21 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

Need to make some extra money, but want to do it from home? Here are 21 ways to make some extra cash that you can do from home! ...Alright, so you're ready to earn some extra money. Perhaps you need to pay off debt or build your emergency fund. But how? No worries, here are 21 ways to earn extra money. Some are easy, some are difficult. Find the jobs that match your lifestyle and go make some extra cash!... Alright, so you’re ready to earn some extra money.

Perhaps you need to pay off debt or build your emergency fund. But how?

No worries, here are 21 ways to earn extra money. Some are easy, some are difficult.

Find the jobs that match your lifestyle and go make some extra cash!

Let’s begin!

The 21 Ways To Make Money From Home

  1. Mow lawns.¬†Ah, childhood memories. Remember when you were a kid and you mowed your neighbor’s lawn for a few bucks? You can do the same today! Print out a few fliers and let people know that you’ll take care of their lawn for [insert your amount here] per month. Hey, you already have the lawnmower out! Take advantage of it!
  2. Become a Swagbucks member.¬†Basically this is a free site that offers you a bunch of ways to earn “Swagbucks” which can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or other rewards. You can earn by taking answer polls, taking surveys, doing simple tasks (like giving feedback about a website), trading in old video games or books, and even playing games on their site. ¬†Check out our review of Swagbucks for more info.
  3. Do freelance writing. Yes, people will pay to have you write articles. You just need to know where to look! Starting a blog is an excellent idea, and trust me, the opportunities will come.
  4. Have a garage sale. Dust off the old card tables and get ready to set up your trinkets! There are so many things that you can sell that you truly don’t need. Think about it . . . when was the last time you visited the attic? Have a garage sale and get rid of your stuff!
  5. Walk your neighbor’s dogs. If you love dogs and just can’t get enough of them, you’ll love making a few extra bucks as you take the dogs on a stroll through the park. Show your customers you care by buying the dogs some extra special treats!
  6. Get a newspaper route. Rise and shine! For some folks, early morning shouldn’t exist. But for the rest of you, utilize those hours and throw a few papers! You’re sure to get a job.
  7. Sell stuff on eBay. There are some excellent ways you can start your own eBay store. What can you sell? Give this one some thought, and start your own booming eBay business!
  8. Be a mystery shopper. Oh, the mystery! People are paid to shop retail stores in secret and report back their findings. Sound fun? Then this one might be for you.
  9. Baby sit some kids. Know kids? Baby sit them for cash! Sometimes even voluntary babysitting can turn into money.
  10. Write an eBook. By writing an eBook and selling it online you can make some great money! Take what you know, and put it into a masterpiece.
  11. Tutor students. Fluent in another language? Can you crunch numbers like nobody else? Teach someone something new, and get paid for it!
  12. Sell your photography. There are many photographers out there, so your work must be viewed as unique to thrive. However, the internet has made photography a great profession – start your own photography website and advertise your prices.
  13. Run errands for the elderly. With this one, it’s all about networking. Get to know people in your church who might need help with day to day tasks. Or, visit a community center and ask what the needs are in your area.
  14. Fix people’s computer systems. Did you build computers in school? Maybe you do it as a side hobby. If you’re computer savvy, advertise your services!
  15. Do consulting. If you’re big into web design or have a niche on a market, think about how you can turn that into consulting work.
  16. Deliver pizzas at night. Nothin’ like the smell of pepperoni. Okay, maybe there are better smells. But hey, delivering pizza can become a lucrative business when the tips start rolling in.
  17. Host a car wash. This is a great, quick way to make extra cash. Get some friends together and host a car wash. It can be fun and help pay the bills!
  18. Resell items. What can you sell while having low overhead? Think about it. You might already use something that you can turn around and sell for a profit.
  19. Sell handmade trinkets. Like arts and crafts? Turn your craft into profit. Bracelets, rings, and many other trinkets can be made and sold in the marketplace.
  20. Clean homes. Many people don’t have time to dedicate to their homes. Helping them pick up misplaced items and dusting the furniture can be a huge help!
  21. Be a remote secretary. With computers gaining the ability to remote connect, there’s no reason you can’t be a remote secretary! Help people type out papers, handle phone calls, and organize email. This is a great at-home job!

So there you have it: 21 ways to make extra money from home! How do you earn more money? Let us know in the comments how you make extra cash!

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  1. Tim @ Faith and Finance

    I love number 2 and 7 and hope to do number 10 (ebook) this year.

    These are all legitimate ideas! Great list John!

  2. HedgeHoncho

    How about an article on how to make EXTRA cash from home for those of us AFTER we work our 9-5!

  3. Tim @ Faith and Finance

    No disrespect HedgeHoncho…but you can do most of these AFTER work. Most of my side income comes from 2,3,7,10,11,15.

  4. Jon the Saver

    I’m thinking about doing the mystery shopper gig soon! I’ve heard it’s a lot of work but it would be so much fun to mess with employees and ask really invasive questions haha. On a serious note, seems like a good way to make some cash on the weekends.

