Cash Crate Review – Legit or Scam? (2017)

I recently heard about Cash Crate and thought I would check it out. Basically you get paid for filling out short surveys and giving your email address to spammers.I recently heard about CashCrate and thought I would check it out.  I wasn’t lucky enough to find any CashCrate reviews, so I had to write my own…

Basically you get paid for filling out short surveys and giving your email address to spammers. 😉

The sign up is simple enough. It only takes about 30 seconds and once you complete that, they take you to the below screen.

Here you select which offers you would like to complete. You click the offer on the left and once you complete the offer, then you click the submit button. Cash Crate then verifies that you completed it and then adds the funds to your account.

Since I didn’t have the best experience with CashCrate, here is another option that I like a little better: Swagbucks (check out my review).


All of the offers I have done so far are actually very short and easy to fill out. Only taking about 30 -60 seconds to fill out for each one.

The problem is that it is difficult to tell how much of the offer you need to fill out.

So for example, the “Running Shoes” offer above gives you the below screen…


I think this is all you have to actually fill out to get paid, BUT as soon as you press submit it takes you to this screen…


So, now they are taking you down a trail to get a $150 gift card, which you are going to have to jump through about 1000 hoops and sign up for credit cards and a bunch of other stuff to actually get it.

I wish they would have a screen that says, “you have completed this offer,” but they seem to just try to confuse people into filling out additional offers that were not part of the CashCrate offer.

But like I said above, I think all you need to fill out is that first screen with your email address in order to get your $1.00 for that offer. Others ask you survey-type questions, some want your physical address, etc.

Well, that just sounds too easy

A lot of companies run their businesses completely off of email lists. So, you are getting paid $1.00 to get added to their email list. It may or may not be worth it to you. But I can almost promise you that you are going to start getting a lot of spam in your inbox

How to handle this

I have a few different email addresses that I use. One is only given to businesses. So, any time I sign up for anything that I think could possibly add my address to a list I use that address. That email gets hundreds of emails a day, so I only check it when I am specifically looking for an activation email or something similar.

My review of Cash Crate

It seems like a decent way to make a few extra bucks. I filled out about 7 offers (they have hundreds available) in 15-20 minutes. It would have been shorter, but I was following some of their deceptive rabbit trails.

After filling out the offers my my account shows that I have earned $2.90 and have $4.40 pending. As CashCrate verifies that I filled out the offers, the money moves from the pending earnings to July’s earnings. They say it can take from 5 minutes to a couple of hours for them to get approved.


They also have a generous referral program, so you get a cut of everyone who signs up from your referral link. I guess I will see how successful that is after I post this article.

I am going to continue using them, but only because I am not going to give them my personal  email address.

I would love to hear from people who have used it so far. Is there anything I am missing?

(Added 08-27-08)

I have now been using Cash Crate for a little over a month and just discovered something that I need to let everyone know about. I just got off the phone with the phone company to try to get a charge removed from my bill for a service that I “signed up” for via CashCrate. Apparently I checked a box that said I agree to allow them to bill me. They then sent an email to confirm and I didn’t respond, so they charged me. I argued and they did reverse the fee, but make sure if you use CashCrate or some of the similar programs that you watch what you are filling out. It was MY fault, but there are obviously some companies trying to catch you not paying attention. For what it’s worth…

(Added 09-22-08)

ok, I am upgrading my warning on – I now have 2 more stinkin things on my phone bill!! Unbelievable, I don’t think I missed these, I think they are just scammy companies… I can’t pass the blame on to CashCrate itself – but it is the companies that put surveys on their site… But either way, fighting to get these charges off my bill is not worth what I have made from them… I would not recommend CashCrate any more and if you are considering using them I would be VERY CAREFUL…

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  1. Pete @ biblemoneymatters

    I just started using them as well, and so far I’ve been able to make enough for the first payout – in only a couple of days of doing the offers in free moments.

    Like you said, it can be confusing, but maybe worth it if you have a separate email address set up for this sort of thing.

