What To Do When You Hate Your Job (4 Keys To A Brighter Future)

What you should do when you hate your jobThis year marks the 9 year anniversary of my journey into full-time blogging as well as the anniversary of the end of my 5 year run in corporate america.

I spent 5 years working at a Fortune 500 brokerage firm. I worked in three different departments and held 5 different titles over those 5 years.

When I began working there I walked in full of ambition and expectation that a few years down the road I would be sitting pretty in my corner office.

What I walked out with was a hope and trust in God that He would get me further than my ambition did.

Lately, I have been reminiscing about my old job(s) and thankful that phase is over. I didn’t fully realize how much I didn’t like it, until I started doing something that I really did enjoy. At the time, I knew that I wasn’t walking in my life’s calling, but that it was more of a preparation phase.

As is typical, I guess, I thought the preparation phase should have only taken a year or two, but apparently God’s timeline was a little longer – 5 years! 😉

But also, I can now see that God was at work teaching, training, and guiding me through that challenging phase in my life. Trials and challenges are an inevitable part of life and whether we like it or not, they benefit us if we allow them to.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1:2-3

For much of that 5 year phase I didn’t like my job and there were points where I felt like I hated my job. As much as I wanted to pull a Jerry Maguire and just storm out of the office, I knew that probably wasn’t the smartest approach. I think He was testing me to see if I would remain faithful even when things weren’t very fun.

How I survived my “hate my job” phase

There were a few important lessons that I learned that I can now see were critical to my sanity!

1 – I was thankful for what I had

I would thank God for my job on a daily basis. It wasn’t my dream-job by any means, but I was extremely grateful that I wasn’t standing in the unemployment line. I had a short stint of about 3 months when I couldn’t find a job and that is pretty terrible feeling to have. 1 Thes 5:18 says to give thanks in everything – let me tell you, it can be really difficult sometimes, but I am convinced that this was one of the primary keys that helped me stick it out.

2 – I worked harder

When you hate your job, the tendency is to slack off and just do the bare minimum. Whether I was not good at my job or better than everyone around me, it didn’t matter – I was still called to work hard. Col 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men.” As I got a hold of that it really brought peace, because I knew that even if I had a tyrannical boss, if I worked hard for the Lord, things would work out for me. I didn’t have to get caught up in brown-nosing or jumping through hundreds of hoops to keep the boss in a good mood. I just needed to work hard and trust God to take care of the rest.

3 – I prayed

This is pretty obvious, but it should still be mentioned. During that phase I often found myself meditating and praying Psalm 37. It talks a lot about waiting on the Lord and how He sustains the righteous.

I prayed that He would give me favor with my bosses and co-workers. He did. I prayed that He would give me grace to stick it out to the end. He did. I prayed that he would lead me to a job that I loved. He did.

4 – I was active

I didn’t really know if the whole making money with a blog thing was possible, but I started a blogging anyway. Had I not been putting some action to my faith (James 2:20) by starting a blog, I would probably still be in a job that I hated somewhere. I was also actively scanning job listings, tweaking my resume, and taking classes to make myself a more valuable asset to an employer.

Final thoughts

If you are in a job you hate, I am sorry. It’s not fun at all and I know how difficult it can be, but don’t be discouraged! You are not stuck, there is a way out, and there is something better on the horizon. I don’t think I have a monopoly on things you should do when you hate your job, but, I do think doing the four things listed above is a great place to start. Pray and read Psalm 37 – you will feel better.

How did you (or do you) survive your “hate your job” phase?

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  1. Matt Jabs

    This is one of the most true to reality posts I have read in a long time.

    Many of us do “hate our job”. Most of us may not say we “hate our job” but if given the opportunity to do something else would jump at such a chance.

    I am in this boat right now, and I too have a calling to do all the things mentioned in this post. As Bob laid out above I too have read these same verses over & over and need to meditate on them daily in order to help me behave as I should in my current job.

    It would be much easier to complain and wallow in my own self-pity, but I know that I need to follow what the bible teaches if I expect to be blessed of God. I will continue to follow the advice written in the bible and recapitulated here, and will wait on the Lord to deliver me!

    Congrats again to Bob for having his dream become reality, it is encouraging to see the Lord deliver a brother from bondage of unhappiness in your labors

  2. Matt SF

    Well done! Even though I don’t do the faith thing, I really liked the stick-to-it attitude here. For some reason, attitudes like yours are becoming a rarity in this world.

  3. JMW

    I loved this post. I first heard this concept through my pastor Rob Carmen at the time. He said, “Find something you LOVE to do, & find a way to get paid for it”. Of course a sermon followed & I have forever since been trying to find what it is I “LOVE” to do. I try to say this to every person who is starting to decide a career. This concept was further ingrained in me when I hear about Rush Limbaugh’s work history & how he now loves what he does. It confirmed what my then Pastor had said…”if you love what you’re doing, you become the best at it…. and people will pay for ________________ (fill in the blank) due to it’s the best. (of course I’m paraphrasing a sermon from over 10years ago. Did you read that? I have been searching for 10 years….& remaining in a job I DON’T LOVE! Excellent honest post! It refreshes my hope & I will continue to deligently pray that God bring me the right job that I love…

  4. JasonT

    I liked what you had to say about this. I especially feel that thankfullness and prayer are huge components to getting thru a situation like this.

    God is faithful, and many times He has us going thru difficult situations to teach us more about ourselves and our need for Him and He reveals more of Himself thru these trials too.


  5. joel_zw

    Thanks for your encouraging words.

    I believe we’re to find our “vocation” rather than just pursue a “career”. I believe we were all put on the earth for a specific purpose, through which we’re to do our life’s work, our “vocation”, rather than just working for money, which is what’s usually meant by a career.