  5. Lea Sadler

    A couple of warnings regarding this list:

    Baked Goods
    Be careful when offering baked goods–even for donations. It’s very easy to get into legal problems if one of your customers happens to get sick soon after eating your stuff. Even if it had nothing to do with your cooking, sometimes the appearance of guilt…well, you get the idea. And as for selling your home baked goods, a license is required.

    Mystery Shopping
    As for the mystery shopping–there are a few opportunities out there, but most of them offer reimbursement for small products (like a pizza) rather than actual pay, so I wouldn’t count on this one for extra income. (Although it can be a way to get a free pizza now and again–but you’ll have to “work” for it.) Also, there are lots of companies presenting themselves as “mystery shopping companies” that exist primarily to collect fees from would-be mystery shoppers looking for “work”–never pay a company like this any fees, because that’s all you’re ever likely to get out of it.

    States have different regulations regarding babysitting, and some (like Maryland) require that you be licensed if you babysit more than a certain amount. This CAN be a good source of income–just be sure to check the regulations in your area. Check on Google to see if your state has a childcare licensing board for more detailed info.

    • Lauri NE KS

      In the state of KS, if you watch kids more than 20 hrs a week, in your own home, you have to be licensed. For instance, 4 kids, 5 hrs a week, adds up to the 20 hrs a week.

  6. Mary

    I think these are great ideas, if you have the talent and ability. As an editor, my pet peeve is when PF blogs always suggest freelance writing and photography as a way to earn extra cash. Unfortunately, many people can’t write or take pictures as well as they think, nor do they know how to approach an editor or client. (You should see the submissions I get!) Everyone thinks they’re golden.

    I think if people are serious about freelancing then they should work on their business skills and constantly work to improve their creative skills too. If you don’t have a lot of talent or motivation, then content mills are fine. However, if you want to earn more than a pittance for your work then I think it’s worth taking the time and effort to do it well.

    Just my two cents!

    • tony

      I have made extra money writing freelance. That being said, I would never recommend it. With people from places like India and “starving artists” in the mix, the pay is so low now that it is not even worth it. These people know they can get 500 word articles for $.50 and will not pay a real wage for writers any more.

  7. paige

    great list! i just have one question… what about paying taxes on this extra income? what do people usually do about that? as far as ebay/yardsales, i think i read somewhere that if you’re re-selling, you don’t have to pay taxes because you’re selling something for less than you bought it for, therefore technically a loss. anyway, thanks for any help on this question!

  8. Jackie

    There are a bunch of things folks can do to make extra money, that’s for sure. I make mine doing things like blogging and having my Pay Off Debt iPhone app.

    • Iris

      Jackie, I am interested to know how to make money at blogging. What is your niche? I’m not sure how earning from blogging works…Thanks.

  9. Susan H

    I do mystery shopping on a regular basis, and have brought in some pretty good income. Now, though, I have to deal with the tax issues, because all of the mystery shopping companies with whom I’ve worked have had me sign an agreement to be an Independent Contractor, and will send a form 1099 if they pay more than $600 in a calendar year. With that said, it can be a lot of fun, and the more you work with companies and develop a reputation as being reliable, the better assignments they will give.

  10. Stacie

    I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any legitimate secret shopper sites. All the places I find online seem to be scams, wanting me to pay them. Just curious.

  11. [email protected]

    Great list. However, my favorite is missing.

    What if you could wash a car once, or walk a dog, or mow a lawn only once, and then every month you would receive a check for your work for the rest of your life. Would you like that job? I do.

    I started launched an Adsense/affiliate supported website 3 years ago. Today it makes as much as I do with my full-time job. I created the content, and now I’m reaping the benefits month after month. All you need is a good idea and the persistence to achieve your goal.

  12. Michele Bishop

    I have done mystery shopping for over a decade. There are legitimate companies out there that do not charge a fee. I have not paid any taxes as I watch what my income is and do not go over the $600 limit a year. By the way, that is for the fee they pay for doing the shop and not reimbusing any expenses you may have. I usually get to eat at least one meal a week for free and get paid to do so. The website I use is volition.com. They list companies and shops in your area.

  13. haterrrr

    okay this is all stuff that ppl could think of on their own!

  14. Tim

    Great article! I found that mowing lawns makes so much money. You can charge $50 per lawn and it will cost you about $5 for gas. The only thing that discourages most people is the start up cost to getting a lawn mower is pretty pricey. Also, alot of people don’t have lawns if you live in the city. Selling goods that you have made yourself is great too. I had a garden that I sold vegatables from and it was a great buissness also!

  15. Mszmoore

    Cash crate is definitely a good way of making some extra cash.

  16. Adele


    • John Frainee

      Etsy.com perhaps? Not sure!

  17. tony

    2 weeks is too easy. How would you make $200 if you had 2 or 3 days? (legally of course!)

  18. Lorraine

    I love the lists. Although, I can’t do all of them. I did freelance writing but it’s not enough. I did blogging too but since its just starting up, I haven’t reaped the benefits.

    I currently work, office base which makes it difficult for me to organize some of the home based extra income opportunity. Anyway, when I get to manage my time, would really consider your list. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Arnab Sarkar


  20. Pamela

    Great post. I do some of these things but some of these things, I had not even thought about.

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