    • pavan

      Did u guys really got paid from cash crate

  2. bob

    yea, it seems like a great way to utilize a few minutes here or there to make some cash… It could get pretty mind-numbing doing it for hours on end 😉

  3. Ryan @ Smarter Wealth

    I haven’t started using them yet. But I might set up a new hotmail account just so I can start using them. An extra $20 every so often wouldn’t go astray for me.
    I am not sure if I have enough time for it though. I am busy studying, working at a part time job and also being an online entrepreneur with my wealth blog.
    I will save the site and come back to it later.

  4. Sam

    Aren’t you getting hundreds of spam emails from them everyday? I thought I read somewhere they would send you hundreds of spams a day, however haven’t tried this myself so I might be missing something.

    Fix My Personal Finance

    • Elizabeth Evans

      Getting hundred’s of email’s from Cash Crate is so untrue, I have been a member for years as well as many other earning sites. If I got one email from cash crate a week I’d be suprised. I use their tool bar on my browser, check in daily, do video’s/syrveys/click cash and rarely if ever recieve mail from them.

      Happy earning!

    • Lidia

      Hey I have a few questions for you. I have tried to use Cash Crate and every time i had to fill out a survey they asked for my adress aswell. I dont want any company sending junk mail to my home adress I am concerned….

    • Savannah

      The thing with Cashcrate is that it takes a little more than 3 months for you to get a check. I have also had some odd charges (some of which caused my card to be declined awkwardly after $100+ is charged randomly a few times). But after I made my payout, quite some money, I waited, and waited, and emailed, and called, and 3 months later, I get a check in the mail. Now I had stopped using cashcrate in that time since I wasn’t getting paid and didnt want to waste my time but i guess if you get a good flow you’ll get a check each month

  5. Peter

    To be honest I haven’t noticed a ton of emails from them. I know there is a setting so that you don’t receive newsletters and other emails from cashcrate – but you’ll probably still get emails from other companies that you’ve signed up with through cashcrate.

    I just did a review of cashcrate on my site as well, and so far it’s done just fine for me – I’ve made $15 dollars now in only a couple hours, along with another $23 pending. not bad for just doing it in some free time.

    • Elizabeth Evans

      I just realized in my ost above that i mentioned getting hundred’s of emails from CashCrate and i need to correct that statement. I do not get alot of email’s from them in fact lucky to get 1 now and then. I belong to so many different sites where you earn via email, surveys, etc. I realized just now this error. Though will state this instead of getting alot of email frojm them to earn, I downloaded their CashCrate Toolbar. Therefore I check in every day from the check in button on the bar (.03). Then offers are listed right there that you earn from and it states how much (read all print). Then I do the survey button from within there and earn amount per survey completed, then off to cash video’s within same area watch video’s available, type in 2 digit code seen while watching and paid per video watched with correct digit’s. There is so much available and out there to earn cash, this is just one and yes they do pay you just have to follow directions, put some effort in it and get paid. Sorry for my error above regarding lots of email. If anyone would like more information on otherearning sits let me know and I’ll help you.



    • Andrea

      Hi Elizabeth,
      I’m just getting started with the online surveys. Thank you for offering more information on other sites. Please let me know which ones you like that are legit. There are so many out there that are not.


    • CShaw

      Hey Elizabeth what are those other specific earning sites you talked about? Thanks

  6. bob

    you know the question I am having is… For the pending funds, I wonder if they will ever tell you if you missed a step or that you need to fulfill another requirement to get the money – or does it just stay in your pending account forever?

  7. Sam

    Ok this is really interesting. Thanks for the info Bob. Will definitely try this out within the week. Will let you know how it works on my end.


  8. zgreenwell

    This is a bad idea. To me it looks like an easy way to get scammed, like Columbia House or Amway.

  9. bob

    Well, I am not sure… So far I have been making money, haven’t gotten many more emails than before, and haven’t gotten scammed (to the best of my knowledge anyway)

    I have joined Columbia House and while they do have some strict rules you have to follow, I wouldn’t call them a scam.