    If God has a purpose for us, he will provide for us financially to fulfill it. I think Matt 6:33 sums it up:

    “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

  6. Travis @ CMM

    Great Post Bob. I made sure my wife read it this morning. She had a horrible day at work yesterday which continues to compound her hatred of her current job. She would prefer to stay at home, but right now we can’t afford it. So for now she just has to take your advice, and we know that God will work everything out for us. He always has.

  7. Shelby S.

    Great article, Bob! I loved this. You are so right – I love the section where you talk about working hard, because I definitely began to slack and it was shown in my work, my dress, and my disposition! You are right, I need to start working harder, not kissing up or playing the “games” but working hard for Christ! Off to do a great job at my job. Thanks.

  8. Stressed Out!

    Boy, do I feel like you did! I simply HATE my job. I have to transcribe dictations from foreign doctors that I cannot understand and there is the time pressure to get them done in a timely manner. Not only that, but my boss is standing over me all the time. It is extremely stressful. There aren’t many jobs out there, and I guess I should be thankful, but I have an extremely difficult time trying to be thankful when my stress limit is taxed to the max. I am a Christian and as much as I would like to do the things you say, it is not helping. Any suggestions would be appreciated! ~~ Extremely Stressed

    • Donna

      I noticed your post and wondered-since you say you already transcribe now–if you have ever considered doing freelance work on odesk.com. This is something I have considered as I’m a registered nurse who’s not currently working due to health problems and I know medical terminology well, but I don’t have the transcription experience you do. This would be a way for you to set your own hours, work wherever you wanted with no boss and even though it might take a little while to find your niche I Have read an article where a woman said she structures her own work schedule to make about $30 an hour. It’s a thought for you anyway. You wouldn’t have a boss breathing down your neck. Best wishes to you.

  9. MD

    Thanks, exactly what I needed. 🙂

  10. sigh....

    This is so true! I go to work most days praying that God will use me and keep me from doing wrong and then I so often get sucked into the venting game w/everyone else….I also see myself slacking out of discouragment with the whole system. I went into my field to help people and so many times the people either really don’t want my help, are just trying to play the system or the system itself seems to prohibit me from really providing much in the first place. It is only when I have an eternal perspective that I find purpose in my job, not to mention my life. I find I have “flickers” of the spiritual perspective and then find myself drifting into trying to please my boss, please others, move up the ladder, get the people to do “what they are supposed to” so it reflects better on me…I am ashamed to say that but if I am honest, I know that is what I’m doing. It’s in those brief moments of drawing close to the Lord that I find peace and rest…and purpose in what I’m doing. Cause that other stuff is not the real reason I’m at my job and true purpose is to reach others for Christ. Thanks for this post! I have to remember to work hard as unto the Lord.

  11. katey

    THANK YOU BOB FOR YOUR TIPS…i am currently having to ENDURE a job I HATE, and GRATEFUL of any HELP how TO DO IT. I LOVE HAVING GOD IN MY LIFE….without HIM all is IMPOSSIBLE ! I will follow your advice and PRAY TO HIM to find work I LOVE. HOW WILL I HAVE PATIENCE ? If anyone reads this and would like to share any helpful info I would be MOST GRATEFUL TO RECEIVE Katey

  12. zelda

    I’m currently in a job that I really hate: I dread every moment at work, and have never felt so miserable in my entire life. Thank you for your advice though. Just one truth I would like to share is that you should never get involved in something that you never had peace with from the start: it’s a recipe for disaster! I believe that lack of Godly peace, is God’s way of warning us not to take that particular route.

    • Ruth

      You’re very right!!! and that goes for dating too!!

  13. Joyce

    Thank God for this blog and the comments, I am waiting on God to deliver me from a job I hate and at the same time I have to be grateful and thankful for having a job. Reading all the comments assure me I’m not alone and this too shall pass. I was very encouraged upon reading the blog and comments.

    We must remember to prepare ourselves for what we are going to do, as we wait on God. We do not want to miss our opportunity to leave “our dreadful jobs”. I too stand on Isaiah 40:31 and Matt 6:33 and let us keep our mind stayed on Jesus and He will keep us in perfect peace.

  14. Grace

    Thank you for this blog. I’m going through it and this helped SO MUCH. God bless you for your testimony. It’s making a difference.

  15. Angela Williams

    Please pray with me and for me. I can’t stand my job. I feel like crying everytime I have to go. I know that I am wasting my life away there. The Lord has given me the vision for a business, but I feel stuck in my currenT job. I would like to do something that I enjoy part-time while moving toward the vision that God has given me.
    Please come I to agreement with me that the Lord open that door. He said that He will rebuke the devourer for my names sake, and He will pour out a blessing that I will not have rion enough to receive. I am a tigger and a sower, and I know that He is only moved by His Word. PLease pray with me and for me.
    -Angela of CA

  16. Megan

    Thank you so much. This is the second time I’ve come to it to find comfort in my job situation. I don’t even hate my job…it’s just that after some changes, the aspect of the job I’m the worst at, is now a huge drain…basically, I’m just not very good at what I do anymore, and I find that incredibly stressful.

    I’d love to stay in the same job and be able to push and be productive in the job God’s blessed me with, but after eight years, I think I’m suffering from burnout. Even time off is spent tense and concerned. I know though, that my job is a blessing…and not just because jobs are scarce these days. It pays well, I get good vacation time and have coworkers I genuinely care about.

    I really believe it’s a blessing God has given me to ride out a rough spot in life…it’s just weighing on me very heavily right now.

    • fria catherine

      Just exactly what im feeling and going through right now. My promotion is weighing me down. I know that this is a blessing but whenever i come to think of the loads of my work and the low salary, i feel like giving up. I have good relationship with my co workers and boss, not pressured; just that responsibility and compensation are giving me frustrations. Thank you for posting. It’s enlightening to know that i’m not alone and this article lifted my spirit.


