our finances. – Travis started this blog a couple just a couple months ago and I have been impressed with the quality of articles he has on it. He tends to post every other day and has a good mix of articles. – A fairly new blog written by Paul who is a Christian Financial Planner. He writes about prudent ways to handle your money and often discusses how scriptures should affect our decisions. – This blog has been around for years and puts out more content than any blog I know. I think he posts about 7 times a day and every sunday FMF writes about the Bible and Money. – This blog is written by “Gibble” and he started right around the time I started ChristianPF. The site was birthed out of a very challenging time in his life, but he says, and I agree, that “it’s a terrible place to be when you are there, but you learn more than you ever thought possible.” The blog is frequently updated and always has interesting content. – I have known Jay for a few months now and have enjoyed his no-holds-barred writing on his blog. He is an author and investment professional and has a passion to help Christians invest according to their beliefs. He also has a very well done radio show that you can listen to on his site as well. – As the name suggests this is a mom-blog. Alyssa puts it best when she says her mission is to, “to save more and give more, one coupon at a time.” – Another Bob writes this site that is primarily focused on finances. He does a good job of finding useful articles from the corners of the web… – This is an encouraging and motivating blog written by Pastor Larry Jones. He writes a lot about stewardship, personal motivation and success. – This blog is run be another Dave Ramsey fan and has been going for a couple years now. As the name suggests it is geared towards becoming the best stewards we can with what we’ve been given. – Todd is a church CPA who has been writing his blog for almost 3 years. He says the blog is his creative outlet. He typically posts about twice a week and often writes quick nuggets of wisdom from his personal experiences. – CoolHappyGuy writes this blog and I wish I could get him to update it more! He writes scripture-packed thought-provoking articles that provide some helpful insight about biblical money management.

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  1. Pete

    Thanks for putting me in your list! Of course your site should be one of the top 20 too!

  2. Thanks for including me on the list, Bob! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  3. Travis @ CMM

    I am honored to be on your list and included with such great websites and blogs. Thank you so much.

  4. CoolHappyGuy


    I am really honored to be in the company of such a group.

    BTW, I WISH I could post more often. I’m hoping to correct that real soon.

    Thanks you so much and blessings!

    3 John 2


  5. John

    How could you possibly not list I list like this is certainly not complete without that blog!!

    • bob

      Thanks guys for your eagerness to add to the list, I just figured since the list is hosted on ChristianPF, that people don’t need to hear about it…

  6. PT Money

    Great list, Bob. It’s great to see so many Christians tackling the subject of money from a Biblical perspective. As a Christian myself, I enjoy reading most of these blogs and love sharing your articles. Keep it up.

  7. Thank you, Bob, for including my little blog. I am amazed by how God has used it over the last year. What an honor to be on a list with such wonderful sites!

    God Bless You!

  8. Corrie @ "Cents"able Momma

    Thanks Bob, for including my site on your list. What a great list…I plan on checking the few sites out that I don’t already read.

  9. Christian Finance

    Bob, thanks for adding me to the list! I am very honored! Hope you check out the Presidential Giveaway at my blog! I’m giving away that book you gave me! I’ll make sure to send people your way! Thanks again!

  10. Nicki at Domestic Cents

    Great list!

  11. Mark Minnella

    Hi Bob. Thanks for putting me on the list. It’s an honor to be listed next to so many great sites. I think its great that so many Christians care so much about how the bible tells us to handle what we are entrusted with. Keep up the good work, and I agree, christianpf should be on there next year.

  12. Pursuing

    I like It’s unlike any other site I’ve searched. Huge research area and Bob Brooks information is practical. Also has a big podcast section from his daily Christian Radio show from the Dallas area.

  13. Hakeem

    I thought your suggestions where very good and I will ask you to take a look at our site
    thank you,

  14. SavingFreak

    I would check out for next years list. Joe is amazingly passionate about helping others with their finances. I would say he could be the next Dave Ramsey.

  15. Veronica

    Hi Bob,
    I have been reading your blog now for about 2 months and truly enjoy everything you have to offer. You are well-rounded and have such a wonderful presence about you. I, along with my husband/partner have recently taken our business online and I need much direction as you know there are so many programs, software and avenues one can take to get exposure. With that being said, I was wondering if I can link up to you, as well as post some of your information on our blog. Please let me know or if you can point me in the right direction, I know I would be guided by the right source.

    Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you.

  16. voice of truth

    Wow cool post=) These list of blogs that you have put in here are reall worthwhile to be read =) But I think that you should also include your blog in the list πŸ˜‰

  17. Linda Murthum

    I find that Mary Hunt’s blog is helpful as well as her site

  18. Bode Ososami

    I would like to recommend this blog with a Bible perspective on money and related issues…regularly updated weekly.

    I pray it bless you and all who check it out. Perhaps someday it will make your list


    Thanks, Bob, for this treasure house. I would certainly like to check these out soon.

  20. Darcey Creehan

    Hay Dude , i like w/ u site.

  21. JosephJYoung

    Hi Bob,
    thanks for the list. I want to be able to connect with these people as that is my endeavor at my site as well to provide biblical financial counseling.

    Joe Young

  22. Wayne Smith

    Thanks for the great list. I would be honored if you considered my new blog for your next list.

  23. Marsha

    I ran into a couple at my church that want to get me into Transamerica financial deal for $100.. What do you know about them? thanks