    And for Amway, well what are you doing for dinner? How bout you come over to my house, because I have found some products that will revolutionize your life 😉

  10. Free Paid Surveys

    Getting referrals is the best way to make money on CashCrate. There are tons of ways to do it…all you need is a little creativity.

  11. Pete

    too bad to hear about charges on phone bill. Might be worth it to sign up for one of those free voicemail phone numbers as well.

  12. ways to earn online

    I agree. You should have signed up with the free voicemail service. I think its called simple box or something like that. Cashcrate is an awesome program, you just have to be careful.

  13. Robert

    Well, I would just have to say. How would you know if it is a bad idea if you have’nt tried it. If someone were to offer you a $50.00 check to eat a piece of liver and you never ate it before. Are you going to tell them it tasts bad?? Very Simple.. It works with little effort!

  14. Sarah

    My question is, if I sign up for this, are any of the sites going to cause a virus on my computer?

  15. Sarah
  16. Joe

    I do love cashcrate.
    [img src=”” width=1]

  17. Austin Glunt

    do the cashcrate syrvey’s bill you phone line compony?
    i have been using an e-mail i dont use regularly, and been putting my old numbers. if someone had those numbers, would it bill them?

    • bob

      I am not sure – all I know, is like I mentioned in the post – that I got 3 different charges on my landline phone bill for random wierd stuff… I did successfully get all 3 removed – but it was a hassle…

  18. Phil DeBeete

    I’m curious to know how exactly does cashcrate send money to those who participate in the surveys? I keep reading about checks. What kind? Electronic checks? Paper checks? Paper checks sent to your home address or what? Do you need to have an online bank account or Pay Pal to use the money? Sorry for the amount of questions, but I am stuck at home in the house with no job or car and need to know how to get actual cash in my hands. The legal way of course. Thanks in advance.

    • bob

      I get a paper check from them every month (even though I haven’t done a survey in months)… I tried to get direct deposit, but they don’t have that option…

  19. Noah

    why would you put your real info in there? Put fake info!!! It works with all the other sites, prizerebel, cashlagoon, rewards1, etc.

  20. Dee

    I have just signed up with cahscrate, and I wanted to know how far I need to go in completing the offers in order to be credited

  21. Samantha

    I was wondering do you have to give them your real address to be able to get your check?

  22. jeremy

    Since I have started using, i have been getting phone calls from all over the world. Of course i just ignore them when i see a weird area code on the caller id but after awhile, it gets annoying.

    I have stop using the site but the calls are still coming in. I would def not recommend this site to anyone.

    • Kimya

      When you sign up do you have to give an phone number or does this happen through the surveys

  23. danny banks

    cashcrate is okay but i really dont get it,i only have $2.00 and $17.75 on my pening,its been the same for about 2 days now…CAN ANYONE HEL ME???

  24. Crystal

    I’ve been on CashCrate.Com for a few days now. And in my Pending Earnings I’ve gotten $201.50. It’s pretty neat.

  25. JJ

    I tried cash crate for about two weeks and then all of a sudden I am getting phone calls from people all over the country. I finally quit answering any out of state calls. I filled out alot of offers and I didnt reach my available minimum. All I got from this website was alot of annoying phone calls from people trying to see me stuff. Def not a good idea

  26. Bob

    thanks Sharon! Glad to hear it!

  27. leaton

    So how do they send you a check in the mail ? Do they ask you for your adress ?

    I think I’m going to sign up for it

  28. Cameron

    It truely is a good site if you know how to use it properly. People should check out the forums to help understand what they actually need to fill out. Today was my 1st full day using it after trying it out for half a day yesterday and so far I’ve made about $21 and have another $23 or so pending..I made the cut within the first day using it so it could be very successful if you put some time into it…What’s the best way to get referals out there?

  29. Jeremy Candelario

    Hi, i aven’t used the website yet. I wanted to see some comments or information on the website. I really want to start saving some money. If you a lot about this website please comment below me and tell me the info tht u have about the website

  30. Rose Guinodn

    I think this is nothing but a scam. The positive comments, I am sure, are all made up by people who work with this company. It is a shame that you prey on poor people who are trying to make some money. Why don’t you post this on your web site.

