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These are articles showing you ways to make money now. These will not be get rich quick schemes but actual ways that you can make some money whether it just be some extra income or legitimate ways to work from home.

If you have some free time, Swagbucks is a fun way to earn some extra cash. You can earn by answering polls, taking surveys, doing simple tasks (like giving feedback about a website), trading in old video games or books, and more. You won’t get rich doing it, but it may be worth a look. Check out our Swag bucks review for more info.

I also recommend looking at these 23 ways to make money as well as these 10 ways to make money writing articles online for more inspiration.

One of the most popular ways of making money has been selling stuff on Ebay. It really isn’t as difficult as many people think and if you enjoy it you can read the steps I took to start an Ebay business.

But bottom line, in order to make some extra cash – be it with a side business, writing articles, selling goods on ebay – it takes work. There is no short-cut, you have to start small, learn from your mistakes, and keep at it. I see far too many people just looking for get-rich-quick methods – and I hate to burst the bubble – but they don’t exist. Yes there are people out there making millions with online businesses but it took a lot of work to reach that point and we should be wise and realize that “the hand of the diligent makes rich” Proverbs 10:4.

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5 money-making websites that have an A+ rating with the BBB

I decided to do some research and find all the LEGIT money-making websites out there as proved by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). While there are a lot of scammy ones out there, these 5 all have an A+ rating with the BBB - a feat that is not easy to accomplish!

Since we have written a handful of articles about ways to make money, and some include a variety of money-making websites, readers are often concerned about avoiding the scams. I will first tell you that I have investigated every one of these websites that we link to and have tried out almost every one myself. Obviously the […]

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How I made $2,145 Last Month by decluttering


A few months ago I began a journey towards minimalism.  And not the weird kind where you sleep on the floor and only have one plate and one fork, but a kind where I question all my possessions and get rid of the stuff I don’t need. I had read a few books that were […]

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Swagbucks Review

6 ways to make money with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a site that allows you to earn cash/rewards in a variety of ways. I’ve used them off and on over the last few years, and am now just getting around to writing a thorough review of them.

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Starting an Ebay Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting an Ebay Business

A while back I did an experiment to see if I could start a profitable Ebay business. This article shows how I did it and what my results were…

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How to Sell Your iPhone on eBay


Want to get the most money from selling your old iPhone? Even if the iPhone is damaged and not working, you can sell it for the most cash on Selling an iPhone is not like selling clutter. There are some pitfalls to avoid, and there are ways to earn more money.

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20 REAL companies that want to hire you to work from home

20 real companies that pay you to work from home...

You don’t have to own a business to work from home. Although there are plenty legitimate home-based businesses you can start, existing companies will pay you to help them from the comfort of your own home. So get your home office set up, here are 20 real companies that will pay you to work in your slippers. Comfy!

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A Closer Look at Making Money with the Gigwalk App

Gigwalk app

The Gigwalk app is making an attempt to simplify the process for normal everyday people to complete tasks that companies are willing to pay for. My goal today is to show you how to use Gigwalk and my overall impression of the app.

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How To Make Money Reselling Goods: 5 Unique Ways

reselling goods

One of the ways my husband makes extra money is by reselling used goods—antiques, collectibles, or just basic household items. He does this through several channels I’d like to share with you here.

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31 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas & Opportunities

31 legit home based business ideas for you to make some extra money with

If you are like many, the thought of starting a home-based business has probably crossed your mind at some point. With the economy being what it is, layoffs all around us, and an increasing desire for many to escape the rat race and work from home many are trying to start a home-based business…

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How to Sell Your Stuff on Ebay

How to sell on ebay for beginners

As part of my de-cluttering process, I sell my stuff on Ebay. There are lots of random items around the house that are perfect for selling on Ebay. If you have never sold on Ebay before, you will probably be surprised at how easy it is and how quick you can make a little money. Last time I made over $200 for only a few hours worth of time.

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Earn $600 A Year With A Cash-Back Rewards Debit Card


Since opening my account in May of 2010 I have earned $1169 cash back. This breaks down to an average of $58/month for doing nothing different than I was doing before I switched from my old bank…

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Make Extra Money: 4 Factors That Will Make or Break Your Goals


Chances are you were raised to believe you should go to work from 9-5 your entire life and that was it. You probably were taught that you should focus on your career and nothing more. What if I told you that you are missing out on opportunity after opportunity to make additional income outside of your typical career path?

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Get-Rich-Quick: Does it EVER Work?


Back in college I interviewed a man in New York City who worked for a small company that promoted get-rich-quick schemes. Now—this is important—in his line or work, they don’t refer to their “products” as get-rich-quick schemes, but by some other more socially acceptable handle that escapes me at the moment. No matter, he gave me a wealth of information and insight into the world of get-rich-quick.

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3 Ways to Make Money: By Time, Task, or Potential


Wanting to get my income up, I’ve been thinking about how I can make some extra money. Inevitably, this leads me to think about how I can be more productive with the resources at my disposal, and I thought I’d pass this brain-work on to you for your consideration. Do you make money by time, task, or potential?

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