20 REAL Companies That Want To Hire You For Work From Home Jobs

20 real companies that pay you to work from home... /real-companies-that-will-pay-you-to-work-from-home/You don’t have to own a business to work from home.

Although there are plenty legitimate home-based businesses you can start, existing companies will pay you to help them from the comfort of your own home.

So get your home office set up, here are 20 real companies that will pay you to work in your slippers.

Real Companies that Will Pay You to Work from Home


Many big companies are looking for feedback about the usability of their website.

This is where Usertesting.com comes in.  You sign up for free and then answer questions about a particular website, explaining what is good or bad, confusing or clear, etc. and then you get paid.

You have to be accepted into the program and must be 18+, but the payouts are pretty good!  Their current payouts are $10 per test and the tests normally take about 20 minutes.



Looking for something easy to do to make a few extra bucks? E-Poll lets you take surveys in exchange for money in your PayPal account or gift cards in your wallet. You’ll receive e-mail invitations to take surveys, earn points, and redeem! Simple and easy. If you’re wanting some free stuff, try out Swagbucks.com (see our review for more info).



AirBNB is a site that allows you to rent out your home to other people who may just want to visit where you live.

You can rent it out as little or as much as you want and can list it to rent by the night, week, or month. They offer a $1,000,000 guarantee to protect you from any kind of property damage that was caused by renters.

They also have a renter rating system, so you can choose whether or not you want to rent it out to a particular renter.


4Lyft or Uber

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Uber and Lyft are apps that basically eliminates the need to ever call a taxi.  Instead of calling a cab, you just click “request driver” and then a Uber or Lyft driver gets a notification and comes and picks you up.

The service is way faster than calling a cab and is about half the price.

I say all that to say that as a driver for Lyft, you use your own car, drive only when you want to, and (according to the website) get paid $35/hr to pick people up and drive them around.  This is a great way to make some extra money on the side.



Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service looking for reliable, independent people to shop for groceries and deliver to their members.

They aren’t available in all states yet but as a Shopper, you can make an average of $15-$25/hour, be a part of an exciting start-up and set your own schedule.

To be a Shipt shopper, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Have a current Driver’s License
  • Have knowledge of produce selection
  • Agree to a thorough background check


6Fast Chart

If you have at least two years of experience as a medical transcriptionist, this job is for you. You can become and independent contractor medical transcriptionist! You’ll receive competitive pay rates, premium weekend and holiday pay, and best of all: you’ll be able to work from home!



If you have a graduate degree, consider joining Brainmass.com. Brainmass uses online teaching assistants to help students solve all kinds of problems. How do you get paid? Students purchase credits to have questions answered, and as a teaching assistant, you’ll be paid a portion of the credit, this portion increases after you’ve given 10 responses!


8Speak Write

Want to transcribe non-medical information? You can do so with Speak Write! Take one hour shifts where you simply type out spoken audio. Fast typists can earn upwards of $3,000/month ($300 average monthly earnings)! This is a great opportunity for college students; pick your own hours and have a flexible job!



Want to complete tasks other than writing or communicating as a customer support representative? Try becoming a “looker!” You can perform tasks online and off. It’s a simple sign up process. You will be offered online training and support with industry-leading pay.



If you’re a bookkeeper and/or a CPA, this is a great opportunity for you. Bookkeepers must have at least 2 or more years of bookkeeping experience, and CPAs must have 5 or more years prior public accounting or controllership experience. You’ll be able to work remotely from the comfort of your own home.


11Chegg Tutors

If you’re looking for a flexible tutoring opportunity, this opportunity may be for you. As an online tutor you will virtually connect with students and teach them right from home.  Chegg tutors start out at $20/hour.



If you would like to find jobs you love at rates you choose that fits your schedule, TaskRabbit may be for you! Real people hiring real people to help with tasks. From setting up a bookshelf, to cleaning, to personal assiting etc, there are tasks for everyone. Become a tasker today!


13Clarity Consultants

Do you love giving advice? Of course you do! You probably do it all the time right? Well, why not get paid for your advice? Clarity Consultants works with clients and consultants to bring them together.



Use a webcam and messaging clients to tutor students with homework. Current opportunities include jobs teaching engineering, history, and law. However, you can suggest a subject that you want to teach. You will be connected with students that can use your help . . . easy, easy!



If you have a passion for customer service but are not a fan of the call center environment, work from home with Convergys. They have three basic types of work at home positions. You will get full benefits, paid vacation, paid training and more.