    • Arrya

      I so doubt that. All those people couldn’t all be working for cashcrate, that’s ridiculously unlikely. They are only giving their honest opinion. It’s a shame that you prey on poor people who are trying to share their opinion.

  31. Heather

    I worked for a company last year for a very short time once I realized how they were ripping people off. The company had several websites and one of them was makemoneytakingsurveys. The company made up name of the so called owner of the site who struck it rich with the website. They set up multiple blogs and of course would give the site rave reviews. If something sounds to good to be true it is people! Hard work is what it takes to make money not just sitting at home working 30 minutes a day. If people really make that much money for basically doing nothing everyone would be at home. Please don’t fall for these scams. The company I worked for owned over 100 websites and all of them had a so called millionaire that just wanted to share how they made it big.

  32. Jim

    I can say Cashcrate is not a scam, I don’t work for any company… in fact I am unemployed right now. I can however see how so many get discouraged and think it is a scam. It is border line scam stuff going on. First and foremost… how do you know they are honoring those you refer to their site? I built a website and had about 1,000 visitors and only show a few referrals… out of 1,000 people, only a few tried it? These are things I find hard to believe. Second, how do you know the offers that don’t credit you (even if you do them exactly how they describe to) didn’t really credit the gpt website? You don’t! You think you did it wrong and the site possibly got paid. Third, look at the contests… the same freaking people always win, especially on CashCrate Games contest… the same person day in and day out wins. I was really into this stuff and made over $100 my first couple months, but my discouragement is getting the best of me now. Fourth, the gpt sites always blame the “advertisers” when there are problems… like when they take the money you earned back because of too much fraud or some other mistake… no one really knows what is going on except the site and in America today, I would bet my bottom dollar dishonestly reigns. I am realizing that these sites are only there to benifit certain select people (members). I can say with confidence that most of you who try will do a few offers and realize how much it really sucks, then you will try to get referrals thinking if you get enough, you won’t have to do them anymore. Then you will realize how hard that is also, unless you were there when the site started… but even then it is kind of hard. I have spent many many hours (remember I am not working right now) and do not have much to show for it. This is coming from someone who put their heart and soul into it and came from so many angles (advertising in laundromats, stores, websites, blogs, etc.) and still have nothing to really show. In my personal experience I found that everyone plays it up like it is some amazing thing, when in reality it is just making someone else a bunch of money and a real job is probably a better option. CashCrate itself is an alright site and they do pay you, but that is about as far as I can go. no one but the site owners know what is really going on.

  33. RT

    It is a scam…I know that some people’s opinions may say differently…..but read all of the reviews that tell us how much of a scam it is (just google cashcrate scam).
    Unless of course you enjoy getting things put on your phone bill that you did not buy, or bills in the mail that you have nothing to do with, or perhaps doing the work and not knowing what is going on.

    • BS

      You people just need to be smart and use fake FREE phone numbers and a FREE Gmail account. No phone bills, or other stuff. When you sign up for the phone number or anything don’t use your credit card or any real info and you can’t be charged.

  34. barbara

    Will they only send the check to the address i put down or will they send other things since they ask for your address on the surveys?
    And what if i just put a random phone number, because i dont want people calling that i dont know, because of minutes

  35. Sunganani

    Got lots of spam plus, it really doesn’t work well for me in my country over here in southern Africa. I considered blogging instead.

  36. Nathan

    I personally really don’t care for any of the negative comments cashcrate works fine for my girlfriend in her off time cutting hair, people now a days are all so worried they are gonna get scammed on the internet its hilarious, I’m a mechanic by day and by night I really make about 100 dollars every single night and its not on cashcrate and I’m not gonna tell you how I do it or what it took to get to that pay scale, all I can say is to any skeptic there is that reads this you can make money online but you will NEVER make more than 1000 dollars a month starting out, and if u do please show me I’ve tried everything. After a couple years of hard work I live commfy and work for fun, all in all cashcrate no scam!!!