  17. Greg Miliates

    A bad job is actually GOOD for you, because you can use your negative emotions to propel you toward something better. Keep thinking about your lousy job each day, and you can motivate yourself to take actions every day that move you to a better situation.

    I can honestly say that my last bad job (and bad boss) were the best things that ever happened to me.

    I made the transition from frustrated employee–with a micromanaging boss–to satisfied business owner. I started a consulting business part-time, and built it into a full-time endeavor which is the sole income for my family of 4. I quadrupled what I used to make at my day job, and have much more flexibility. I’ve posted about this topic on my blog, and show others how to start their own consulting business on the cheap.

    Whether you decide to start your own consulting business as I and lots of others have done, you can use a bad job to propel you toward a better place.

    Don’t let a bad situation keep you stuck; use it to your advantage.

  18. Kevin

    Honestly, I am so OVER my job… We have had manager after manager after manager over the last few months. IT’S A MESS!!! I had just started back with the company (I had worked for them before) and the job that I had agreed to take (and portrayed to me from the manger that got fired the day I started) is NOT the job I was “placed in.”

    I have a HUGE monthly goal to hit, no customers like the other reps have that have actual routes (and were given when they started) and they want me to cold call ALL—DAY—LONG and SELL SELL SELL New Business only!!!

    Some days I just literally “CAN’T” do it!

    Then a new manager came in (again) and I can tell he’s cleaning house. All he cares about is NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS!! He has no compassion or care for the people that work for him and he made that clear in the first sales meeting he held.

    He calls me at 9pm at night and clearly has no respect that I have a family (my wife and 3 kids) and a LIFE apart from work. On a whim, he wanted me to just jump up and relocate over 8 hours away and then when I said I absolutely cannot do that (ESPECIALLY for the pay I get… like 28K per year only because I’m on a guarantee right now for the first 90 days then it goes to straight commissions), he said, “Well, I thought that’s what you were hired for?!” :-S

    So, with absolutely 0 empathy attached AT ALL, I was told that instead of relocating, I was being “sent” out of town to this area, with less than a weeks notice mind you, to cover the area until someone is hired??!! And it sometimes takes MONTHS for them to hire someone!

    All this guy sees in NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS!!! They want this company to be your LIFE! No Thank You!!!

    I want so badly to perform and hit the number, but I find myself sabotaging my efforts because I totally LOATHE this job! I wake up with panic attacks fearing going to work. I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT!!!

    I felt like God was really trying to teach me something through this job, but I hope He can forgive me because I just CANNOT care about this job anymore… I’ve tried, but I want to leave the company at least better off (not worse off) versus when I came to it.

    That’s my only requirement before I quit (to leave it better off than when I came) and I have asked God to please open doors for another job (that does not involve making cold calls ALL DAY.

    I just want to cry when I have to go to work! I just want to do the honorable thing and have an employeepreneur mindset like Dani Johnson talks about….

    Please pray for me that I can endure… I just have no motivation to even do a good job (or a decent job for that matter) and I know that’s not the right attitude to have… I just don’t know how to make it any better at this point….

    Sometimes I hate myself too… I know I’m actually really good at sales when I get out there consistently, but I just don’t want to cold call “ALL DAY LONG,” ya know?! It just get’s old, especially when even the good reps with our company are making around 50K and they’re working like 60+ hour weeks… The average rep makes 25K… and there’s a lot of reps making 15K or less 🙁

    It’s just not worth it to me… I just want to be honorable and do the right thing… The question is HOW?


  19. Ryan

    I really enjoyed your post. i have been learning a lot about myself in the past few years. I never finished post secondary school and dropped out a few times. Made a lot of money a few years in construction and then it has been downhill ever since. I am learning to try and be content. It is really hard but learning part of my issue has been a type of laziness to go above and beyond even my workday to get where I want to be. I love the arts and writing and been using excuses like work has made me too tired to write tonight. Maybe laziness is the wrong word and more of learning to sacrifice more. I don’t even give God much anymore and have felt him calling me back. I don’t expect a dream life but something inside has been telling me my life is not right with God or the material world.

    Thank you for using your gift because it does inspire those of us seeking a way out of our slump. Tomorrow I am going to work with optimism and I am going to quit telling people I hate my job. I am going to thank God for what I have and already a co worker wants to come to church with me, so i need to start seeing the blessings in the small things.

  20. Wes

    I’m there now in Job hate land. I never dreamed I’d end up sitting behind a desk doing what I do. I’m so not made for this job I’m doing. Nor do I get any satisfaction or pleasure in it. It has simply become the way to provide for my family.

    I have been and continue to be gratefull to God for this job as the company I work for has had many layoffs over the past 14 years that I have been here. I contine to pray to God for a glimmer about what else I might could do or where I might could go. But here I still am.

    It is nice that other posters on here can quit their jobs and take up blogging. I neither understand this concept nor have the skills to pull something like that off. In fact I feel I have no marketable skills or education to do anything other than what I do. I quess that is why I stay.

    The job is very stressful and many things I am required to do are in contrast to my nature. Recently I have been having health problems relating to stress. I really feel this job is killing me.

    I’m tired of friends and family telling me to just quit. I can’t just quit. There are kids with needs and bills and the family health insurance. I can’t quit without a new place to go.

    I fail to believe that God wants me to be this miserable on a daily basis. Sometimes I think he doesn’t care if I hate my job or he is waiting for me to be the best I can be before he helps me with this. Maybe he wants to teach me something. I’m tired of learing.

    I’m thinking it isn’t going to happen.

    • John Frainee

      Wes, I understand some of your desperation and frustration. I want to encourage you today to think about some marketable skills you have. Yes, you have marketable skills! Maybe blogging isn’t for you, but you can do many other things. The key is to try things, refine things, and learn what you’re great at. You can do it! You can make it! Have faith and work hard. Believe.

