What if . . .

It’s a question that leads you to dream. Dream with me for a moment.

What if your mountain of debt could be slowly eroded away?

What if your mountain of debt could be wiped clean by making difficult decisions?

What if you weren’t broke, but had income pouring in every month?

What if emergencies seemed like small bumps in the road?

What if you could change your boss by changing your attitude?

What if you could give to the poor and be assured that the money would go to good use?

What if you could pray and your financial situation would actually change?

What if the creditors stopped calling you because you were able to be brave and work out a deal?

What if a dollar today could turn into a return incalculable by the human mind?

What if you believed you could?

What if you believed you couldn’t?

What if either way you were right?

What if your mundane job became your platform to witness the love of God to others?

What if you could be a quitter only to open a door to more?

What if you simplified your workflow?

What if your Plan B became your Plan A?

What if you depended on your family more than you knew?

What if the value of a dollar was all in your head?

What if you listened to great ideas, captured them, and acted on them today?

What if the best financial book in the world rests in a Sunday pew?

What if you read it, how would that change your perspective?

What if you spent a little more, to spend a little less later?

What if you spent a little less now, to build unheard-of wealth later?

What if it wasn’t all about money in the first place?

What if it wasn’t all about you?

What if what you keep telling yourself isn’t the truth?

What if what your family needed was an open heart, not a suggestion?

What if our nation’s giving could overtake governmental entitlements?

What if we could build this economy back to where it belongs?

What if it started with you?

What if you gave a gift in secret, and the receiver had no clue who it was from?

What if it changed their life forever?

What if you realized that money isn’t everything?

What if you realized the things money couldn’t buy had to be earned or gifted?

What if you mentored someone who’s just starting out?

What if you watched them grow old and successful?

What if that was worth more to you than your own wellbeing?

What if God was really the one who has been providing for your needs this whole time?

What if God wrote the events of your life while still maintaining your freewill – how paradoxical would that be?

What if you tithed because you’re under grace, not the law?

What if you forgave others their debts, as you’ve been forgiven yours?

What if you made it?

What if you saved it?

What if you grew it?

What if you gave it?

What if you golden-ruled every aspect of your life?

What if you had hope – not from politicians, but from God?

What if you sold everything you had to follow Him – figuratively or literally?

What if the answer was simpler than you could possibly calculate?

What if you could balance your work with family?

What if you learned of a plan that actually works?

What if you left a comment below that changed lives all around the world?

You can. Please do. Let’s inspire each other to be what God wants us to be.

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  1. Brunette

    “What if you left a comment below that changed lives all around the world?”
    No pressure! LOL

    Years ago I read a story about a man who was walking along a road bordered by a tall fence. The man wanted to jump the fence because he had been told that there were opportunities for a better life on other side, yet he hesitated because the evils that he knew felt safer then the evils he knew not of. So he took off his hat and threw it over the fence. It was his only hat, his best hat. Now he was committed, and he *had* to make the leap over.
    The moral of the story is that sometimes you need to start out with a small effort toward your goal which gives you the incentive to take the next step of full commitment to the goal (which is the principle behind Ramsey’s debt snowball, come to think of it).

    • Simple but really nice story. Yes, in order for us to make bigger steps we need first to exert effort in making smaller steps to have the confidence to do more…

  2. A Brighter You

    What if there is a specific God given purpose for your life but depression has you feeling there is no way out? What if everything you need to fulfill your God given purpose has been within you all the while? All you have to do is bring it to the surface. There are so many obstacles that prevent us from realizing who we really are. We either believe the negative comments others make about us, we are afraid to fail, or we lack self confidence. I have found most issues are not as hard as you think to resolve. I challenge you to search within your heart of hearts and take one step toward a new meaning in your life. You can do all things through Christ who strenghtens you. Phillipians 4:13

  3. Courtney

    What if we were completley sold out to Jesus Christ…abiding in Him alone? Would there be any more What Ifs? or would we be content trusting in our Lord and Savior..the One true God..the Almighty to guide our every step? May ALL be surrendered to His great power, Love, mercy and Grace..May we trust that He knows what is best for us, not sometimes, but always!

  4. A life that is full of what if’s is not an ideal life. We must have a life that is sure of where we are going and Christ can help us to have one. He is the one able to give us the best life where there are no what if’s only pure joy and happiness. By how? By surrendering our life to our God and of course by claiming that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Let us live a life where there are no what if’s. Abiding His words is also our responsibility as His Children.

  5. Kendra Tillman

    What if… I shared this post with someone, like someone shared it with me and it was the catalyst to start a revolution of people who truly desired to Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness?

    The number of comments on this post are NO indication of the value of what this has meant for me to read it.
    God bless you for writing and sharing this!

  6. libby

    i loved sharing this article it gets you thinking in a positive manner. i loved it!