  37. Matt

    As to how Nathan makes $100 a night leaves me skeptical. But are we not skeptical about allot of things? Nathan, by withholding the information, you are simply playing against ethics. You could simply help your fellow people to attain such a decent merit as what you are in fact retaining. I do feel skeptical towards your claim, however I do know that works. You will be spammed so simply create an e mail address that you do not care if it gets spammed. plain, simple, money and it works. I have not made a million dollars, nor $100 dollars a night such as Nathan, and if I had, I would certainly tell you how to attain this as well given that most people are in utter suffrage at this present time. In any case, I assure you that it works. It takes time to build your funds, but it does send a check.

  38. Zane

    I was skeptical at first, but after a couple of months of using cashcrate i had about 23 bucks to use for gas, pretty awesome because i didn’t have to do much to get it, you do get a lot of spam but that’s why i use a separate email so it doesn’t fill up my everyday email.

  39. brian

    I thought cashcrate was a scam as well, but with economy being so bad i was willing to try anything at that point so i signed up. To my surprise i found it is NOT A SCAM, and in fact the first month i made $30.67. Not alot of money but enough to use for gas that i didnt have before hand. I recommended it to friends as the more referrals i got the more money i was collecting. I currently make at least $130.00/month =]. Great website.

  40. james smith

    I’m making money for completing offers, doing surveys, shopping online, a lot of people think these are scams but i can promise you all now that they are not, just another couple of offers and i will get my second cheque. the first was only for 23 pounds but that payed for my petrol that week 🙂 jim.

  41. ana andrade

    im from philippines, can i still earn through cash crate?

  42. Rachael

    I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful website! I happened accross it while setting up my first and only blog and I am very grateful for you very honest opinions, experiences and reviews. I keep comming back. Thank you.

  43. David Ford

    I don’t see how anybody made any money off of this.I went to 10 different sites that were rip off and they tried to sell me something or sign up for something or wanted to pay me in points.I cannot go to the grocery store and purchase food with points.

  44. markfsoto

    I just started to use Cashcrate and I just wanted to know if I should download the keynote connector tool bar! please let me know thanks. As far as the site i like to make $$$$$$$ so it’s all good.

  45. Blogybiz

    i do not know but i saw only 3 offers,,,they have also surveys,purchase, etc but do not want them,,,prefer the offers but they are too less. the same is for you too?

  46. Luke

    I’m in the UK, and so far I have only seen checks in dollars, can you recieve the checks in Pounds or do you just have to exchange them?

  47. Paul

    I joined cashcrate despite what you said about them… i figured it was worth checking it out with false information. i did see one or two surveys that ask you for your phone number and then a little bit down the road they will have a checkbox that you have to click to continue that may or may not mention underneath it that by checking that box you are confirming that they will bill your phone account whatever they are charging you monthly( 19.99 in both i saw.) and it would have been very easy to miss. I started yesterday and filled out a little over 100 offers. most of which are still pending(it can be difficult to tell when you are done with what you need to fill out, survey screens will just keep coming at you. most of the “offers” are from other survey sites that want you to join them. CashCrate has a feature that is supposed to tell you when you have to spend money on the offer to get paid for it,(it tells you this buy putting a little red dollar sign by the offer) but I have found that a lot of the offers that dont have the $ will ask you to fill out one or more offers that offer to give you something free or onsale, you just have to pay shipping. this comes after you have given them your address, email, and maybe your phone number. im not going to spend 4.95 on shipping to get .50. CashCrate also has a little discription on what you have to fill out on the offer in order to get paid. some will say you need to complete an offer at the end, others will say you just need to give them your information and take a survey… like i said, i have filled out many surveys that CashCrate said i would not have to spend any money on just to get to the end of it and find that I do have to spend money, and its always a lot more money than CashCrate is offering to pay you. sooooo… from 100+ offers I have made $6.25, i think i may have carpel tunnel. I guess i am just trying to say that you probably wont make much money doing this and like Bob said, if you arent careful you might check a box that will end up billing you for something you didnt want. I would like to apoligize for my terrible gramar and spelling. good luck on your free-time online job hunt