    • Wes


      Thank you for your words of encouragement. There may perhaps be a window of financial relief in the not too distant future allowing for a time of experimentation. It felt good just to vent. Thanks for responding.

  21. Hector Perez

    This is a great blog. I’m truly at my wits end at my current job. I’ve yet to tell anyone but I have had suicidal thoughts run through my mind. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite because I truly believe he died and rose for me but I’ve been slipping further into this mental abyss. I pray, I ask for his wisdom and discernment, but my mind is so clouded. I think I’ve been blind to his response. I’ve even seemed professional help, medication, etc. But my family needs me, and it’s the most inopportune time to leave the job… Lord please send me something that will permeate this mental fog.

    • Megan

      What do you do for fun Hector? Do you have anything in your life that isn’t done out of necessity?

    • Hector

      I love to spend time with my daughter and my wife. Any time that I spend with them is precious to me. My work schedule only allows me to see them on the weekends. I feel like we’re spending most of our time away from each other, and it makes work feel that much more miserable.

    • Megan

      I think that’s the truth of almost every job. (Not to minimize your situation)

      Everytime I think I’m adjusting to my job, I’m reminded of how I spend the bulk of my waking hours doing something I feel like I have to survive, while the rest of my life is crammed into corners. I really have to find a more flexible way to make money. I’m doing much better emotionally, but I don’t believe people were meant to live like this.

    • jeevan

      When you are such situations , think about other two go9od things about you or something which has happened good in past. I tried this and very successful

  22. Shelley m freeman

    I as well have a job that I hate with a pure passion and it has been the only job I can seem to grab hold of all the time I went back to school in 2010 and am looking forward to starting my own business next year old but enduring what I’m doing now is to say the least excruciating!!!! But I now realize THAT I must be thankful for what I have and I must maintain the patience that God has be teaching me on my walk with him. This too shall pass this part of my life by God is almost over everyone hang in there and don’t give up on on yourselves and the dream that God has put into your heart keep your eyes focuses on Jesus and blessing He has in store for all of us who remain faithful to Him.

  23. Shelley m freeman

    Oh and always remember when we have made the choice to be true followers of Christ Jesus we now have a purpose driven life remember RICK WARRENS BOOK ;).yes we are responsible for the choices we make but know that God knows when we make those mistakes He knew the mistake was coming before we did. Just know that God does love us and has the best in store for us and also remember when the praises go up the blessings come down every single time.

  24. De

    I truly don’t hate my job but feel that I am used and abused. I work very hard and sometimes I just cry. I am passed up for promotions but still teach and help the people hired over me. My boss in unrighteous and cruel but I go and get him lunch and he makes me feel horrible….his words attacks the very foundation of who I am.

    I have asked the Lord to help me and it seems that every door is closed. There was a time when I felt so bad about my skills that I was afraid to even look for another job because they said I was too old. I know this is not from God.

    Recently, I’ve started working on a business plan to create my own staffing agency. I still work the same job but take one day at a time. Today I was attacked when helping someone. Another manager asked for help, I jumped in and was reprimanded because I didn’t get permission from her manager. There are things that happen on my job that are so unfair but I keep asking God to provide, help me, show me and I do believe he will. Suffering is sometimes a part of this walk and now I understand it. I just want to stop crying in the bathroom or dreading the next meeting because they are going to attack my work. Your story helps me and lets me know that God is still working. I just want peace in all this

    • John Frainee

      God bless you De, I’m so sorry to read about your difficult situation! Hang in there, you aren’t too old for anything! You can accomplish your goals if you put your mind to it. Great job starting a business plan, follow your dreams!

  25. Hallyu

    I’ve gotten to a point where I find my work so meaningless that I actually use half of my work time to do my blog. It wasn’t like that last time, but things have gotten so bad here and it’s not something I can help to improve. I know this is not right and I’m cheating on company’s time, so I’m seriously considering quitting without a job so I can do this full-time.

    The only thing that’s holding me back is because my blog’s is generating only $200-300/month, its not enough to survive on and I will have to fall back on my savings. I’m merely working for the salary now. But on the other, my guilt’s been eating me so I might as well quit. If I can’t get my blog up by 3 mths, then I will have to look for a new job again.

    This is the current dilemma I’m facing, I’m not sure if it’s foolish to quit or foolish to stay. Been praying about this since beginning of this year, but still have no clarity, I really wish the lord can just tell me the answer!

  26. Mark

    I am stuck in a job that I despise completely. I appreciate having the job, and the money is good, but I’m totally surrounded by chaos, and it is a job that I find absolutely no satisfaction of any kind in. I hate it, I feel useless, it brings me no joy or happiness whatsoever. I drive a truck, and I find it a useless position, a total waste of time, and worthless. A worthless use of my time. I got out of it for 2 years and found myself back in, but by necessity. i don’t understand why God would put me back in it, when I can do so much more. I feel like God has thrown me away, and doesn’t care about me in a way. He knows I can’t stand it, He knows how frustrating it is, He knows that I can do so much more, He knows how much it hurts to see my life thrown away performing useless tasks everyday…He knows how I beg to be let go from this burden He’s thrust upon me again…I don’t understand why God wants me to waste my life in this stupid, useless job..I see so many people who enjoy their work, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t… I hate it that much….it’s pointless, every day is chaos, under false deadlines, lost, behind the curve..I can do anything, why must I be forced to do this> I feel like a slave, abandoned by my Lord..He helps me do it day by day, but why must I need His help..if I wasn’t thrown into this, I wouldn’t need help….I just don’t understand why I have to be here, doing this…its such a waste of a life….I must not matter….or maybe its punishment….that’s all I can think of….I try, but I can’t do it…I hate it….I’m sorry God, for whatever it was I did to deserve this……I wish I could just …my attitude is not right, but with this facing me everyday…I can’t get past it…it feels like a curse on me and my life….I’d do anything to get out of it forever…you cannot do anything if you put your mind to it…I have tried for years and years and years…but I keep getting put back in this….there is no joy…none…every day just sucks…I try, but I can’t find any peace or happiness…I feel thrown away….

