Trust God, Not Circumstances

Trust God not circumstancesTrusting God in the midst of bad circumstances

I had this realization that seems really obvious, but for some reason it took me a while to get it.

I should be just as confident that things are going to work out when they look crazy as when everything looks fine and dandy. The opposite is true as well. Even though things look peaceful and calm, that is not an indication of security. Our security comes from God. It is not at all dependent on what is going on around us. Whether it is the economy, our finances, our children, our marriages, we can (and should) trust God with all of it.

Romans 8:28: And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

It just dawned on me recently after going through a faith test that it really doesn’t matter whether it is easy or difficult to trust God. As my circumstances began to “look” better, I noticed myself trusting a bit less in God and a bit more in myself. After all, my circumstances weren’t requiring as much faith. I kind of slapped myself a bit and realized that I am no less dependent on God when things are going good as I am when they are going terrible.

The good circumstances are only an illusion of security. When things look good, it is easy to understand how things will all work out. But isn’t it amazing how quickly I can go running back to God in faith when things look bad again? I quickly realize that “good circumstances” provide no true security.

The great news is that for believers, bad circumstances are only an illusion of a lack of security.

Trust God in the storm

It reminds me of Jesus sleeping on the boat during the middle of the storm. He said, “let us go to the other side.” But yet when things started looking bad enough, they started to doubt that would happen. The truth is, no matter how bad things looked, they were just as secure. They had God in the flesh on the boat with them! How could they really think that they wouldn’t make it?

Mark 4:35-41

On that day, when evening came, He said to them, “Let us go over to the other side.” Leaving the crowd, they took Him along with them in the boat, just as He was; and other boats were with Him. And there arose a fierce gale of wind, and the waves were breaking over the boat so much that the boat was already filling up. Jesus Himself was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm. And He said to them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” They became very much afraid and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

When they finally were freaking out enough, they woke Him up and frustrated with their lack of faith, He told the storm to calm down. They just didn’t get it. They didn’t realize who Jesus was. They didn’t realize that it didn’t matter how bad it got, He was there with them.

When they finally were freaking out enough, they woke Him up and frustrated with their lack of faith, He told the storm to calm down. They just didn’t get it. They didn’t realize who Jesus was. They didn’t realize that it didn’t matter how bad it got, He was there with them.

It is no different for us today. We have the promise of God that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. It doesn’t matter how bad things look, it is merely an illusion. Don’t be deceived: when your trust is in God, you could not be more secure.


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  1. Ryan K from Going Carless

    It’s so easy for me to get caught up in all the hype about the stock market. I start to think doom and gloom. Then I remember, He was and is, and is to come. He’s been around long before the American stock market. I’m pretty sure that Jehovah can give us stability greater than our stocks and bonds.

  2. Pete

    Yeah, my post today was about having hope in these tough times, and realizing that God IS in control. Very reassuring. great post!

  3. Jay Peroni

    It is days like today in the market (up 11+%) that help those that don’t have faith in God. It helps us Christians too don”t get me wrong, but Every day, whether the markets are up or down, my faith is solid. I realize it’s all His money anyways. We sometimes think we’ll in control, but God ultimately is a sovereign God who is always in control even when it appears the world is falling apart. I love your perspective here Bob!

    Jay Peroni, CFP

  4. GHolmes


  5. rose

    great post. i needed to hear it!

  6. Kat

    Interesting post…very reassuring that God will come through NO matter what! Oh Praise HIM for that 🙂

  7. andre

    I agree that GOD is in control. Problem with man is that we want to see it to believe it. Crucial mistake as GOD requires us to trust HIM abd not what you see as this is temporary. I am going through a rough time and just realized that it is not GOD that causes this cause HE wants to punish us, but because HE loves us so much in fact more that we could ever phatom, that’s HE allows this in order for us to obey, love and follow only HIM. All praise be to GOD the Father, JESUS CHRIST snd the HOLY SPIRIT! Please pray for me.

