The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

This years top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas...A couple weeks ago I was trying to figure out what I wanted for Christmas and I didn't have many ideas to put on my wishlist.  Then I decided to ask you all what you wanted for Christmas and over 400 of you responded with your wishlists.  I then decided to take all your cool gift ideas and consolidate them to come up with a top 10 list of the most popular gift ideas for 2011 as chosen by you!...A couple weeks ago I was trying to figure out what I wanted for Christmas and I didn’t have many ideas to put on my wishlist.

Then I decided to ask you all what you wanted for Christmas and over 400 of you responded with your wishlists.

I then decided to take all your cool gift ideas and consolidate them to come up with a top 10 list of the most popular gift ideas for 2011 as chosen by you!

So if you don’t like these gift ideas, blame your fellow CPF readers! 😉

Oh and I also went ahead and shopped around for some good prices for the items too. Enjoy! 😉


10. Digital Camera

$120 and up

Some people were wanting point-and-shoot digital cameras, while others were interested in spending a few more bucks on a DSLR. This Panasonic Model is a very well-reviewed 16.1 Megapixel that records HD video for under $120. And for those who want a DSLR it seems that the Canon Rebel T3 is a great choice for most at $488.


9. Wii (and games)


We got my mom a Wii 2 Christmas’s ago and it was a lot more than this. Apparently now you can get the Wii Console with Mario Kart for under $150.


8. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

~ $100.00

I took the Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University course with Linda about 2 years ago and it should be mandatory for American newlyweds. It is beneficial for anyone, but if we help the newlyweds learn this stuff without having to make all the dumb mistakes the rest of us have, we could save them some heartache!


7. Running Shoes


Since there were a lot of different athletic shoes mentioned I will just show you my favorite and Linda’s favorite.  I had never spent much on running shoes (since I wasn’t a runner why should I?) until I bought a pair of New Balance 993 Running Shoes and I now can outrun a cheetah. 😉 But seriously, they are very supportive and it was one of those purchases I am very glad I made.

Linda I started on the couch-to-5k journey and seem to have been sidetracked by cold weather, but as a result she needed something to run in other than heels, so she saved up for the Nike Free Run and she claims that they are one of the most comfortable shoes she has ever owned.


6. KitchenAid Standmixer


I have to say I was surprised to see that so many people were interested in the KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, but it does look like a pretty cool kitchen toy.


5. Samsung Galaxy Tablet


There were also a surprising number of people wanting the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I honestly hadn’t heard much about this tablet, but apparently a lot of you have!


4. iPod

$46 and up

What kind of top 10 list would this be if it didn’t have an iPod on it? You can get an iPod shuffle for under $50 or you can get the iPod touch for about $189 at Amazon.


3. Kindle/Kindle Fire

$79 and $199.99

I never had too much desire for a Kindle, but with them being this cheap it is hard not to throw it on the Christmas wishlist! You can get the regular Kindle for $79 or the new iPad competitor the Kindle Fire for $199

2. Laptop

$400 or less

From what I have been reading there are going to be some great deals on Laptops this Christmas season, so if you are in the market keep your eyes peeled. Here is a pretty good deal on an entry-level Laptop on Amazon for under $400 . But definitely compare prices and watch the ads the next couple weeks, there will be some good deals to be had!

1. iPad 2

$500 and up

Surprise, surprise. The iPad 2 is the top Christmas gift idea for 2011. Isn’t Apple’s marketing strategy amazing? They make us want something that we never knew we needed. Anyway, the prices for Apple products are normally pretty similar at most places. But keep in mind if you buy it from the Apple store you will need to pay sales tax, whereas I don’t get charged sales tax when I purchase from (not sure if that applies to all states or not).


Top Gift Idea Honorable Mentions

Ok, so I now have some christmas gift ideas for my wishlist, how about you?

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  1. WorkingBoomer

    This is a great list! I want them all My top picks would be the I pad and computer. The day of getting clothes must be gone.