    • Scott


      I feel for you Brother. I know how it feels to think your job has no intrinsic purpose, that you could be doing so many other things, but you need training, would have to start over at the bottom, may be thought of as too old once you are ready to start something else, etc.

      I don’t know what you haul in your truck, but the transportation of goods, especially necessities brings many people good things that they need, or are meant to have. I will pray for God to bring you peace, and another position.




      We must remember that we become the words that we speak on ourselves. They shape our mindset. Have you thought of starting your own transportation service?

      I am looking into transporting nonmedical clients for the county as well as trsnsporting workers comp clients.

      You are smart and resourceful. Begin to stand on yhe promises of God with your whole heart and see yourself doing what you are great at. Hope things work out for you.

  27. Scott

    Wow, thanks for the blog. I googled to look for something to help me get through the day. I know prayer helps, but it also helps to know that there are others out there who feel the same, and it’s not just me being a whiner. I have been in a job that has become tougher and tougher for me over the last 11 years. After taking personality tests and such I learned that although I have the aptitude for it, I definitely don’t have the disposition. I actually love the people I work with currently, but the job itself what I am supposed to be sitting at a desk doing for 8 hours a day, actually makes me start to feel nauseous, with my back and chest tightening up many days driving into work.

    I do believe that God called me to walk away from the job about 5 years ago, but I didn’t. I wish I knew what He had in store for me. Praying recently, God has told me to be patient and my path will become apparent. It’s not easy, but it does bring hope. I try my best to concentrate and get the work done, but the harder I try to focus the more I feel sick, and an empty feeling inside.

    I know this sounds bad, and it’s hard to believe from this that I’m a positive person. As a matter of fact I go home to a life that I love, happily married, interests that bring me such joy, and I love my church, small bible group, and my prayer time with God. It is almost like a bipolar disorder usually with my mood at work and at home, as usually I don’t let my down carry over once I leave work.

    Please Pray for a change to come soon for me.


    • Mira

      Hello Scott,

      I ll add you to my praying list … I am exactly in the same situation… Has bee over a year now of constant praying and fasting but God remains silent… Just thinking about my work makes my stomache sick… but I guess those trails are here for a reason….

  28. Estephania

    Hi! This is a bit of an energy note. I hate my job. Im a 23 year old girl, who loves music and doing things for the Lord. But i studied economics before I converted… and even though i don’t hate economics, I work at the Central Bank of DR, which is a great job, but I just don’t like building up statistics…

    I also have the pressue of studying, because while I am here, they expect me to… Which is a great thing If I really liked this job.

    I have been down, and doing the bare minimum, but you encouraged me to “do the things for the Lord, and not for men”

    God bless you.

  29. pat johnson

    The author missed a very important point. A lot of us might not hate the JOB, we hate the types of people we’re forced to work with. The workplace can be very, very hostile and full of conniving, mean-spirited, even EVIL people who delight in creating controversy and/or sabotaging their coworkers. Dealing with such people results in a walking-on-eggshells existence which puts enormous stress on the victims. Usually such bullies are in management or have the “admiration” of others who, in truth, are too fearful of the bullies to speak out against them. When you spend most of your waking time among such people, it puts you under enormous stress and sucks all the joy out of life. What is the solution to THAT?

    • Scott


      I have worked with people like that before and I know how hard it is. I found it easier when I remember that this world is fallen, and people are doing the best they can to make it through this life, and they are reacting out of their own issues, and stresses. You do the best you can and after that, don’t worry about other’s expectations, leave the things out of your control in God’s hands. If you know God, know that you are His, and He will take care of you whatever may come. With that, the attitudes of work will not drag you down quite as much, and you may actually show a light others want.


    • Darlene Moyer

      This is exactly what I have been going through on my job, bullies for twelve years.When I go to my boss with it you are told to just don’t let them get to you!!!! I am definately thankful that I have a job but, how much do you have to put up with before you lose your mind?Also the harder I work the less they care,I have dreamed of starting my own business for years.Please pray for me!!

  30. Joel

    This is such a great encouragement to every christian who struggles in their job. I would like to invite you to check another topic which completely addresses this issue and will definitely change your perspective. Everything you need to know is laid out in this topic as we live the way God has called us even in difficult times. There is deliverance in Jesus name!

  31. Bruce T.

    This is a wonderful article. I am in a profession I really hate, but have to do so to support my family. I feel so stuck in that I want to quit my, but my family is dependent on me to provide income. This helped me realize to stay the course and know God is in charge and put me here for a reason. Also as a reminder to always have faith in what he does and I just need to follow the path he has given me. I will continue to read this whenever I feel as though I am losing faith and remind myself He is there with me.

    • Bob

      Glad to be of service Bruce! and like you said, He will NEVER leave you or forsake you!

  32. Joel

    Check this article as well. God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ.


  33. Joel

    Thank you Bob for the wonderful article. God bless you brother!

  34. Megan

    I really wanted to come back and add that, after another few years since I first commented, I was laid off. I can honestly say the layoff was a blessing, but specifically because of some things I had to be obedient about within my job well before the layoff even came about.

    That mostly fell around starting a small, side-business that I could relatively easily ramp-up when the layoff hit. It’s something I prayed a LOT about and it was scary, time-consuming (my choice…it didn’t have to be as intense) and required some financial investment (minimal to be honest), but it paid off big time in me having zero worries once the job ended. I’d love to say that was me having faith that God would bring me through a scary time…and part of it was…but most of it, came from security after devoting my time to things God wanted me to years before they were needed.

    That had a double benefit though. Knowing I was working on something where I, and my work mattered and where I could meet great, motivated, encouraging people, was such a huge benefit in emotionally surviving the difficulties of my old job. I’d encourage anyone who hates their job to start something small, online. Even if it’s only paying for a few cups of coffee a month, it’ll help.