  8. Chrissy

    This has really helped to encourage my faith. My mom was diagnosed with cancer last year and currently things don’t look real good. But this post made me realize that God is my ever preset help in times of trouble. God keeps telling me to walk by faith and not by sight. Just like the diciples in the boat I have nothing to worry about because the living God is with me. Thank you so much for the encouragment!

    • Sue

      I too have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in July 2011. I personally dont really give much thought to it at all. God is with me! He is providing His strength to me because His Holy Spirit is growing in me through His word. I am far to blessed that He would even consider providing for me. I really dont believe what the “world” says, or SEE’s, what the “economy” says, or SEE’s, or what the “doctor’s” say, or SEE’s! I DO BELIEVE what God says about me, my situations and my life. I TRUST what GOD SEE’s for me….He has a GREAT plan for me! (Jeremiah 29:11) (Isaish 61:1-3) And I am going to go GET HIS PLAN!

    • Denise

      Thank you for your post. It is great to see that trust that you have in God. I am praying for you. God had a plan for us even before we were borned according to his word. I am blessed just sitting here, being able to type this message, looking out a window over the city, admiring the skies and the sun. I am blessed and I just need to let go of all the hurts and frustrations and just have faith. As you said “God sees for me.” May God’s presence and annointing oversaturate your soul and life. Thanks again. God’s peace is with you.

  9. rOchelle

    Let us indeed Trust GOD at ALL times. Our heavenly father didn’t wants His children to suffer on all the downs of life but to always give thanks to Him and to trust Him. great post to be shared.=)

  10. Anita

    Trusting in God is vital. The bibles without faith it is impossible to please God. As humans we live by sight and not by faith. Thanks for this timely reminder.

  11. Becky

    Thank you for your post. My grandmother has a stoke one week ago, and she loves God so much. I was looking for verses to encourage her and give her strength to get through the next couple of months. This is going to be a struggle for her and I want to her to remember that she isn’t alone in any of this!

  12. Chrissy,

    I had written a comment some time ago about my mom who had cancer and I feel that I should share that she passed away on September 9, 2009. I was shocked because so many people were praying for her including myself. I feel like God healed her by taking her to heaven. Mom loved the Lord and often talked about how great it will be to finally go home to heaven. She was thinking more along the lines of the rapture but she is there with Jesus now where she belongs, where all believers belong. I was angry with God for a while but I have now been getting closer to him then ever before. Sometimes God answers our prayers in ways that are different then what we planned but I have realized that he is in complete control and that I trust him. He has provided for me in this hard time. I will be with mom in heaven someday but for now I want to rest in Christ and enjoy the life he has given me. God is for me no matter what.

  13. Carolyn

    The post was just what I needed to read. As I wait to have a procedure done, I am forcing myself to remember that God is with me no matter what the situation looks like. I realize that underlying all of what I am feeling is my not accepting forgiveness for my sins. I believe that God has forgiven me, but part of me has not not forgiven myself. It’s like I haven’t used my gifts and talent for God’s purpose. It’s like I haven’t been “good enough”. I need to stop letting doubt creep in. I know that God loves me. I know that He has forgiven me for my sins. I know that He has a purpose for my life. I know that I can get through this by leaning on the Lord knowing that he will provide based on his will and devine wisdom.

  14. GMA

    I stumbled on this site. . . thank the Good Lord. . .the reason I was browsing the internet seems much less important after reading these posts. My financial struggle, pending foreclosure and desperation for a breakthrough are so not important compared to Chrissy’s post and the others on illness and death. And how refreshing to read of your trust and faith in our Father. Nothing happens by accident and this is exactly the reminder that I needed to let Go and let God. . . for real. . .

    God bless each of you and I will lift you in my prayers.

    • Annie

      To GMA It’s not the worst thing that can happen. Going through tough financial times opens our eyes to the waste and the untapped talent we have. It’s glorious in the end and the journey with God is an interesting one. Have faith. Been there, doing that!