Leapforce is a unique company that hires Google Raters to evaluate search engine results. As an independent contractor, you can work as much as you are able: part-time or full-time. You’re guaranteed a competitive, hourly pay.



Do you like to take pictures? Are you a budding photographer?  Get paid for your photos. Simply upload photos and earn money. When your picture is purchased from your online portfolio, you split the profit 50/50 with Foap. Which you’ll earn about $5 per photo purchased.


18Amazon Flex

Become a delivery partner with Amazon.  Amazon Flex gives you flexibility, you set your own schedule and you’ll be your own boss. This opportunity does require you to leave your house to make the deliveries though. More than 50 cities across the United States have Amazon Flex opportunities. Make $18-$25/hr delivering packages for Amazon!



Arise has many unique opportunities. Customer service, sales, tech positions, and Mac owner opportunities exist – all of which can be worked from home. You’ll be working for major brands through Arise, and joining over 25,000 independent client support professionals.



Speak multiple languages? Teach what you know! Applicants to Go Fluent must be native English speakers and prefers them to be fluent in French, Russian, German, Italian, or Japanese.

As you can see, there are many real companies out there that will actually pay you to work from home. Some are undoubtedly better than others, so choose wisely and pick the ones that best fit your lifestyle and skill set.


21Field Agent

Do you like to make a difference?  Make money while you make a difference. Field Agents collect information via their smartphones to help companies better serve their customers. Depending on the task, agents can earn up to $12 per task.



Be a part of the virtual call center workforce. You get to choose the work that fits your skill. They pay per-talk-minute rate, so you will earn more with the more calls you take. Liveops agents earn incentives as well from sales commissions and fun contests.



If you’re nearing retirement or if you have retired recently but want to extend your career working from home, check out Wahve. Companies are looking for “vintage experts” to meet their work needs. Wahve specializes in insurance and accounting needs. By becoming a Wahve, you’ll have the ability to negotiate your hourly rate.


24Online Verdict

You can be paid member of a legal focus group. These groups provide feedback on cases of all sizes. Online jurors review and respond to legal cases. Payments are made via check, once a month.



Become a virtual assistance freelancer at Upwork.  Jobs are posted, freelancers bid on jobs and get paid!  You choose your hourly rate, those who have provided virtual assistance through Upwork have earned up to $60+/hr.



Use your teaching skills to teach Chinese children English as a part-time tutor with VIPKID!  You can earn $17-$22/hour and a bachelor’s degree in any subject is required.





Calling all music buffs! If you could use some extra cash (this will not replace your full time job) and be introduced to new music, this is a great option for you. Music fans get paid to listen to new songs. These songs will arrive in your in-box and you’ll get paid to listen to them. You earn $0.10 every song you listen to for 30 seconds, which means you could potentially earn up to $12 an hour.


What are some other companies you know about that will pay you to work from home? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Josh @ Live Well Simply

    Great list! Some of these companies (Amazon.com for example) still require you to live close to company headquarters so they can be face-to-face for the initial interview and the occasional meeting. This might banish any notion of living in Tahiti, sipping a fruit smoothie while working ‘remotely’ for a big tech company back ‘home’ in the US. 🙂

  2. Trish Adams

    Thank you so much

  3. Joolie

    Check with your tax accountant before embarking on any that don’t make you an employee of the company paying you, especially if you don’t plan to make a significant time investment. The year I tried writing on the side as a second job, I ended up earning less than the tax hit I took for being Self-Employed. For some reason they lower your deductible when you’re self-employed.

    • Donna

      What actually happened was that when you are self-employed you are paying the full amount of social security and medicare on the amount you grossed, while as an employee your employer paid half of your social security and half of your medicare.

  4. Anna

    This is an excellent list! I am familiar with many of these companies and have heard mostly good things about them.

    The online tutoring field really does seem to be taking off, and there are even some companies out there that don’t require a 4-year college degree to get started.

    • John Frainee

      Glad you liked them Anna!

    • Vicky

      Where are these online tutoring field at? I am looking for something to do at home part-time.

    • Anna

      Some people start their own tutoring businesses, but if you want to make money with tutoring quickly, you’re best off to try and get in with an established company like Tutor.com or Brainfuse. You can also try ESL (English Second Language) tutoring. That’s another industry that’s taking off right now — popular companies there include Tutor ABC and Cambly.

  5. Tiffany

    Thanks for this article! I am definitely going to look into some of these resources and share with my friends and family!

