12 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Into a Better One

They are inevitable. Bad days happen to everyone. But, there are things you can do to make them better. Here are 12 simple things you can do right now to improve your day!They are inevitable.

Bad days happen to everyone.

But, there are things you can do to make them better.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hopefully just reading this post will help, but actually DOING some of the things listed below definitely will! Β So be bold and take action!


1. Play with kids.

Even if they are not your own, just get around kids while they are just being kids.

It is really difficult to not get cheered up while letting go of “being an adult” and just playing with a child.

2. Give someone a compliment.

Not a fake one, but take the time to see something that someone else is doing well. Β I heard someone say that the most depressing times in their life were when they were focused on themselves and their problems.

Giving someone a compliment or a gift forces us to think about another person and get our minds off our problems.

3. Sing in your car.

And sing as loud as you can. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to frown while you are singing?

4. Read Philippians 4.

And while you are at it, just think about where Paul was while he was writing it.

5. Bake your favorite kind of cookies.

Then eat some, but not too many or your day might get worse. πŸ˜‰

6. Literally count your blessings.

I mean it. Start a list of all the things you are thankful for. Write until you can’t write anymore. Staple it to the wall. Β Don’t leave any stone unturned and write down stuff like (any that apply):

  • I am thankful that 99% (or whatever it is for you) of my body parts feel great.
  • I am thankful for air conditioning.
  • I am thankful that I have a car that runs or a moped, bike or horse so I don’t have to walk everywhere I go.
  • I am thankful for the invention of electricity and all the convenience it has brought.
  • I am thankful that I can walk in a grocery store and purchase tens of thousands of items – and don’t have to grow or make them all myself.
  • And on and on…

Every time I wholeheartedly do this exercise I find myself feeling better within minutes.

7. Clean something

I am not sure why, but the sense of accomplishment from cleaning out a closet, garage, or anything else always seems to help me feel just a little better.

8. Do something for someone you love.

Do the dishes for your wife, take your niece out for ice cream, take your mom to Starbucks for a coffee.

9. Pray.

Talk to God like the friend that He is (or should be) and tell Him what is on your mind. Β Not only can He handle it, but we are designed to cast our cares and worries on Him.

Even though it is #9 on the list, it is probably the most important one on the list.

10. Think of the most encouraging person you know and call them.

But don’t complain. Refrain from telling them how bad your day is and focus on making their day better and let their infectious attitude rub off on you.

11. Write a letter.

A good old-fashioned paper and ink letter.

Bonus: write it to someone who has impacted your life to thank them and let them know how much you appreciate their role/impact in your life.

12. Remember the truth.

That God causes all things to work together for GOOD (Romans 8:28) for those who love Him…

He didn’t bring you this far to leave you here.

What do you do to help improve a bad day?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. MInTheGap

    This is a great list! If only we’d reflect more on our blessings and less on our worries we would live lives more pleasing to our Creator!

  2. bob

    I agree… I can’t tell you how many of my bad days were fixed by me just counting my blessings…

  3. Iain

    This really made me smile, nice post πŸ™‚

  4. Tina

    It was nice to see that there are people who don’t want to stay in there bad day’s. It seam’s to me thet there are more people living in bad day’s then good one’s. I wish that everyone could see your list.

  5. bob

    @Iain and Tina
    Glad you liked it… everyone needs help turning a bad day into a good one once in a while…

  6. rose

    great list. one thing i noticed in your list which my pastor repeats over and over is getting your mind off yourself will completely change your attitude. a selfless life is a much happier life.

  7. JG

    #13. Question authority, especially the antiquated, misinterpretted systems of religion we adopt without question.

  8. Iain

    Perhaps, JG, you should question whether your own lack of belief is adopted without question. As Christians, we are born doubting, and doubt is, as Augustine said, the route to spiritual growth. By denying religion outright and in such a dismissive way, you yourself are being as close-minded as the most fundamentalist Christian. Perhaps you should question why you took the time to comment on a Christian blog a post which contributed nothing other than your own opinion, which will in no way enrich the lives of any who read it.

  9. paresh

    great tips, thanks for sharing.

  10. Walter

    Wouldve been great if you excluded 9, 12, and 4.

    • Christine

      I believe #;;s $, 9 and 12 are the MOST IMPORTANT of all of these. Without God where would we be? In a terrible mess. I know because before I turned to God my life was a total wreck but then I accepted Jesus into my life and although I sitll have some rough days they are not NEARLY as bad as they used to be and even when I have rough days, if I pray that God helps me, I find my rough days get MUCH, MUCH better.

      BTW, thank you Bob for this wonderful post. I was having a bad day and seeing this reminded me to pray. Yes, I still do forget once in awhile but once I remember I always feel better.

    • Lauren (SeedTime Editor)

      Thanks for sharing, Christine!

  11. Walter

    amen to that, JG

  12. Margaret

    Dear Friend in Christ. I am having a bad time today – funeral later. Thank you so much for taking the time to come up with this list which was just what I needed just now.

  13. Mitchell

    God is on part with Greek mythology. A load of stories. The others are good though, cookies are delicious and non-denominational.

