25 Money-Saving Ideas For Your Wedding (From Pinterest)

25 amazing #wedding-ideas to help you actually save money on your wedding day!  8 years ago when I married my lovely wife, we got creative and had a wedding and reception (thanks to some awesome friends and family) that we loved for just a couple thousand dollars.

But back then – before the days of Pinterest – we had to actually be creative. 😉

Now-a-days you can spend an hour on Pinterest and find more great frugal wedding ideas than you will ever be able to use.

Sure if you want to spend 5-figures on your wedding day, it won’t be a challenge to do so.

But if you don’t exactly have the budget of Kate and William, have no fear, here are plenty of ideas to help you create a beautiful and frugal wedding day.

Almost all of the items listed below have instructions on how to create them, so bookmark this page and follow the links of the ones you want to create!


DIY Wedding Bouquet


From WeddingChicks.com

Wedding Ring Holder

wedding ring holder

From StyleMePretty.com

Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

From polkadotbride.com

Wedding Planner


From boho-weddings.com

Sample Wedding Playlist

wedding playlist

From citymousecrafts.com

DIY Wedding Bubbles

Wedding Bubbles

From elephantshoe.com

Frugal Bouquets


From mrsfancee.wordpress.com

Tie the Knot – Literally


From RoseALaMode.com

Make Your Veil


From greenweddingshoes.com

DIY Confetti

Wedding Confetti Tutorial

From papervinenz.com

Eco-Friendly Wedding Band

Eco friendly wedding ring

From Etsy.com

Fingerprint Tree Guestbook (Printable)


From offbeatbride.com

DIY Wedding Aisle Vases

wedding aisle vases

From oncewed.com

DIY Wedding Invitations


From myellowumbrella.com

Pinwheel Table Runner


From greenweddingshoes.com

Peony Centerpieces


From oncewed.com

Make Your Own Pearl Earrings


From craftquickies.com

Wedding Wall Art


From MoneySavingMom.com

DIY Wedding Card Box


From waittilyourfathergetshome.com

Make Your Own Wedding Cake?

homemade wedding cake

From littlehomeblessings.com

Cake Topper and Stand

Jeweled Monogrammed Wedding Cake Topper and Cake Stand - The Silly Pearl

From sillypearl.com

Lemonade Wedding Favors

Lemonade wedding favors

From homedit.com

Printable Photo Booth Sign


From weddingchicks.com

Tips for Budget Weddings

budget weddings

From TheLittleCanopy.com

DIY Wedding Thank You Cards


From BridalMusings.com

Got any awesome money-saving ideas to share?  Post them in the comments!


  1. These are all great ideas. My wife and I used many of these tips when we got married 2 years ago, but I know we could’ve done more to save money. Oh well, it was all worth it in the end.

  2. Oh Yeah! love this too.
    Thanks for these very useful wedding ideas.

  3. OMG, just want I need. Will be getting married soon. And these will help me a lot. I already made the invitations myself, need more ideas. Thank you for the post! :)

  4. Great to hear Bebekoh! Hope it helps!

  5. These are great ideas. I am married but will tell my cousin who is getting married by mid August to go the links provided so she will have an idea of having a lavish wedding but with minimal expenditures.

  6. Thank you for featuring my article! I’m reading all the other ones right now :)

  7. Tiffany McDonald

    One of the biggest savings is a mid-week wedding. We had our champagne wedding on a beer budget by having it on a Thurs. Photographers, reception halls, etc. are all. delighted to rent and make a little money rather than be empty or not have any work. Next big savings was my sweet hubby and I deciding not to have an evening wedding; we realized the big dance party was not our thing and we were doing it for other people. We did afternoon high tea style reception, then we had a lovely romantic dinner and riverside carriage ride on our own while back at the hotel lobby where most of the family had stayed was a catered dinner (inexpensively done when someone volunteers to pick up the food). Family had a ball together kicked back and relaxed. We met everyone for breakfast the next day. It is all about personalizing it and having people you cherish share your commitment and promises to each other before God. It is not about having the largest guest list or serving the latest in vogue appetizers No one but you is going to remember the details – all most guests remember was the bride was beautiful.