  6. [email protected]

    You know this is great if your getting ready to retire or have just retired to make some exstra cash. Thanks for this information.

  7. DaveL

    This is a great list with plenty of options! I had no clue some of these companies paid people to work from home. Thanks!

  8. Rhonda

    Awesome information. I had been looking for some good leads. Thanks for all you do!!!

    • John Frainee


  9. Ryan Reger

    Great list, John!
    I have never heard of many of these. Wegolook.com sounds like a very cool service, especially if you’re buying a higher priced item sight unseen.

    • John Frainee

      Hey thanks Ryan! I hope that you do well with your new blog! 😀

  10. Patrick

    I know this is off topic, but some of your readers might be veterans or children of veterans they should look into USAA.com a site that does banking, auto insurance, property insurance, you name it they do it. Find the cheapest prices for your family. I’m just a happy customer.

  11. muhammad

    can these companies benefit people from continents like africa. anyone there with knowledge on this can advise

  12. Tawana

    Thank you so very much for this list. I have a full time job and I am just looking to make some extra money on the side. I am a mother of four with one on the way, so the need for extra money is urgent. I have a college degree so it even opens more doors for me.

    Thank you,

  13. julie

    thanks alot

  14. Vanessa

    Thanks for recommending us these Companies. I found a great deal of information.

  15. Dee

    wegolook sounded good until I read the terms and privacy statement….No thanks as they share with third parties and call centers. Make sure you read all the terms prior. I mystery shopping and have been lucky so far with who I have signed up with.

    • amy

      May I ask who you signed up with to mystery shop? I would love to do that.


    • Terry

      I would also like to know who you signed up with for mystery shopping.

    • JYC

      Could you also give me the info of the mystery shopping company you work for ??? Thanks!!

    • lorett

      Can yoo please also give me some info about mystery shopping? Thanks!!

  16. Stephanie

    I was curious, are there any more sites like About.com? They have topics I can write about but I wanted to know if there was any other sites like that that you’d know about.

  17. Barie Perry

    I worked for Speak Write while on maternity leave with my first child 15 years ago. I loved it. They were called Cybersecretary back then. I transcribed legal documents while the baby slept.

  18. Jill Davis-Haussler

    I can’t seem to find the “work from home” information on Amazon.com. Any more direction you can give?

  19. God!swill

    Thank you very much for the information and knowledge you have shared through this article.Now,for those of us in Africa,how can we benefit from these opportunities.Moreover,apart from paypal,are there other payment modes that these companies uses to pay,especially Demand Studios.

  20. Rebecca Garcia

    As of today (3/5/13), Speak Write requires at least 5 years experience as a typist or transcriptionist before allowing you to apply. I’m sure it was different when you created this list and stated that it would be a great job for college students. This stay-at-home-mom couldn’t qualify since my 7+ years in computers was not considered enough experience. I appreciate the list though. I am going through it to find something I can do to bring in a little extra income.

  21. Mama's Always Home


    You do not ever have to pay to be part of mystery shopping. Some great company’s to work for are Bestmark, Intellishop, and Second to None, This is just three, there are many more out there.

  22. Jerry of Gimreview.com

    This is a nice post. Some of the best paying sites are listed that pays you on your expertise. Its up to you where you fit well. Since I am a blogger, I would like to add legitimate sites that pays you to blog, and they are: sponsoredreviews, blogsvertise, payperpost, reviewme.

    Thanks for sharing

    • patty

      could you let me know how you became a good blogger?
      interested in any information you can pass on, and thank you!
      -patty s.

  23. George

    Great advice, thanks for the list, I’ll have to try out some.

  24. jasmine

    I love your list! I have always been passionate about being an entrepreneur and being paid to work from home, but there is a problem: most of these websites, companies are located in the US and require you to be living there. So how does an African like me living in the UAE benefit from this.
    Please i would greatly appreciate any response. I have been trying to do this for years. So i would know if i am the one not doing it right or to just give up. Thank you.

    • Adriana

      Hey Margaret, how’s working from home going? I hope it’s going well, any recommendations?

  25. Vicki Ventura

    The Speak Write also required 24 months of legal transcriptionist experience. I have many years of typing experience, and type over 60 wpm, but was immediately turned down because of a lack of the experience I just mentioned. Sounds to me, then, like they only do legal work.

    • Barbie

      Yes, that is how I got hired. I was a legal secretary for years.

  26. Jeanny

    Hey John,

    Thank you so much for this information, unfortunately most of these companies only offer opportunities to US Citizens, do you have information on more companies that offer opportunities worldwide?