  35. Nicole

    I love what this says. It really speaks to me right now. I needed this today. Yes I’ve been thankful for my job but I feel we also need to be honest with ourselves and God when it gets to be too much. The praying and talking to God has really helped but the frustration and angst is still there and pops up every so often. I thank God for this poping up during a frustrated lunch time Google search.

  36. Kelli

    I truly hated my job, in part because of a co-worker who was one of the owners. I prayed for myself for a long time before I realized I needed to be praying for her! I worked there for 11 years, the last two or three were awful! Eventually, God made a way for me out of that situation and now I work part time and homeschool our kids. I still interact with the woman that I prayed for, and God has transformed that relationship as well!

    • Bob

      Kelli, that is a really good point – I am sure God is wanting to use us in many of these situations to pray for and impact the lives of our bosses and co-workers – it just takes maturity on our parts to step up and do it rather than focusing on ourselves!

  37. Rosalie Banal

    Thank you for posting such an inspiring article! I especially love that you included Scriptures to meditate upon. This really is very timely for me. God bless you more!

    • Bob

      You are welcome Rosalie!

  38. Suzie

    To all of you who have commented here that are enduring jobs you hate, I can sympathize. I recently accepted a job that I knew I was not going to enjoy but did so because my husband and I need the money. It is not the worst job I have ever experienced (that was several months ago on a temp assignment – the worst EVER). I am able to endure it because I know in my heart it is temporary. Reading some of the comments though I am reminded of a different situation that I was in about 30 years ago. I had been dating someone who was abusive. We dated for 8 years before I got the courage to end it. The abuse started out small (emotional) but got progressively worse until it finally crossed the line (became physical). I could not figure out why God had put me in this situation until I finally realized that I was the one who had made the choice, not God. Ironically enough, at the same time I was in a job that I ended up having to leave because the boss was acting illegally and unethically. I do believe that life has challenges that we must all learn to accept and overcome but we need to really look for wisdom/discernment to figure out what to accept and what to change. One of my favorite quotes says “I never sit around praying for God’s will for me. I do what is in front of me to be done; how it turns out is God’s will for me.”

  39. Lisa B.

    Hi, Bob,
    I was in that “hate my job” situation for many years. I started in my early 20’s at a multi-million dollar corporation. The first week after I started, I told myself it was not going to last because I hated it so much. I wound up staying for over 20 years because it was a steady paycheck with benefits. I held many positions in that time period but I was miserable. I prayed but I also did what you mentioned above–over time, the hate turned to slacking because, even when I gave my all, my best, however you want to phrase it, this company did not acknowledge it so I stopped caring. I had a dream on my heart and that’s where I wanted to be. I said earlier that I prayed but not for the right things, not for grace or any of the things you mentioned in your article. I prayed for the dream that was on my heart–which isn’t exactly wrong but, each time He would place an opportunity in my path, I gave into fear instead of trusting Him, instead of asking Him to give me the courage to follow those dreams. I lost the job I hated 5 years ago; I have yet to find full-time employment but I am finally taking that gamble and working towards those dreams. I am working a couple of part-time endeavors right now; I hate running around between jobs but I am grateful that I have them. The people I work with have become extended family members, being smaller, close-knit companies. Money is tight and there’s very little left over to pay down debt but I am also grateful that I do not have large amounts of debt; I have always been pretty frugal. I am working towards my dreams finally because I do not wish to spend another 20+ years in a job I hate. I am a writer and a homesteader. Those are my dreams. It took losing that false sense of security (9 to 5 position) to teach me how to trust Him finally, to give me that last nudge I needed to step out of my comfort zone and go after those dreams. Great post, Bob!

    • Bob

      THanks for sharing Lisa!

  40. Kiat

    When I was younger and if I hate a job, I would just walk out of it. As I get old and thing changes, I have to think about my future and family, even if I hate a job I would stay on pretend to smile in the office until an better opportunity come by.

  41. Kim G

    This post is perfect timing, thank you! I had to accept a job that I didn’t really want and didn’t pay what I was accustomed to getting paid because my unemployment was about to run out. I tried to make the best of the new job and new culture (going from a very large Fortune 500 company to a company with less than 300 employees total). I am still at this company, miserable with the job, but have recently in the last few months decided to make the very best of this job, be the best I can be, be happy I have an income and health insurance and be thankful to God for providing for me and my family. I know that God will provide me with that perfect opportunity when the time is right. I am so much happier because of this knowledge and understanding. Thank you for the post.

  42. Jennifer

    Hey, I really enjoyed reading this post! I totally agree with you.
    I once worked a job that HATED! I would cry, complain, cry, complain etc. almost quit with no other job to go to..,but I worked hard, even got Top performer numerous times and received a promotion. I wanted to be thankful for that job, but it was hard to be.
    So finally one day I said “Lord you’re not going to take me out of here until you are ready!
    Well it wasn’t long before I got another job offer with another company and I took it. The new job was a much better environment, but the new test I had to endure………. it was only GOD. Looking back I’m better now, but it sometimes amazes me how we have to knocked to our knees just to come back better than we’ve ever been.

    Fast forward, now I am currently laid off and hoping that I will go in the directions God has for me.
    Thanks for encouragement!

  43. Wendi M.

    Thank you for your encouragement. I believe so many people are unhappy these days because they’re doing what they have to do instead of what they want to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put all the jobs in a box, shake them up, and let everyone pick out the one they would love!? I took a huge leap of faith to do what I love, and though I’m not making the money I thought I would…yet… (as a full-time Christian author), I am learning more than I ever imagined. I am encouraged by articles like yours, because I know there are people waiting for me on this path. If I give up, I will miss them. I had jobs that felt like slavery, and I’m so happy to be released from them. I finally got the clue that, after five years of one job after another, it was time for me to trust God…completely. So, thank you for sharing your hate-love journey, and the beauty of being obedient to God no matter where we are. God bless!

