Christian stock investing: How to be Biblically responsible

UPDATE: This podcast is temporarily down,
we will put it back up as soon as it is available.

Have you ever wondered how to pick investments that line up with your beliefs? Or if if Christians should even be investing in stocks? Or how we should be picking stocks if we do? In this interview with Mark from we discuss stock investing for Christians and how to be a Biblically responsible investor – whether you are in the stock market or not.

Christian perspective on investing

In my interview with Mark we discussed…

  • The fundamental reason that we should care about where our money goes
  • Why it is so important that we know where our investment dollars are going
  • Bible scriptures that indicate we do have a responsibility to invest with our consciences
  • How to find stocks that line up with your beliefs
  • Free resources to help Christians with Biblically responsible investing
  • A few mutual funds that are available that are Biblically responsible funds
  • Recommended funds for those interested in Biblically responsible investing


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  1. Pedro Moore

    Thank you for this Podcast, I think that this company is doing an awesome job. I do have ownership in publicity traded companies, but never included the company’s moral activities to see if they match with mines. The best way Mark put it, is could I see myself running that company. If so, then I should further research whether I should invest in it or not.

    In deciding whether do buy a company, I think that is what has to be decided before any financial work come in to play.

    • bob

      No problem Pedro, I am pretty excited about what Mark is doing as well!

  2. Mick

    There is no such thing as a morally clean company, period. Some may be rated “clean”, but it’s by accident and not choice. And what if they change, are you going to sell and then buy and sell again? Biblically based investing sounds good on paper, but in reality it’s just another gimmick to get your money.

    • bob

      Mick, I agree that it is probably impossible to create a perfectly moral company, just like it is impossible to be a perfectly moral human. That said, some companies clearly have no regard for how they make their money, who they have to exploit, how many people’s lives get ruined, or even trying to be biblically responsible. And to answer your question, yes, if I bought a company that was clean and then they started funding al queda or a prostitution ring, I would sell.

  3. Jay Peroni

    Great job Bob…getting the word out on faith-based investing. I love your proactive approach of getting the issues on the table!

    Jay Peroni, CFP
    Author of The Faith-Based Millionaire

  4. Mark Minnella

    I disagree. While there are no perfect companies, because all companies are run by imperfect people, there are many companies, such as Chick-fil-a, that are intentionally operated according to Christian values. I can’t imagine that closing on Sunday so that the employees can go to work is somehow a gimmick to get your money.

    Also, the companies are rated by how the companies money is handled. Basically, how the company is operated, not who is operating it. If that were the case then you would be right because there are no perfect people to run a perfect company.

  5. Mark Minnella

    Sorry, that above post was supposed to say “I can’t imagine that closing on Sunday so the employees can go to church”..not “work”. My mistake.

  6. mlgreen8753

    It is important for Christians to invest in the stocks of companies that don’t go against their faith. This encompasses a broad range. Sometimes you have to look deeper into the company because it’s not just the product that counts. If a company supports an agenda that goes against the Christian faith it might not be a wise idea for a Christian to invest in stock in that company. A good investment for Christians, might be one that serves a good cause. Perhaps a biotech company working towards treatment for breast cancer research such as that of Mentor Capital.