  14. bob

    I am really sorry to hear that, but I am glad that it was a little bit of a help for you…

    It is a bummer that you feel that way – you are really missing out on a lot more than you know… But, I am glad you like the cookies πŸ˜‰

  15. roger collette

    Honest “ABE”: Ask not what GOD can do for you,but what YOU can do for GOD

  16. podrick

    bad things happen to good people
    and good things happen to bad people amen

  17. Shanae

    These are 12 perfect examples of what someone should do when they feel like they’re having the worst day possible.
    #11 and 12 are my favorite. When my mother lost her job last week, she was terribly sad and awfully depressed, but I had to remind her to thank God because this was meant to be and had to happen so that something great could come along later. Knowing who I am and my rights as a Christian are more than enough to inspire me when I’m feeling downhearted or depressed.

  18. Scott @ The Passive Dad

    I like #1 and #7 and might combine them. Play with my kids at the park, allows me to see other families and be thankful for what I have.

  19. Lorie

    Simple truths. I liked them. Thanks for posting.

  20. Akalpita

    Hey nice post.I was feeling very low as past night was terrible due to 1 of my friend.But this post has helped me.

    God Bless u.

    I wanna add one more thought of mine.
    In the bible,among the 10 commandments .1 Do not critisize.
    I feel whenever we criticize or speak vague,its we who get a bad feeling in our heart.But if we learn to appreciate,its not only us who feel great but also the person getting appreciation does.

  21. Jeannie D.

    Great List! Thanks so much for these great ideas. I work in retail, am an older, single woman and sometimes I have some REALLY BAD DAYS:-) But Mama said there would be days like this and she taught us to Pray, to Praise (sing) and to Encourage or Help someone. Her creed was: Jesus Others You. “What a wonderful way to spell JOY” So your list includes these and more:-) No matter how bad I feel or how down I am, putting on a praise and worship cd just doesn’t allow the pity party to be successful.

  22. Connie

    I very much enjoy singing and I know personally it is a great way to lift my spirits.

  23. Susan

    Just when I needed a reason to smile, this link showed up in my email πŸ™‚

  24. Bob

    I have a lot to learn from you. Not only is this a great list you take criticisms and clearly targeted attacks on scripture and God in stride. The folks that make these comments clearly are confused about what website they’re visiting. It is Christian Personal Finance… Not Agnostic Personal Finance or Atheist Personal Finance.

    Anyhow, thank you for these awesome reminders on how to turn a day around!

  25. Paula

    Thanks once again for sharing ways we can improve our lives financially. spiritually and emotionally. This article comes at a good time for me too.

  26. Emily

    This list came on a day I really needed it. I have tried a few of the things on this list to help make my stressful day better. I have a page of uplifting quotes and scriptures that I look at when I’m worried or discouraged and I added Romans 8:28 to it. Thanks for the list (and the timing)!

  27. Ann Power

    As usual, another great encouragement from
    your team…many thanks!!!

    • Bob

      Thanks Ann!

  28. Marie @ 4HWD

    Whenever I had a bad day, number 1 is my best thing to do. I have a seven-year-old kid and I really love playing with her.

  29. Ebere Mayne

    It’s great how.the summary of this to me is to look.’away from myself’ when I ‘feel’ I’m having a bad day.

  30. Gayle Pratt

    thankyou, I recorded these in my journal for the future!

  31. Sarahbeth

    I love this list! Thanks so much for sharing! I love #4 because Philippians is my husband’s favorite book in the Bible. Such Truth!
    And for #5, instead eating some cookies, I’m gonna eat some ice cream today πŸ™‚
    I think one of the best ones listed is #6 though. This is one that I have a tough time doing because I so easily focus on the negatives. But I’m gonna take this list as a challenge, especially #6, and count God’s blessings He has given me and use them to remember His faithfulness.
    Thanks again for the encouragement!

  32. Lisha

    This is great! I agree with all of it. Especially 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12 πŸ™‚

  33. Nessa

    I just dance to an upbeat song whether gospel or Pharrell’s Happy, it gives me a renewed energy.

  34. Drawlence

    All the twelve ways of ideas are turning a real magic and acceptable to me, God bless you Bobfor ur wisdomsof blessing from God!

  35. John

    What a great list! I am going to keep this bookmarked so I can refer to it often.

  36. Jyro

    Thanks so much for your inspiring words Bob, God bless you abundantly for staying true to the truth.

  37. Alison

    Thanks! I am grateful that you wrote this article!

    • Lauren (SeedTime Editor)

      You are welcome, Alison!

  38. Rob

    Beautiful Bob, thank you!

  39. Joy

    Lovely post. Thank you!

    • Lauren (SeedTime Editor)

      Glad you enjoyed it, Joy!

  40. Fawn

    Whenever I am feeling depressed, I like to turn on some upbeat music (I like capital kings) and turn on the lights or open up some windows or shades to let as much light in as possible to my house. That is some things that help me. Great list, I appreciate your blog. πŸ™‚

    • Lauren (SeedTime Editor)

      Great ideas, Fawn!

  41. Verica Vance

    Bob The Bible says Heaven & Earth shall pass But His Word will STAND…… I know the word however I still worry, Some Days it feels like I HAVE NO FAITH, & OTHERS I HAVE SO MUCH….. I think mediation on the works best for me But you have encouraged me Today…. & NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER…

    • Lauren (SeedTime Editor)

      Amen, Verica!

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