  44. Omar Carreto

    Hello Bob,

    This is great advice. I pretty much did the same thing prayed, did more work, also started to see my self in visions doing another job (like a Manager). The truth is that we are so blessed to have a job after all I have gone through I can honestly say US has it so good the work place, benefits, pay check and freedom to save money, but still live poor like a third world country. It is sad to read here people complaining about they’re jobs when others around the world make less than a $1.00 USD a day, NO BENEFITS, and not as much freedom to save or invest they’re money and terrible work conditions. What is worst not enough jobs for everyone. To finish here I say just be grateful to be able to work first, second be grateful to have a job and third to have food(abundantly) on your table providing for your loved ones. Attitude is everything in life. Procrastination will lead you no where.

  45. Vivian

    I can relate to many of the comments posted here. I speak only from my experiences here. Our mindset; how we view our circumstances, and our willingness to see life from God’s perspective is what helps me get passed those times when I’m self absorbed, which is pretty often. It is only when I take the time to look outside of myself and focus on how God reached out and treated others who were so far from being deserving of His love, yet He offers us all grace, mercy, forgiveness, etc. , then I see how my/our walk through life requires us to extend the same to others, be it in the workplace, etc. I have found that by trusting in Him that I am where I’m supposed to be at the moment, and to rely on His timing, that ultimately His good works will be realized in our lives and the lives of others we’ve encountered throughout our life’s journey. Ultimately, He has out best interests in hand if we believe in Him and we’re willing to do our part. This life is on Earth is temporary; however through Him he offers us eternity. We all have our gripes about our daily work life, I certainly have mine and might write a blog/book one day, but I do think my saving grace is praying each day for those things I’m grateful for, and know that each day brings new perspective, people encounters and most of all God’s love to carry me through.

  46. Pumeza

    That’s true Bob! I did exactly most of the things you did and after 9 years I was blessed with a new job this year. I stopped complaining, I began to be grateful to God about that job and was positive all the way, that no matter how boring the job was, I had to do it diligently as if doing for the Lord. And after my change of attitude, God granted me the desire of my heart!! Praise be unto Him, who is always faithful.

  47. Kyle

    Hi all. I just want to say I really appreciate this article and everyone’s comments. I also want to say, that before anyone gets reading what I’m about to say and misconstrue it, that I am a Christian and have tried to follow Jesus all my life. I’m wondering if anyone else can relate to what I’m about to try to express. I hate my job so much, there’s not a word or description that does my feelings toward the company and position justice. I suppose “loathe” might do, but I digress. Everything at my company is a joke. The training, the product, and half of the employees should have been fired long ago but for some reason are still employed. I’ve been there almost 5 years, and held a few positions. I just started a new role, and I knew that what I was probably going to be getting into was going to be beyond difficult and impossible. It’s worse. Much worse. I feel like there’s a target on my back at all times, and that despite all that’s mentioned above (praying, reading the Word, working harder, working for the Lord, etc.), my days are numbered and I better find something else or I will either walk out the door or be fired. The company culture is so toxic and back-stabbing/tribal. There are absolutely NO incentives to do more than the minimum of what is required. And what’s worse, is that the product is what no one wants: junk mail. I would leave in less than a heartbeat, but I have a two year old son and a wife to support. I am trying to refocus, pray and send out resumes, but I’ve literally tried for years now and got close on a couple interviews to being one of two candidates and failed to land a new job. I’m beyond frustrated and confused. I feel that my life is wasting away. I have so much potential and I hope so much to offer beyond stuffing mailboxes with useless junk mail. But I am also caught in the catch-22 problem of drowning in debt, but should I put myself into more debt to go back to school on the off-chance of landing a better/higher paying job?! I can’t afford the risk with a family to support! I’m also tired of talking to other “Christians” who give platitudes like “pray harder” or “be grateful for you job”. Trust me, if you were to go into the work environment I endure, those words would seem very hollow! Anyways, thanks for letting me vent, and I guess all I can do is work harder at looking for something else. I’ll try to keep praying too, but sometimes I wonder if God is listening….

    Thanks again for listening.

    Frustrated & Confused Christian

    • Ruth

      Hi Kyle,

      I am pretty much in the same predicament that you’re in. I work in the customer servcie industry (insurance). I am not fond of my job. I have been doing this for 10 years. Insurance is a stressful business. My anxiety is at an all time high. My chest aches all the time from the stress and pressure. I get tired of being yelled at and the persisten sarcasim I deal with on a daily basis from my customers. I understand the cutomers plight because insurance is EXPENSIVE so I try to put myself in their shoes when discussing their policy. Sometimes I want to just walkout too, knowing I don’t have a backup job but that would be irresponsible, and the student loan debt I have is ridiculous so that’s not an option. My anxiety is so bad when my phone rings my chest starts to ache and I get all nervouse and worrysome, cause you don’t know what problem is going to be on the other end.. I stutter and lost concentration at times because of the nervousness… it’s horrible.. but all I can do is pray to Jesus and feel this is a test to see how I will react. I feel He is testing my patience… so I pray harder and cry out to HIM, meanwhile, tweeking my resume and applying for new positions. I hope this helps you. It feels good to vent and know you’re not alone… God Bless you.

    • Bona

      Hi Nicole and everyone,

      I appreciate all your comments and it’s a blessing to read all your honest emotions and thoughts about work and trying to balance your life to the best of our abilities. I really need prayer from all of you because I am completely stressed out as I did quit and walked out of a job. I have been having problems with being unemployed for a while and I am not proud of it either. I truly believe in our Lord Jesus. I am not going to go into all the details but I need help from all the christians on this board. Please pray for me Bona Stone and I am truly inspired by all of you but when two or more are gathered in His name Jesus, He will answer those prayers. I know I have flunked everyone of His tests and I am not very good in going to church, maybe I should start. Thanks so much for all of you as I know I am not alone here.