    • John Frainee

      Jeanny, my best recommendation would be to think of major companies in your country, and do a Google search for something like: “[Country] [Company] Jobs.” Then look on the company’s website for work from home jobs. Another alternative is to start your own little company!

  27. Pamela Russell

    This is so awesome and I am definitely going to check some of these jobs out!!! I was so happy to see a website such as this that I am sharing it with people I know and those who can benefit from this website. Thanks a bunch for sharing this!!!

  28. Margaret McCleary

    Thank you so much for this list! I just applied to a few and I just got started!
    Hope to get back to you soon with lots of good news.

  29. Elliot Forbes

    Thanks for the list! I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work on sites like Elance.com recently and I have to say it pays well if you can find good gigs! I’ve earned about $500 over the past 2 weeks alone just doing small wee jobs for people and I can only see the earnings go up once the reviews start coming in!

  30. Tricia Fonseth

    I have been working for Arise for over 4 yrs now…I LOVE IT!!
    You do pay for your training but well worth every penny.

    Many different companies to choose from Sears, Sprint, Att&t and Disney.

    • jennifer

      What is this; is it like a call center from home? &; is the pay and benefits good

  31. jessica calhoun

    Thank you so much for these oppertunity. I only have one thing to add and that is that you all should have work from home jobs for those like my self that do not have a collage degree or all that high tex stuff. This dose not mean we are not hard worker and do not know what we are doing. So I ask for my self please give me a chance.Thank you so much.

  32. Els Anna

    Hi Christian,
    Thanks to you I discovered elance.com. They offer administration jobs, translation, webdesign, etc and there are no restrictions on where you live. I started two weeks ago and earned around 270 $. It takes some time to get your first job but when you receive good reviews from clients then you get new jobs easily. Many thanks. Els

  33. Nykki

    Thank you so much for this AMAZING article. I can’t explain how grateful I am for this!!

  34. Edwin

    Thanks for sharing the lists of work from home opportunities it’s a great help….

    God bless you and your family…

  35. Mary C.

    Thank you for this information. Poor health forced me into retirement, and I would like to use my education and experience to earn some extra money. This will help. God bless you.

  36. Tina

    I did the Leapforce thing for a year, and it was almost impossible to get work. Every time I signed in, and trust me, I did A LOT because I was unemployed when I first found this article, I would get 5-15 minutes of work, and then it would say nothing else was available. It was very frustrating and did not help at all, really…still lost everything. Have checked out a few of these others, but due to life circumstances don’t have a college degree, and don’t have the legal typing experience required for the one. Wishing I could find something that an intelligent (was Valedictorian) yet non college degreed person can do. Just because I don’t have a piece of paper doesn’t mean I don’t study constantly on my own…

  37. Swagatika

    Hi John,

    I am new to this NY state and i came here in H4 VISA post marriage..Adding to this i do not have bank account.Can i get cash in our home address instead of bank account?Also Am i eligible to work from home with this VISA?

    • John Frainee

      Swagatika, I’d recommend a lawyer’s advice for this one, I wish you the best!

  38. may

    HI… Do you have a list of legitimate typing jobs at home for non-US/ Canadian citizens. Thank you very much. 🙂

  39. Nichole

    Surprised to see that you do not list LiveOps as one of these companies.

  40. Stephanie

    Also www.eahelp.com – my sister works for them and LOVES it! Apparently they are a Christian company, too. Virtual executive assistant jobs for as many or as few hours per week as you prefer.

  41. Susie Q

    Applied Medical Services, which takes you to fastchart(dot)com: Let it be known that *any* medical transcription in the U.S., when it states “competitive pay”, equates to cents per line or cpl. Typical cpl or average cpl paid today (2014) is around 7 or 8 cents per line. You do the math as to how many lines you will need to type in order for that to equate to any dollar amount per hour — you’ll realize soon enough in calculating that it equates to a lot of time required to type the number of lines needed in order to receive a decent paycheck. Other factors are also involved in the equation — is there enough work to go around at your company to make it to that number of lines, how detrimental to your physical health is sitting in that chair for 12-15 hours per day, how much abuse can your psyche take and is it worth it? Just some things to think about when considering medical transcription. Oh, there is plenty of work per se, there are plenty of MTSOs, and “dragon” will never completely obliterate the need for humans in this field, but – it will likely never be a profitable “job” ever again. That is unless you are an MTSO owner.

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