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5 Traditional and 5 Non-traditional Ways to Invest Your Money

5 non-traditional investments

If you’re new to investing, you’re probably aware that there are literally dozens of asset classes you can invest your money in. To make it easier for you, we’ve selected 10 classes, and broken them down between traditional and nontraditional, with five assets in each category. 5 Traditional Ways to Invest Your Money If you’re […]

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Rebalance IRA Overview: Enjoy Investment Expertise and Management for Less

Rebalance IRA

Traditional investment “advisors” can take a tremendous chunk out of your investment earnings through outrageous fees and fine-print practices. No wonder investing for retirement is scary business. Granted, you probably don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for investment expertise and management. If so, Rebalance– might be just the ticket.

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Obama’s MyRA Retirement Savings Plan: Should You Use it?

Obama's MyRA retirement savings plan - why you should probably avoid it...

In his State of the Union Address in January 2014, President Barack Obama unveiled what he hopes will be a solution to the retirement program. A retirement account called the MyRA is aimed at those who don’t have employer-sponsored retirement accounts, but it will also be available to those with employer plans. The MyRA is also designed to encourage saving due to its low barrier to entry.

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8 Common Sense Investing Tips Everyone Should Follow


Don’t look for specific investment advice in this article; I leave that to the experts. However, these commonsense strategies will give you a solid foundation for long-term – and successful – investing.

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5 Keys for Overcoming the Fear of Investing


Fear is one of the most common emotions associated with investing. It keeps some people out of the market completely. And for many who are in the market, it causes them to sell at all the wrong times. Here are some practical ways to calm your investing fears.

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4 Simple And Incredibly Important Things You Should Do Now

4 simple and important things you can do for your finances now

Now that some of the dust has settled and we are a couple weeks into the new year, here are few items you should check off your list. As you read through this list you will quickly realize that none of these are URGENT, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the only important things […]

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Are Annuities a Good Investment?


Annuities are a type of investment, generally provided by insurance companies, designed primarily to provide a steady income . . . .

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What is a Ponzi Scheme?


A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment that is designed to deceive investors and ultimately make the originator very wealthy. Most follow a similar design . . . .

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5 Ways to Get Started Investing Today With Just $100


You can start investing now, with what amounts to little more than pocket money. Here are some ways that you can get started investing.

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The Four-Factor Test for Mutual Funds

mutual funds

Choices are good, but too many mutual fund options leads to choice paralysis. You end up staring at a list of mutual funds wondering if you’ll pick the right one. Inevitably, a lot of investors will resort to looking at strictly the performance of the fund for the last five years and ignore everything else.

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Retirement Calculators: Your Roadmap for Saving


While there’s no surefire way to calculate yourself into the perfect retirement, you can get a better idea of where you’re headed if you use the right calculators. I’ve found a few that do a good job in providing retirement projections, and would encourage anyone who is saving for retirement to use these to see if they’re on track.

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Tips from Warren: Commodity vs. Monopoly Businesses


The Buffettology Workbook is a great tool to start understanding how Warren Buffett invests. Here’s a quick summary of some of the points the authors make.

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Why Your Teenager Should Have a Roth IRA


Retirement planning for a 14 year old? Sounds like a crazy idea. But look closely at the math and you’ll realize those small contributions grow the most.

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