    • Elizabeth Evans

      I love the way you said all that Paul and I have been doing Cash Crate for a long time. As I have also stated befdore you will not get rich, pay your rent with it or go on a vacation. However if you are willing to ‘work’ instead of expecting money for nothing. You will & do earn ! It only requires that you can read, understand what you are reading and never check a box survey or otherwise that you have not double checked that if you answer this or check here you will then be charged $9.95/ month. There is an amount of work with anything and if you are not willing to actually ‘earn’ it then why bother attempting earn from home/earn from your email/take surveys? None of the paid to do sites make up your name, address or credit card information. You put it in with the desire to earn $25/50/10 whatever the amount may be, and if you follow all instructions you will in fact get what you desired. I have been paid several times via cash crate and have a payment coming in March as well. I am not cash crate/part of/back office or otherwise. And you may look my name up you will see I am not amazingly neutral Emily.

  48. Paul

    I forgot to say that some of the offers want you to download tool bars or other things. the only one of these I did was the Bing Toolbar for $3.00 because i trust MSN(havent gotten paid yet). I also saw alot of toolbars I have never heard of and would just caution you as to what you download. If you havent heard of it before.. it might be sketchy. And in the CashCrate Terms they make it very clear that they are not to be held liable for ANYTHING. you get malitious content from a toolbar download… to bad. an offer you completed doesnt pay you even though you filled out completely… to bad. to be fare I just now saw the survey part of the site. i will try that out

  49. tabata timer

    I have never tried cashcrate. I think i will try it now thanks!

  50. RomperStompers

    Just and FYI about the charges on you cell phone bill.
    I work at a call center for a major us cell company and any time you click the “I Agree Terms & Conditions” you are putting yourself at serious risk of having charges on you cell bill. It’s called Premium Text Messaging and it is $9.99 a month PER SUB. That means every survey you fill out has to potential to add that $10 a month to your cell (and sometimes landline) bill. You can have premium text messaging blocked for free just by calling your wireless carrier and asking them to block it, then you can give out your phone number freely without worrying about getting the premium texting charges.

  51. Brian

    I’ve had cashcrate for about 3 weeks. I’m just getting my first check for 20.00.
    Not bad considering I didn’t pay a cent on offers, and did them quick. I see some people got charged, I recommend using wot for firefox, and any site you do an offer on that is red, DON’T DO IT. Other then that, the surveys and offers only take a few minutes. Also they pay to watch videos as well. Of course it’s not a way to get rich, but it’s legit.

  52. Cay

    I havent tried it yet but I was wondering if giving them a fake number would work because I dont want random people calling me…

  53. Eric

    Hi, I was wondering if you ever receive junk snail mail from cash crate?

  54. Rassan

    what you wanna do is make another email address and use it so the spamming problem solved…

  55. Laura

    I’ve had problems getting credits for offers. If anyone is serious about using CashCrate or any similar sites, I would recommend keeping a list of what ones you’ve completed. I had ten credits showing as pending for over 30 days and then they just disappeared from my account. These were all easy offers (just signup with an email, for example.) So I never got paid. I’ve had problems with some forum members not being exactly friendly, too. The forum moderators seem nice, but they don’t really control the forum discussions.

  56. Bradcore

    I’ve been very happy with CashCrate thus far. I haven’t made a lot in the 11 to 12 days I’ve been active, but I really haven’t put in any effor either. I’ve made $25 so far just from spending a few moments here or there when I’ve got some free time to kill.

  57. I got my first check for $25 earlier this month. It was a great feeling considering that it did not cost me anything so it was like free cash.

    You are right about some of those offers that send you on a run around that seems like forever. I avoid these by looking for anything that says “free $100 gift card” or some other unrealistically good number like $1,000.

  58. Emily

    Anybody else notice how all of the “amazing website!” comments are with amazingly neutral names… a bit suspicious to me. Not that my name is too exotic. To any body reading this, I wouldn’t trust these comments. Just look up “is CashCrate trustworthy” on Google or something. If you own a business you are probably sure that most of these are from CashCrate themselves. Maybe not… just don’t be too reliant on these.

