What To Do When People Mock Your Financial Plan

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Have you ever been surrounded by people who ridicule your financial ambitions? Typically, those who have great zeal for their newfound passion are encouraged to give up. What do you do when your dreams are shot down?

The Fight For Success

I’m convinced that the majority of people in the world strive to only survive. They simply want to get by day to day. They feel hopeless, as though nothing they could do or say could possibility change their situation. When those who are in the minority – the dream seekers – get excited about their game plan for success, opposition is sure to follow.

This phenomenon is rooted in our sinful nature – something that even those who strive to be successful with their finances must resist. In other words, our sinful nature compels individuals to either climb above the rest or drag the rest down to their level. This is a sad truth.

Instead, why don’t we make the conscience choice to lift others up when they are struggling with mediocrity? For those who are attempting the “impossible,” why not encourage their ambition?

How To Properly Encourage And Influence Others

Maybe you’re in a situation where people are mocking your plans. They just don’t understand why you would ever want to get out of debt, build an emergency fund, and accumulate wealth. Perhaps you’re like an excited little kid who wants to tell all his friends what he’s found – a new treasure! How do you encourage people to follow in your footsteps without meeting fierce opposition? Here are some tips:

  • Generally don’t say too much. Talking can get you into trouble! If you want to be influential, show your newfound plan with your actions, not your words. When people see your improvement, some will inquire why you’ve been so successful – that’s the open door for discussion.
  • Don’t become discouraged. Whatever you do, keep your eye on the vision you have. Don’t let unkind words weigh you down!
  • Remember that you’re serving God, not humanity. This is a big one. It’s so important to keep in mind that impressing others isn’t worth it. Instead, serve God with your finances and don’t be concerned about what other people think.

Focus, Focus, Focus

When people mock your financial plan, remember why you’re on the plan in the first place! You have a vision – something that they may not have. You choose to believe that you can succeed while they sit around and do nothing. Because you believe things can change, your situation can and will change!

It takes a tremendous amount of focus to accomplish the goal of being debt free. I remember when Courtney and I were on Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 2, eliminating our debt. It wasn’t always easy. At first, it felt like we were throwing money in the wind, not really accomplishing much. It was especially difficult when some friends and coworkers weren’t on the same page. But then as we drew closer to our debt free goal, we started getting intense and really poured all our extra money into the project. Today, we’re debt free (except our mortgage which will come later) and almost have our emergency fund built. Like us, as you make progress in your financial goals (whether you want to raise your income, become debt free, or simply pile up cash) you will gain momentum that will carry you to the end.

Be encouraged! As you build wealth and see results, others will notice and hopefully follow in your footsteps. Remember that the sacrifices you are making today are worth the prize for tomorrow.

What do you think? Let’s discuss this in the comments. Are you discouraged in your plan? Others weighing you down? What do you do to stay afloat?

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  1. Freedom Journey

    I am totally the little kid who wants to tell others what I found. One of the reasons I blog is because then I can say anything I want and be as excited as I want and express all that comes with striving to be debt free – all without friends and family needing to hear me! You are right though – it does leak out into my relationships with others, even though I try not to make it the thing I’m always talking about. One of my friends has started asking questions about what we’re doing and even has expressed interest in possibly getting some guidance with her finances! Woo hoo!

  2. Kim Staudenraus

    Excellent post John! It is so true that when you try to do something to better yourself so many friends, co-workers and sometimes family members try to convince you what your doing “won’t work” or “you are going about it wrong” or “what’s the point everyone is in debt”, etc. In my coaching, and personal experience I have found that many people who try to pull you down are afraid you just might succeed and leave them behind. They don’t realize that many of us who are striving to improve ourselves are just as willing to help them improve as well.

  3. Nunzio Bruno

    I have to say you summed it very well. People need to be a part of a larger group whether it’s good or bad. So when you, striving to do better with a plan, start to pull away you can be viewed as an outsider. People start to resent and critique to try to take away from the accomplishments you’ve reached by proper planning and execution. Believe it or not – I’ve run into this a few times with clients of mine with my practice, Financially Digital. I make sure that the positive reinforcement they receive from me carries more weight than the neigh sayers they run into 🙂

  4. Olivia

    My husband is a pastor. Because his salary is a matter of public record (and is voted on every year), everyone has an opinion on how it should be spent. Few understand the quirks of self employment taxes, or the kinds of hours he puts in, or the impact a high deductale has on out of pocket health costs. As you so aptly pointed out, we stand before God’s face in all this. Still it’s hard to deal with criticism, especially from those you pour your life into. Thanks for saying what you have. It is much needed.

  5. John @ TheChristianDollar.com

    To Everyone: Don’t give up. Let God guide your steps and you’ll be within his will. I’m excited that this article was a blessing to you. Keep your eyes set on your goals. You’ll win. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Amen?