  15. Stacey

    I was looking for encouragement and I came across this site and I am so glad I did. I, like a lot of you, needed a reminder that God is with us at all times. I am going through a very difficult time with unemployment, disability and possible homelessness. Just a few days ago I didn’t know how I would pay this month’s rent, I prayed and asked God to please help me and a friend was able to loan me the money. But, this morning I woke-up already worrying about next month. I should know from my recent experience to trust God, but I always seem to slip and start to worry. I needed to hear the words on this page to remind me to stop worrying and trust God. I will continue to pray and read this site over and over when I feel myself slipping and starting to worry, because the words here are so true. God bless you all.

  16. SANDRA

    No matter want the problems are or is we just have to remember GOD IS IN CONTROL ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS CALL ON HIM HE WILL ANSWER US.Sometime we get caught up in are worrying that we forget that GOD is right beside us.All we have to do is stay connected, by praising,pray,worshiping, and with thanksgiving.


  17. Ian in White Rock

    I’m in AA and have been through a lot spiritually over the last year. My neighbor is also an alcoholic and told me the F.E.A.R. is an acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” My Salvation Army church counsellor also says that fear is a false carrier of truth.

    I’ve also been told that if you’re a real worrier that it’s a good thing to remember that our “heads have a contract out on our lives”. In other words, our minds/heads/spirits will try SO HARD to jeopardize our peace of mind and get us to believe that things will get worse.

    Being bipolar and alcoholic is a great challenge at the best of times. Being self-employed can also be a challenge that has me in a panicky state of mind nearly every day I wake up. I pray to the Lord that things will get better and that I can be a channel for trusting Him that things will improve. I pray for all of you this morning that your lives will be enriched and improve. God Bless!

    • Denise

      My prayers are with you. God’s peace is with you daily whether you believe it or not. It is amazing that you have come through the tough situations and still able to a pray for others. God is for you. He is your present help today and he will not leave you. His love is so great and magnificent. Trust and believe. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. God’s arms are wide open and he cares for you.

  18. Nicole

    This is so true. I have found myself praying to GOD for HIM to intervene and fight on my behalf ; only after HE has moved , I’d revert back to bitterness and unbelief.Even though I didn’t voice it with my mouth my heart would begin to depart from the LORD and trust in self.

    Jer.17:5. Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

    Jer 17: 7-87 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. 8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh , but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit

  19. Anita

    Trust in God is not an option. Without faith it is impossible to please God. I have had my share of difficulties and problems. At times I thought God had deserted me, but then I searched the scriptures for his promises. After my husband divorced me I found comfort in Isaia 41;10
    Fear thou not, for I am with theee, be not dismayed; for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee, yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand my righteousness.

    God promises are sure, and we can depend on him.

    Thanks for these comments which has encouraged me.

    • anil kumar M

      It is great that u had relied on god do share ur godly experiences

  20. vanessa williams

    Thank you for this page. I am also going thru a very difficult time, i have not had any contact with my son in almost 3 mos-the devil tries to convince me of the worst-there are times i allow him-but i know that God loves me and will help me. We nned to stay in the Word and continue to pray -God is a merciful, tender Father and HE PROMISES to help us.

  21. Nicolas Musoga

    thx 2 owners of dis site? I am also going thru fire; rent, broken relationship, unemployment But isaiah41:20 says people wl see this n know that i. God have done it. They wl come 2 understand n notice n consider togather that i v done this… Brethern lets pray 4 each other so that wn da time comes we rejoice 2gthr at da victory. Be blessd

  22. Jewel

    Good Morning,
    I stumbled upon the site this morning at work. I am heavy hearted this morning, the more I try the more I get discouraged. I have a big heart and I do trust in GOD but I always seem to get the bad end of the stick. I often ask if GOD is in control why do these things happen. I do know and believe that GOD has a plan for us all and that things will work out. Thanks everyone for the uplifting posts.





  25. Eric

    How do you keep your trust in God when almost everything is falling apart, it’s to the point know where my Wife and I are behind on phone and electric bills, one working car out of 2. I’m in a constant search for a steady job, only been getting temp jobs work a day here then nothing for about 4 weeks and then working another day here. I keep trying to stay positive, and try to assure my wife that it will work out.

