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I have written quite a bit about budgeting since I consider it to be a key component to getting our finances under control. Just like most people, I always hated the idea of budgeting, but once you get a better understanding of the freedom that comes with using a budget you fall in love with it. Or at least I have. 😉

This page will show you how to budget with various methods and everything else you want or need to know about budgeting. If you are just getting started I would suggest reading How to make a budget. From there I would consider getting some free budget software or download a household budget template.

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10 Free Household Budget Spreadsheets

A bunch of free budgeting spreadsheets available to download

Someone asked me to share my favorite free household or personal budgeting spreadsheets… Each one of these budgeting templates are free… If you use OpenOffice (basically a free version of Microsoft Office)…

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4 Tips to Save Your Family Money This Summer


Summer can be expensive for families who try to “do it all.” Along with some planned activities, unexpected summer fun can pop up out of nowhere – and so can the expenses! Here’s how you can manage the finances of your family’s summer fun without breaking the bank.

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Why You Should Build Your Savings Before Paying Off Debt

Are you just starting paying off your debt? Here is why you should bulid up your savings before trying to pay off debt -

So many people who are in debt try – and repeatedly fail – to get out of it. They might beat themselves up for being “weak” or utterly incapable of mastering their finances. In truth, they’re neither weak nor incapable. They’re probably just going at it in the wrong way.

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2 Practical Budgeting Tips to Manage Your Money Better


Do you think planning by category and envelope budgeting techniques are sufficient to proactively managing your money each month? Are you better off if you can layer on yet another technique or two to help you manage your money, as long as you don’t over complicate matters? Let me offer you a couple of other practical tips.

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How to Build Generosity Into Your Budget


You’re out to eat with your loved one and you two strike up a conversation with the server. You come to find out that she’s a single mom, works two jobs to make ends meet, and is trying to go to school so she can get ahead. Your heart goes out to her, but what do you do?

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How Should a Teenager Handle Saving vs. Spending?

Saving vs. Spending

The saving vs. spending transition is something of a rite of passage every teenager needs to experience in order to get on the road to financial security and independence later in life. But it’s also a surprisingly difficult lesson to learn, since saving money is a major component of money management overall, and teens are usually seeing for the first time.

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Why Money Doesn’t Solve Money Problems

why money doesn't solve money problems

I mean if you were making what your boss is making, it will not fix your financial squeeze. There is a famous principle that expenses rise to meet income, so if you are having a hard time paying your bills or making a dent in your mountain of debt money is NOT your answer.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Even Begin to Budget


Your budget has to make sense to you or you are never going to use it. Just because you found some cool spreadsheet online does not mean that you are now good to go. If you do not make it your own, it won’t go anywhere.

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How to Best Use Your Extra Paychecks

Extra Paycheck

The problem with extra paychecks is that most people don’t have a plan for them. What happens to your money when you don’t have a plan? It disappears with nothing to show for it. Here is how to put that money to work for you.

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How the 80/20 principle applies to your money


You’ve probably heard of “the 80/20 rule.” The technical term for this common phrase is called the Pareto principle, named after . . . you guessed it, a man named Pareto . . . .

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$500 a Month You Might Be Overlooking

An extra $500/m that you may be missing

Would an extra $500 a month help? Of course. And it is possible that you already have that $500; you simply need to corral it and use it.

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4 Budgeting Tips for the Self-Employed (or Those with Irregular Income)

4 budgeting tips for those with irregular income

Working for yourself can be one of the most rewarding things you could ever do, but it can also be the scariest. It is exciting to wake up and know that you are writing your own W-2 for the year. No boss to answer to (unless you are married). Life is great. If things go as planned, you start to see money coming in the door. Then you quickly discover something very important: managing your money is even more critical.

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How to Rebuild a Bigger and Better Emergency Fund

how to rebuild your emergency fund...

What do you do when an emergency has occurred and you have had to use part – or all – of your emergency fund? When it is time to rebuild, here are some things to make a priority.

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How to Buy “Throw Away” Cars

How to buy "throw away" cars that look nothing like this beautiful convertible ;)

Some people do not want to drive older cars (especially when they are not nice looking), but I am content to do so, especially while we are working so hard on building a financial foundation. If you want to look for a “throw away” car, here are some things to keep in mind.

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