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Thoughts on Buying, Selling, and Commerce

You walk into a Starbucks and hand the barista a crisp five-dollar bill. They take it and hand you that Venti Frappuccino you’ve been craving all day long. How does this work? One word: trust. Because they trusted that the paper you were handing them would profit their company, they took that five-dollar bill. This happens every day in many different types of transactions, all around the world . . .

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9 Passive Income Streams That Work

9 passive income streams that work...

One of the most popular topics today about personal finance is making extra money – more specifically making passive income streams. There are many great articles that share how you can make extra money, but before we explore some passive income ideas, I think it’s important to set the groundwork for what passive income is and is not.

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3 Timeless Principles for Wealth Creation

Every once in a while we run across a set of rules or guidelines that lead us to a deeper fundamental principle. Over the past few years of studying personal finance, I've found three principles that I believe help people create wealth. While there are certainly other rules, principles, tips, and more suggestions out there that can help people become wealthy, these three are a few of my favorites.

Every once in a while we run across a set of rules and guidelines that lead us to a deeper fundamental principle. Over the past few years of studying personal finance, I’ve found three principles that help people create wealth. Are you ready to create some wealth?

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Developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit: Lessons From Christopher Columbus

Between 1492 and 1503, Christopher Columbus completed four round-trip voyages between Europe and the Americas. These voyages, because they mark the beginning of the colonization of the American continents, changed history. What are some lessons we can learn from Christopher Columbus? Read on to find out!

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21 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

Need to make some extra money, but want to do it from home? Here are 21 ways to make some extra cash that you can do from home!

Alright, so you’re ready to earn some extra money. Perhaps you need to pay off debt or build your emergency fund. But how? No worries, here are 21 ways to earn extra money. Some are easy, some are difficult. Find the jobs that match your lifestyle and go make some extra cash!

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Freelance Career Ideas: Writing, Webdesign & More

The most recent recession has been marked by an increase of people starting home businesses. The combination of a tough job market and technology that makes it possible to start a freelance business from home has tempted many to quit the more traditional workplace and work for themselves…

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Transitioning from Side Job to a Fulltime Job

Being a freelancer usually requires that you have a fulltime job while you continue to build your freelance business. Thus, each month your side income should continue to increase…

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7 Side Jobs I’ve Done to Increase My Income

7 side jobs I've done to increase my income...

There are plenty of good articles that highlight ways to make money or part time jobs to earn extra cash. But what about side jobs you can do while you’re still employed full time?

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Pros And Cons Of Starting A Small Business

Yesterday we looked at the pros and cons of picking up a part-time job as a means to get some additional income. Today we are looking at the pros and cons of starting a small business…

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The Art of Stewardship for the Self Employed

self employed

The word stewardship is a very Biblical word, but in essence it means to manage well what you have been given. Many times we only attribute this to money, but I believe it applies in many areas. Most corporate employees would readily admit that during “primetime” hours at work, they were not always engaged 100%. Now, let’s translate that into the self-employment world…

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5 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs & Opportunities (2017)

Legit work from home jobs

We live in tough times. Those who are not unemployed are under-employed. Many people agonize between taking a second job and family time. My goal is to share with you some resources that allow you to earn extra income for your family from the comfort of your own home on your schedule. Many of these examples I have personally used to add extra income to my household when needed. I am not going to focus on starting an online business in this post (although, for the diligent there is money to be made in blogging, Adsense, creating your own products, selling on ebay, and affiliate sales.) Instead, I want to introduce to you a few reputable work-from-home companies that will pay you for your work…

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Make money writing for Hubpages

How I make $2 per month for each article I write at hubpages

..These are the steps I took to start making money writing for hubpages… I did very little if any work after creating the hubpages and yet I still made $47.14 in July…

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