  26. Don

    My days at work were up and down for months. Then things evened out for awhile and then a storm hit. The worst have come out in people, the workloads have become sizeable and honest mistakes are now vindictive, hateful behavior by first level management as potential layoffs are on the horizon. Trusting GOD when people are doing everything to make you look bad so as to up their worth is challenging. hen I am beeing meek when being put down to petty comments is almost taken as a insult. I am using this time to make sure I honor God, humble myself, ask for HIS help and praise HIM even when people are mean spirited. I am hoping that whatever happens to me and my famiy will further the Kingdom of God. I am trying hard to remind myself that God always has and does have a betterr plan. Eliminating Anxiety and fear is battle ground where the enemy plants seeds of doubt. I am praingy for peace of mind, thanksgiving, wisdom and protection.

  27. Jeri

    I was looking for scriptures about God’s provision, and I stumbled upon this site. WHAT A BLESSING!!!!! I am unemployed because of illness, disability claim still in the works and my husband is the only one working. We are behind on everything – in fact, we have been given an eviction notice and expect the sheriff to show at any given time. Just reading these posts and going back to the scriptures that folks have referenced has really helped lift me out of the state of anxiety, doubt, uncertainty that has had me wrapped up for a while now. Thanks be to God for this site and for all of you……

  28. Cynthia D. Johnson

    Since writing this posting, God has come through and blessed me in a marvelous way! I too, had loss my car, which in turn loss my job due to no transportation.
    The company I worked for placed “misconduct” on my unemployment so I couldn’t get it.
    I appealed it and won. Not only did that effect my income source, but starting back in college, that effective my PellGrant monies as well…

    I wrote a letter to the Financial Aid office, asking them to reconsider their determination due to I was going through an appeal.

    They did!
    When I got the appeal approval, the Financial Aid office did reconsider the PellGrant and up the award from 1400 to 5000 per year.

    To God be the glory! I know this was something I couldn’t do! God stepped in and took control of the situation…

    I’m blessed and am of the seed of Abraham and we’re supposed to be blessed…

    I took scriptures and spoke them aloud according to what I was going through to let the devil know, I’m not going out like that and I know it was him who was trying to block me being blessed…

    The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent takes it by force…

    Being Children of God must fight for our blessings and even more, fight to keep them…

    Be encouraged all…
    What God has for you, no man, no power, no ruler, no principalities can take, block or hinder…

  29. Tim

    I have to echo Erics question. My head has been just above water for years and its finally starting to go under. My wife has MS. I just found out that 23 years of payments have been added to my mortgage. Bills are pilling up. There is no relief in sight. Personally, I have had enough. This just may be the straw that broke the camels back.

  30. Barbara

    Barbara 12 October 2011
    We need to believe that we are never alone. God is always with us, as the scripture says ” Godwill never leave you, nor forsake you.” In times of trouble, He is just besides you. Troubles strengthens us, Christians. We need to realize that God is always greater that the problems we are facing. Problems are seasonally, remember that the season doesnt last forever but it passes and allow another season which is diffent than the one that was existing in your life to come and take place. God loves us so much and God protects His word that is in us.

  31. Belinda

    I too stumbled across this website which I know was Devine intervention. I was feeling a bit discouraged and the enemy had me questioning if God had given up on me. I am suffering from cancer for about 2 1/2 years now and things have really been hard. I lost my job which resulted in me losing my car and health insurance. God said in His word that He would never leave me nor forsake me. These words have been so true for me through this tough storm in my life. Where I should have lost my home, God has provided and blessed me to have receive Disability income from Social Security since I can no longer work for awhile. I know God is in control and that this cancer Must bow down at the Word of God. God has been so Faithful and I am glad I was devinly directed to this website and reminded God does Love me whether things are going good and not so good in my life. Everyone Trust God and hang in there for He is our only help in times of trouble.