    -from a super paranoid lawyer

    • danny

      I think you’re right about the people posting these ads…they have to work for cashcrate….almost all the amounts of money are the same….theres barely any mistakes or typos ….most of them just soumd fake….see how my ppst looks?? Half of them should be similar to this with typos and misspelled words

  59. Just of out curiosity

    I’m not posting my real name here just because I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Anyway, Crashcrate sounds too good to be true and honestly I still feel skeptical. The spam doesn’t worry me but Crashcrate reminds me of another “make money online survey company,” that I can’t remember the name of right away…Ah, it was Project Payday. With Project Payday, you had to use your credit card information which was a BIG red flag for me. I’m not sure Crashcrate does anything like that, but I couldn’t even try Project Payday even though so many people were saying: “You just have to be smart and work the system,” and yadda yadda. Um, no. That is sensitive information and you shouldn’t have to use that information what-so-ever to earn pennies from survey and any programs like Project Payday. I considered Cashcrate, but I have a few concerns about it such as one, if…And that is a BIG IF, I decide to use Cashcrate, how would I explain my earnings during tax time? You HAVE to report what you earn to the IRS. Second, there are a LOT of Cashcrate is a scam websites. I’ve went to the website a couple of times, not consistently and within a short time frame, but whenever I do check the website I see the same top tier earners on the front page. Also, do they only send you checks through your real virtual home address?

  60. Jonathan Smith

    Any update on the referral program and how well it is working for you?

    Would love to know the success or fail of it.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Smith

    • Bob

      Jonathan, I don’t try to refer people to cashcrate since I had an unpleasant experience with them. That said, this review ranks pretty well in the search engines so a lot of people still come read it and click over and try them out anyway. I earn about $50/m from those referrals. Hope this helps.

  61. Donovan

    I just downloaded cash crate today and so far have 3 cents ive cOmpleted surveys but they dont show up as pending are that i have the money should i continue i read most of the comments and just need money to save up for drivers ed

    From a troubled teen

  62. MistressK

    I have a question here about the surveys. My question is; When you fill out a survey do you spend several minutes doing the survey ONLY to be told you do not qualify for this survey AND/OR Do you spend a minute or so filling out a survey (adding to your spam heap) only to be told you did not add your mobile phone number? I ask this bc I have come across numerous surveys like this and wasted a LOT of time not to mention, I am forever cleaning out my cache.

    Also I see Donovan says he “downloaded” Cash Crate… do we have to download anything here?

    Thanks in advance for honest responses.

  63. carri

    My husband has been with Cash Crate for a few months and has received a check, he has not received alot of spam emails or phone calls.. All in all he has had a great experience with it.

  64. dee

    I saw they or BBB credited but have 132 complaints which is A LOT!!!! I so Not understand the A+ rating with so many complaint. I am with cashcrate but it’s only been a few weeks then I read the complaint so I stop. I will cont. if its true with the money coming in that more Q do you ask for SS# to work there?

  65. Bradley

    Are all the surveys scams? Cuz things like target or walmart gift cards seem legit. Even though they’re like “worth” $1000

  66. suraj

    Thanks for giving your honest opinions….

  67. Junaid Akbar

    Great and honest review, Cashcrate is a great earning program, every one can easily make decent amount from their easy offers

  68. Ginger

    Great Review. I love cash crate I’ve been using it for several years now. They have made several changes and added even more ways to earn money. I can honestly say I’ve never been scammed by them or made promises that weren’t kept. My favorite feature about cashcrate is the rollover. I only buckle down a couple of times a year and actually work at it. Christmas and vacation time lol. The rest of the time I piddle around when I have a few spare moments, so the roll over is a great advantage. I recommend this GPT site to everyone.

  69. anonymous

    Just. Awful. I’m familiar with the phrase, “you have to spend money to make money,” but as I understand it, after you pay, you are supposed to receive return payment. THIS HAS NOT YET OCCURRED and I have been a cashcrate member for two months. Two-thirds of the offers I completed were never credited. Not worth the time, money, spam, and telemarketers.