  48. Nicole

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for these words of encouragement. I currently also work in the financial industry and I have been unhappy since I started my job a couple of years ago. I am a new mum, but went back to work quite quickly (mainly because I felt I had to in order to please my bosses). I really struggle and would like to quit my job. I have been asking God about what He wants me to do. I feel peace, although I wonder how my husband and I would cope financially if I left my position, as well as if I will be able to find a new job after being a stay-at-home mum. I was wondering how you definitely knew that God was calling you out of your job at that time? I really do not make a wrong decision, which might be only passed on my emotions.

    I would appreciate your advice. Thanks a lot!


  49. Juan-Pierre Jonck

    Hi everyone

    Thank you.. beings stuck in a career that I hate I have worked as for God gone the extra mile developed, helped and encourge people on the way even while im struggling with my own battle. I pray and I wonder why God is silent. My dreams are so big to me they seem impossible to achieve.. I am not only emotionally exhausted but physically and spirituality yet our Father still remains silent, hence I feel stuck and dont know what to do anymore. I have come to the end of myself, which is a good thing because it allows God to now act, but enduring the end is like gold being purified… stick it out even if you hang on by your little finger keep hanging. Jer29:11

  50. Valeska


    Thanks for the blog, I only start working this year, and due to my obligation to my company that provided a 4 year bursary for my engineering degree, I have to work for them 4 years. I experience a hate for my job too. I actually don’t want to be an engineer as in doing such technical work. Where I am there are a lot of unemotional men. And the work is so technical and I am forced to grow my technical career, but in my heart I want to work with people and do business and networking. I do extremely complicated work and every day I hate it. And I’ve been praying and knowing that God placed me here. And He will work it out for the good and everything you mentioned. It is just that daily motivation is extremely hard. I feel even guilty to wish the 8 hours is over, and I do try to be positive. I suppose I just need to meditate on Gods word 2-3 times a day. The hard thing is nobody knows about my pain. Everyone assumes that if I studied engineering I should enjoy engineering.

  51. JNH

    I hate my job and I’ve been suffering through it for 20 years now. Extremely depressing. I see no hope or light coming any time soon.

  52. Kelly Feltzer

    5 years is that all the longer you had to wait.? I have been waiting 25 years.vibhate my job and have hated for as long as I can remember.vi am so tired and worn out and feelbhopeless. Like God has forgotten about me. I admitt there are times when ibfall away for just a bit and ibquestionbhis plan for m, but I always come back to homv,feeling hopeful and nothing ever happens. L, while all around me everyone else prospers in every way. Im not really sure what GOd wants from me.v

  53. Shawn

    Great post and this is speaking to me right now.

    There is no way that I am going to work harder on my job because the cards are stacked against me, I cannot seem to do anything right and my supervisor is on my back and I am fine with that.

    Bare minimun is all that they will get from me. We do have to realize that everyone is different and what works for one, does not work for someone else. I will work hard looking for another job.

    I will stay on my job until June and after that, goodbye. I keep the image of me walking out the door in June to keep me sane.

  54. Bre

    This was soooo encouraging. I will take your advise.. each and every single one of them. My job isn’t terrible but it has been challenging for me… more than I expected it to be. I am praying that I can do something I love that wont be stiitng at a desk all day.

    it has felt like a waste of my life… I desire to do something for the Lord. Ministry in some kind of way.

    Thank You for this blog and post!!

    I am hopeful and I will check out the rest of your blog!

    God Bless You :)))

    • Bob

      awesome glad to be of service Bre!

  55. Jazzi

    God is an Awesome God!! I’m currently in Law Enforcement I hate my job to the max. Spending 13 hours at a job you dislike is really bad feeling. I thank God for a good paying job with benefit until he bless me with a job I enjoy!! Recently I had an interview for a job my field
    ( computers and customer service)I was a great candidate but they went with someone else. I was hurt so bad I cried my eyes out when I received that email. But I know God has something else for me and he saw my tears!! One day I will be the job for me!!!!!

  56. ESI Money

    I used to hate my job.

    Then I retired last week (at 52)! LOVE it so far.

    Now just have to see if I can find things to do. I think I will including volunteering for a few ministries I love.

  57. Ronita Kipp

    Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging words, It was confirmation to my spirit. Today was a day I wanted to give up a quit and then I read your article and it gave me the strength to keep pressing forward, knowing that God will deliver me. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  58. Vera

    Thanks a lot Bob for these tips, they cover a lot. Your e-mails with links to your blog posts have been much helpful on general terms. God bless your simplicity and God bless you.

  59. Finance Solver

    I’m exactly like you were when you first went into the corporate world. I’m full of ambition and optimism right now but from hearing from other full-time professionals, I’ve been beginning to see that I should be more realistic and not be so optimistic. I’m sure I’ll find out the truth sooner or later but I hope to never cross that bridge!

  60. Grace

    This is just what need I need right now. I can certainly do those things as I begin to create a new path. Thank you.

  61. Jessica Reyna

    Thank You Lord for allowing Bob to post this, Seems like we all here have encountered the same Demon. I was having ugly feelings towards the people I work with, especially my boss because of how unfair she is and how she plays favorites and does not look at all the work I put into the department. I stopped going above and beyond, I did not feel myself, but i remembered this is for you and not for her. I am constantly applying everywhere and seem to not get a lead on anything, i just pray that you Lord will guide me and I know this is all for a reason. I just need to be patient and do the best I can with the blessings you have put in my path as of now 🙂 Being Human I do get let down, but after reading this scripture it gives me reassurance it will all be okay!!!

    • Lauren (SeedTime Editor)

      Glad it helped, Jessica!

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