  32. Danetta

    I am glad I came across this site. I really needed these words of encouragement. This is just a reminde that God is always with us in the good and bad times. I too have been scheduled for an eviction but I am not claiming that because I know our God is a mighty God. I looked back on my life and through the tribulation God was always there for me….why should I doubt him now. I believe he permits things to happen in ou life so that he can show up to seal our faith and dependence on him. He is an Awsome God! NO matter what you are going through keep the faith he is always with you and according to Philippians 4:19 “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” The devil is a liar when he makes you think God has forsaken you. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If he said it…it is so! Keep the Faith Everyone!

  33. Sophia

    Hello Everyone,

    Wow, this site helped me feel encouraged and regain my faith. I thank God for everyone who wrote a comment and pray that God’s will shall be done and the praise reports will start to flood in.

  34. Emma

    I was laying in bed thinking of all the difficult & seemingly impossible situations I am facing. I searched for verses on provision and I came across this site. I have been reminded of who God is! He is a loving Father who watches over us and who says ours ways are not His ways. The book of Philippians reminds us to not be anxious about anything but through prayer and supplication to make our needs known to the Lord. It then says: the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will rest on you.

    I have no idea what is next in my life but I do know who is in control in my life. I rejoice because God’s plan is the best. I believe whatever the outcome His will for my life will be done.

  35. M.Mangena

    This puts things into perspective, I never realised how deceiving situations may seem,I feel like slapping myself in the face for ever doubting and taking my eye’s off the lord………I trust in the Lord and not the situation or myself when things seem easier, this has totally changed my life;-)

  36. Kemi Alaran

    This just put things in perspective for me. I liked the phrases “The good circumstances are only an illusion of security” and “bad circumstances are only an illusion of a lack of security”.

    God bless you Brother Bob

  37. Tavia

    Thank you for writing this.

  38. David

    The last couple of weeks have been maybe the most difficult times of my life. Without going into to many details, I quit on myself & God…really quit! On both occastions, I felt & experienced a presence like I’ve never felt before. Not matter how bad I felt, there was this unexplainable feeling there also. That feeling prevailed, or should I now call it God’s presence? For the most part, my faith wasn’t taken as a serious consideration in my life. Ya, I went to church and attempted to do all the right things…but what I came come to realize is this — my faith means everything to me now. Sure I think about all the what if’s and should have’s but doing so means nothing and still wont tomorrow. Honestly, how WELL do I know God? In the past, not that well. Tonite, I believe that all the second guessing is over with…THAT’S IT…I’m ALL IN!!!! I’m helpless without him, I surrender…what a difference a day makes. Nothing will change what has already happened, regardless of how much I want to change it. HE chose me and the blinders are finally off…Praise God and HIS WILL for me!

  39. dave

    Amen. Amen. Amen! God is great – all the time!

  40. Tom

    I have a real hard time knowing how to trust God. I have prayed asking for His help many times but seemingly He doesn’t hear me. Not sure how to keep on living without His help. Please pray for me

    • John Frainee

      Tom, I think we all struggle at points in our lives with trusting God. I do know this: life will let us down sometimes, but Heaven won’t. Hang in there.

    • Dave

      Yes, you may not get what you want, or what think you need, in this world, but you will get in in the next!!!

  41. Mike

    Thanks for the posts guys, I thank God I came across this site. My rent is due today and Im praying for a miracle since I have nothing. But God is faithful and if He be for us who can be against us. Let us all trust in him and dwell in the secret place of the Most High. God bless you all

  42. Kitty

    Believing God for breakthrough financially for our church. Would you please stand with me. Thanks.

  43. kisamba peter

    I really thank God that i have seen His faithfullness to His promisses when I trust in Him.He has made ways for me beyond my expectation or understanding.So I pledge to trust Him always.Try Him today you will never be dissapointed.God bless you.Amen.

  44. Tracey Keas

    This was an outstanding and blessing quiet time this morning for me. My family and I are in the same situation with being homeless. We are staying with friends right now from church. But things will change by the first of the year. So we need alot of prayer, that we will find a place by the time we have to move. But I thank you all for your words of encouragement. And have a bless day. Love, Tracey Keas

  45. Mia

    Amen, and amen!

