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SeedTime has seen over 46 million visitors since it began in 2007. Each year the award-winning website will help over 5 million readers to improve their financial lives with articles and videos on a variety of personal finance topics.

Our target audience is Christian, but non-Christians will find a lot of content applies to their lives as well.

Here are a few content examples:

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About Bob

Bob Lotich started SeedTime (formerly ChristianPF) in 2007 with a passion to help fellow believers learn how to manage their money wisely. His personal mission (and the SeedTime mission) is to make, save, grow, and give money to benefit others. After all, life isn’t about the accumulation of things, but is about how we can make the world a better place by giving.

Once he realized that by paying off his debt, he could fund God’s Kingdom instead of paying interest to banks, it provided a deeper level of motivation to getting out of debt.

That sealed the deal, and Bob and his wife Linda spent the next couple years paying off their $46k of debt in their first years of marriage.

Bob also has a passion for helping entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground and has written 2 books helping bloggers and wanna-be-bloggers build and grow their blogs.

When Bob isn’t working, he is likely hanging with his wife Linda and their kids, Alden and Valerie, working on his garden, eating some artisinal dark chocolate, playing guitar, or riding his motorcycle.  Sometimes all at the same time.  🙂

Interview Bob!

Bob is available for podcast, video, phone or print interviews. He is open to providing quotes or interviews on a variety of financial topics, but most interviews tend to revolve around:

SeedTime Stats

  • SeedTime has seen over 45 million unique visitors since it began in 2007
  • Currently, it reaches 5.5 million unique visitors each year
  • In 2017 SeedTime donated 36% of all course sales to FMSC which provided 79,000 meals to starving children
  • 235k email subscribers (as of 2018)
  • 175k following on social media platforms (FB, Pinterest, Twitter, IG)
  • Bob has authored 4 books, including the best-selling “How to make money blogging”, which currently has 4.5 stars with over 800 reviews on Amazon

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Media & Press Inquiries:

Contact:  [email protected] | (636) 344-0438