    • ST from Lansdowne,PA

      Personal clothing items might be needed.
      Other clothing is bought on SALE or from a thrift shop. I bought a summer dress form a thift shop (at least five years ago and it still looks great).
      I am not a small size so I must try on all items. I just looked for a pair of jeans the other day (mine are over 5 years old) and I went into “STICKER SHOCK.” They wanted $50 for a pair of jeans with holes in the thighs. I think I”ll just keep trimming the threads on mine and keep on wearing them. I tried jeans from other stores and they just did not fit “RIGHT.” I’m tired of trying on clothing and not have it fit. Where did I put my sewing machine ? 🙂

  2. Craig Grella

    I asked my wife for a guitar a few years ago and was surprised when she actually got it for me. I’ve been playing every since. Alot of fun!

  3. David

    I said three stuff there
    YEAH ME!

    • Craig Grella

      Yeah, David. Now the trick is getting the spouse to buy them as gifts for you!

  4. Peter

    The Kindle Fire was on my list, but I ended up winning one in a contest on another blog. Just received it via UPS yesterday, and love it so far! Great little device – especially for the price!

    Otherwise, I understand about it being hard to come up with something – I feel like I already have everything I could ever need – I’m so blessed!

  5. Deborah

    They are good ideas but how about listing more reasonably priced items.

    • Bob

      Deborah, like I mentioned earlier, I just took the information that all the readers said they wanted and turned it into a list.

  6. Joan V

    Thanks for putting the list together and doing a lot of the research. I had a camera on my list. Thanks for pointing out a different one that I had thought I wanted.
    Oh, never thought about the running shoes. I love NB shoes. I love that they are still made in the USA!
    Also, thanks for the couch-to- 5k web site. I just started running this year and any inspiration or information I can get to better myself is wonderful. Thanks.

    Thanks again for the list.

  7. Matthew

    Though I want a few things on that list, they are just a bit more than I want my wife to spend on me. So… my list is still mostly blank. Do have a few books on there, though. 😀

    Thanks for putting this list together!

    (My wife’s been wanting one of those mixers for some time now.)

    • ST from Lansdowne,PA

      Don’t forget to get a “personal item” for your wife.

      Does she like music…what is her favorite group/singer ? Does she read….favorite author ???

      A mixer is nice for the kitchen but buy something for “HER”.

  8. j webster

    So, you didn’t mention who won and what they won.

    I’ll be waiting by my email for the one that says you got me the ipad. ;-p

  9. Luke

    So three out of 10 gift ideas are from Apple. I wouldn’t mind receiving an Apple laptop this Christmas!

  10. Carol J. Alexander

    I’m so amazed, Bob, that 7 out of 10 of the top gift picks are electronic toys (unless,of course, you use the laptop for business). Whatever happened to clothing, jewelry, sports equipment, or musical instruments? I’m seriously getting concerned about the ability of the typical American to enjoy things that are not plugged into an outlet.
    That said…thanks for the reviews because a camera and a laptop are on my list. 🙂

    • Bob

      I agree Carol, that is pretty funny. You will be happy to know that while I do have some electronic goodies on my own list, I also have a seed starting kit, a pocket knife, and a hand grain mill 😉

    • Carol J. Alexander

      We have a Country Living Grain mill. With the extension bar, my teen boys used it by hand for a couple years before hubby attached a motor. We love it cause it can do any fineness (like grits to flour) and if we lose power, we can still use it.

  11. Cherie

    I love board games! My husband picks out a new family game each year. We play & play over the holiday break and have great memories teaching friends our new game.

    Just last night, my college daughter had friends over for Game Night and they loved the selection. It was fun hearing them laugh sharing their answers while playing their game pick of the night.

  12. Mo Dolan

    Some of these are great, but I’m thinking of getting Scarffish for most of the people on my list. They’re gorgeous handmade scarves, only $35, and come in spectacular colors.

  13. Mary

    Hey, i just wanted to say how cool your website is Bob. Also this page made me, a thirteen year old girl, think about what i want for the holidays and guess what? I have a (old fashioned :3) digital camera, Guess who? board game, and a couple of other simple things on my list. Reading all the other comments made me realize that I should go easy on my mom and just ask for what I will actually use and what will be the easiest on her bank account. 😀