  46. Missy

    Trying to trust in God…marriage ending…I don’t trust my husband to provide for my children and me. I need to trust God. My husband is a Christian but he feels he can end the marriage due to hardness of heart. It is heartbreaking for the kids.

    • Denise

      God is faithful. Give this situation to God and continue to pray. God has a plan for you and your children. Continue staying around strong Christians and going to your local church. Plan weekly outings for your children such as visiting an animal shelter, working together in a soup kitchen, participating in a sports activity together. I feel this will produce positve results and help build a stronger relationship. Be encouraged. I am praying for you and the family.

  47. Todd

    “Don’t let circumstances dictate your character.”

    Thanks for the encouragement Bob!

  48. Michael

    Think God appreciates his creation using Him as cover for poor choices? I’ve seen it done way to many times with this line.

  49. Linda

    Boy did God know i needed a kick in the pants today for lack of faith. I have been waiting to close on a reverse mortgage and everytime it seems I can see myself getting out of debt, some piddly problem comes up with the underwriters, etc. I can’t count the number of times the Lord has provided for me when I didn’t know how I was going to financially make it, You would thnk I would know to trust in His wisdom and His timing by now. I have been out of a job for two years now, and am turning 65 this year. I am using your blogging lessons to help me get websites, etc. set up. I know this is another case of the Lord leading me to the right website to gain the knowledge and skills I need to get this supplmental income opportunity started. Thanks for the the reminder of who’s in charge.

  50. Eliana

    Thank you for this post. I feel blessed when someone reminds me of the security I can find in God’s love.

  51. Annie

    When my eyes are on God, I feel so calm and secure and cared for. It’s like being wrapped in a blanket of warmth and happiness. This is a great post and so true. Thanks for the reminder!

  52. Ruth

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. Very glad I found your website.

  53. Trevor

    I find it difficult trusting god
    I mean he play’s so small a part down here
    It’s all about Leaning on one another down here rather than above.

  54. Frankie

    This post is amazing! I have been praying, fasting, researching, studying and fellowshiping with people of God for almost a year looking for God’s calling for my life. He has revealed it to me and I want it so much. But “His ways are higher than my ways”. His timimg is perfect but my imperfections demand the blessing right now as if I know what’s best for me. Lately it has been tough to press on feeling like breakthrough is miles away. None the less, I continue to speak those things as though they were and believe and declare each week breakthrough week. I am assured by this post and the many comments after that our God is in the generation of the righteous. And if God is for us who can be against us?!

  55. Nchise Delphine Nchang

    God promises are sure, and we can depend on him.

  56. mc

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, with all mind and soul. God Bless !

  57. Anna

    Bob, I thank God for you and this website. I know that He lead me here. My husband and I have been going through some challenging times this year. I lost my full-time status at work as well as my medical benefits. In addition there were some health concerns and family problems. God remains faithful through it all. We positioned ourselves to trust Him. This article is a confimation for us and it was very encouraging. I have been taking notes on lessons 1 – 3 from the Bibical Money Essentials Course. I shared my notes with my husband, the Lord revealed to him that my notes are our vision. The word instructs us in Habakkuk 2:2-3 to write the vision and to tarry until the vision comes for it is for an appointed time. This is what we plan to do as we work to become debt free. We have God’s assurance that if we follow His financial prnciples, freedom shall surely come. Once we are free, we plan to continue to keep the vision before us, so that we remain free to do the will of God.

    God bless you!



  58. Stephanie

    Another great article! I’m encouraged also by all the wonderful posts and praying the writers and their families.

    God bless you for your ministry! Keeping you in prayer as well.

  59. Valerie

    I’m learning daily to trust God and not man. I thank God for your ministry and your dedication in helping others.

  60. Rosa

    Greetings, I first want to thank God Almighty and you for sending out information to me
    about managing finances and trusting God. I was asking God in prayer to fix my finances right before I got your information on my inbox ! God does listen and care! It took me a really long time to trust, The Holy Spirit is right on time!