What is bill pay?

If you are asking this question now – I am sorry. You have missed out on, in my opinion, the 3rd best advancement in banking in the last 15 years (behind the debit card and high-yielding savings accounts). Bill Pay is a service offered by just about every bank or credit union under the sun. It does just what the name implies: it allows you to pay your bills via your bank online.

Your bank foots the bill for the stamps and sends your payment from your checking account to whatever address you specify. Some banks charge a few bucks a month for this service, but most offer it for free. It saves just about every user 2-3 hours every month. Not to mention the money that you save on postage as well.

At my credit union, I use this form to add a new merchant to send bills to. screen shot of bill pay

Once that has been set up you are ready to pay bills with the click of a button. Then, when it comes time to pay a bill, I simply fill out the form below and don’t think about it for another month.

bill pay screen shot

That’s it. It is that simple. As far as security, I can say is that I have used it for 6 years and never not had a bill get to where it was supposed to go. I worked in a bank for about 3 years and never had anyone come into my branch with any kind of security problems related to bill pay. Please leave me comments if you have had any negative experiences with it.

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